What skill can a person learn on 30 days that can earn a substantial side income?

  1. Learning Wordpress. Of course, you can't learn how to build the whole website, but you definitely can learn some parts of working with the websites built on Wordpress. It companies need people to do simple tasks like that (editing texts, adding texts, etc.)

  2. If you have 30 days and you can dedicate time to it getting your CDL license, everything from construction work and driving heavy machinery to running local deliveries in a box truck to driving buses suddenly open up to you and the pay can be pretty substantial

  3. Selling on eBay. Everybody talks about Amazon but millions of Americans still use eBay for certain things. Become an expert in something you’re interested in and start flipping it. For example, a good friend and fellow eBay seller I know is killing it flipping Saxophones.

  4. This 100%. Im not a professional eBayer but people will buy ANYTHING on eBay. Old shit, weird shit, even broken shit, someone's probably interested.

  5. ive always considered this, but i honestly dont have the nerves for it. i tried this once with shoes that had no real value to begin with and i just panic. like did i buy too high? what if noone buys them back?

  6. Yes, there is a lot of stuff that people throw away, but could get good money for if they would take the trouble to take some photos and write a decent description for it.

  7. Coding, particularly database querying languages like SQL, or stuff useful for websites, apps and UIs like JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc.

  8. This. Especially if you’re a good salesperson for yourself, you can make some good money on relatively simple edits. I made 5 figures this year from my side gig as a videographer, mostly from editing. And Davinci Resolve is definitely a great software that you can start out with for free and then upgrade to the paid version if you eventually need it.

  9. Currently invested, got any more ideas while I sit on my positions waiting for a 50% stock rise?

  10. lol yeah, if you want to make money from crypto, chances are you're already too late, or you just need a lot of "leftover cash" to get into it.

  11. Will people want to be trained by me if I am 5'6" and 250lbs? I assure you I enjoy watching fitness videos and I am good at dealing with people and solving their relationship issues.

  12. Correct, there aren't a lot of good trainers out there, and in 30 days you won't be one either. Being a good trainer requires months if not years of study in anatomy, kinesiology, injury management and teaching skills.

  13. I saw a terrible trainer at the gym the other day. This dude had way more weight on a leg press than he should have and was locking his legs out every time. I was watching his knee invert on every rep and was worried his leg was about to snap.

  14. Slinging drugs. Esp if you live near a college campus. You can charge privileged white people basically whatever you want. If you're really ambitious, you can track their careers after law school and run a pretty profitable extraction racket, too.

  15. Big, big risk. You may encounter that one person though who decides losing the law license, spouse, custody of child and thier money is not happening. And they or thier connections decide to make sure you cant extort or blackmail them. You try to shake them down for 50K. Thier "friend" will take 25K to stop that.

  16. It may work for a while until somebody with "fuck you"- money decides he won't fall for that. Your family will get a call from the police that they found you in the trash can behind a gay club with the ass full of lube and the nose full of blow. Cause of death will be an overdose. Case closed.

  17. I had a buddy that went the other direction and sold piss to all the drugged-up folks, and even had a couple of friends helping at one point. There was absolutely nothing illegal about it.

  18. I knew a woman who made an extra $30k a year writing fantasy orc gangbang erotica and self publishing it on Amazon. When she told me that, I was like... "I could do that"

  19. This is how you drive down wages and why employers expect everyone to be happy with minimum wage.

  20. Going by the level of new hires we have, programming. Apparently all it takes is a few days of half-ass learning before people now declare themselves programmers.

  21. HTML and CSS, this allows you to build basic and responsive websites that are required by the market.

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