If you found out someone you know masturbated to you, how would you handle it?

  1. I wish someone would've told my friend that. She sent me nudes and then thought that I was weird for jacking off to them...

  2. My wife relayed to me that one of her friends said I was sexy. Her and I both joked that my wife is the only person who has ever called me sexy. I still think about that fondly.

  3. i'd ask them over and offer them the real thing if i felt the same way. if not i'd be flattered that someone thinks im actually good looking enough to do that

  4. Masturbating to someone does not mean they genuinely want a sexual relationship with them. A lot of people do it thinking of their friend but would absolutely refuse to actually have sex.

  5. I’d either be flattered or seriously concerned… how much brain damage does one have to suffer to find me of all people attractive

  6. Depends who this "someone". If it's a crush then hellz yea. If it's a friend then wtf. If it's a sibling then sweet home Alabama

  7. I found out from the guy I was dating in high school that his best friend (who I was also good friends with) not only had a huge crush on me but apparently had told him that he masturbated over me all the time. He told him this, obviously in confidence, before I started dating his best friend.

  8. It depends on the person. If it's the phsyco kid I knew in middle school I'd probably be grossed out. If it was a friend I honestly would care much.

  9. If the person told me and we weren't in a sexual or romantic relationship, I would feel grossed out and weirded out. It is not flattering and if you do masturbate to someone, don't tell them unless you're in a relationship with them. It's not cool to share that info. This has happened to me a few different times and once was while we were on voice chat and he was actively masturbating and when he told me I realized I could hear his actions. This was after we had had a verbal discussion where I stated I had no romantic or sexual interest in them (they asked) and I only wanted to be platonic language partners.

  10. Another way would be if they confided in someone who then told you for shits and giggles. I'd be like, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" to the person who told me.

  11. Kind of funny the difference in responses here.... The men who typically get no attention are loving the idea of someone masturbating to them. The women are typically disgusted by the thought because it’s not uncommon for them.

  12. I used to talk to this kid on the phone a lot, mainly because we had a lot of stupid shit in common to talk about but one time I heard him grunt and I just flat out asked him if he was doing that and he said yes.

  13. Well actually someone has told me that before and I had no idea what to say lol. I was kind of just like “damn, guess I’ve got it going on”

  14. I would probably feel flattered, I mean it would also depend on whom. For example if it was my uncle or an old ass professor I wouldn’t quite appreciate that thought.

  15. It depends who. If it's a family member, I'd be devastated. If it's a creepy old dude I don't even know, I'd be grossed out. If it's a friend, I'd be weirded out and possibly upset. If it's an acquaintance who is not creepy, I'd probably think it's funny.

  16. I would be flattered but also never want to look or talk to them again. Wouldn’t know how to see them the same ever again.

  17. i would be weirded out cause... why me? but ill probably forget about it in like a day like nothing happened

  18. Well here’s how that would go. Step 1: Re-evaluate my sexuality Step 2: Find them Step 3: send them to a hospital because ARE YOU BLIND

  19. Not bothered by it at all. If they're doing it privately, I don't see what the problem is. Honestly, I've had some guys stare at my chest or other body parts, making me feel super uncomfortable. I have actually told these guys to take a quick mental image, go masturbate, and leave me alone. Lol!

  20. Someone I knew once sent me photos of themselves masturbating to my photos. I just avoided the whole thing and never acknowledged it because this guy was obsessed with taking photos of anything in his life.

  21. I’d mind my own business? Everyone does it what does it matter if- I did not read the “to you” that’s super awkward I probably wouldn’t speak of it

  22. It would depend on the person. If it was a relative, I would be freaked out. Otherwise, who it was wouldn't really bother me, but it would bother me that they told me about it. Keep that to yourself. It's not appropriate to inform someone.

  23. I have found that out quite a few times back in the day. I usually just said, “great, hope I was everything you wanted me to be and that I know I am!” Give them a smile and wink and go on about my business. I can’t comment on if I’ve ever given a photo to any of them or not 😉 for that, I plead the 5th.

  24. I would be kinda happy to hear that tbh. My now ex boyfriend said that he thought of me when he jerked off while we were still together. My other ex definitely does (but that’s probably bc I send him nudes when I’m bored and we hook up on rare occasion). Idk if someone I don’t mind does it I think it’s cool.

  25. Not a chance, since there are no pics of my face online. Apparently it happened in the past but it's a song of the past.

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