What are you in the 1% of?

  1. Had MRSA and sepsis because of an open wound on my left foot. Thing is a nurse was treating the wound with Santyl and it was fully bandaged at all times. The nurse changed the dressings 3 times a week but I still ended up in the hospital with antibiotics IV'd into each arm plus oral antibiotics. Spent 15 days in ICU having all my organs sonogramed for signs of the infection spreading. Xrays and MRI's to check for bone infections and when they released me I had to wear a wound vac pump for 2 months to seal the wound on my foot.......good times 😒

  2. Me too. I spent 3 months in hospital. Would not recommend. The oxycontin made a little better, but that opened a whole other can of worms

  3. I am one of only 1300 board certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners for the adult and adolescent population. In the world.

  4. I’m naturally ambidextrous. Apparently that’s something only 1% of people naturally are. I can use both right and left hands ably for any task. For example, I often switch which hand I write with based on how I’m sitting.

  5. I’m of the .002% of people with osteopoikilosis. This freaked the shit out of me because when I was diagnosed the first thing the doctor said was “wow I’ve never seen this in anything but textbooks before”...

  6. Basically, I have bones growing inside my bones. It’s not anything I should be worried about, at least for a while, so that’s nice.

  7. I am diagnosed with Visual snow syndrome. Basically seeing through static. It may not be rare as thought but I am one of very few people to be formally diagnosed.

  8. I have experienced visual snow as long as I can remember. I stopped bringing it up as a child when my doctor didn't take me seriously. I've started bringing it up again after reading an article about it last year.

  9. Same! I figured it out when people didn’t see the static and I heard it mentioned! Used to think I was seeing molecules when I was a little kid haha

  10. This is interesting. I see static as well, I realized it might not be normal when I brought up how pretty it looks against an empty night sky and people looked at me weird. I’ll have to research visual snow or talk to a doctor about it.

  11. Wow! Thank you for the crossword puzzles! I am addicted and have always wondered how the intellectual and creative process of building a crossword puzzle works. Wish you the very best!

  12. Hyperhidrosis. Excessively sweaty arm pits for no reason. I could be sitting there completely at ease and sweat rolls down my sides from my pits. I have found a product to fix the issue however I know no one else who has the same issue personally.

  13. We always joke that my dad & the devil have been duking it out since his birth. He survived testicular cancer at 16 as part of the human trials for chemotherapy in the ‘70s where he was the only survivor. He described it as them pumping an IV full of death into his arm. He was patient no. 13 & the only survivor out of his test group in the Midwest. Then survived what should’ve been a fatal car crash at 18. Survived late stage bladder cancer at 38. Survived melanoma at 50. Somehow is still surviving while being on the kidney transplant list since ‘99. Beat another round of skin cancer at 59 & again this past year at 63. He’s somehow still alive & kickin. Man just can’t be killed.

  14. Not as interesting or cool as others but im in the 1% of the population that has no immunity to Rubella even though ive been vaccinated for it several time. Apparently some peoples bodies dont take to some vaccinations. Fine with everything else like mumps measels etc its just the rubella.

  15. I’m that way but with Hep B! Every time I get blood work done they’re like, “you know you’re not immune to hepatitis B” and I’m like yes I’ve had the full series of shots twice now, but we can do it again I guess?

  16. When I was 16, I was unlucky enough for both my jack and two of my jackstands to fail, while I was under my truck, fixing the exhaust. My head was exactly where the gas tank had been before I dropped it out and my body was crushed between my bench and the truck. My dad walked into the garage and freaked the FUCK out, yelling, crying, screaming "Are you okay!? Are you alive!?" and couldn't hear me saying "I'm good, I'm good, get me out!" over his own sobs (absolutely convinced I was dead, but panic screaming) until he saw my legs moving. He lifted the truck back up, I walked over to the chair and sat down while he called an ambulance. Walked in the vehicle, walked into the hospital, walked to the x-ray. Doctor ran in, white faced, put me in a neck brace and strapped me to a bed, telling me I broke me neck, back and crushed half of my ribcage. At any moment, I could have moved wrong and BOOM, death or paralyzed. Nearly zero problems healing up and the worst was the surgery to fix my ribs and was only out of commission for about five months. I got fucking lucky.

  17. I’m one of only @200 deaf pilots in the world and one of only four (that are commonly known of) in the world with Commercial & Instrument training.

  18. Can you work at commercial airliners? How do you communicate on radio? This is so cool. My dad works on planes for fedex and now the military so I’ve always respected pilots. Hard work.

  19. I'm a totally in the 0.2% of something. People who have a rather nasty reaction to the blood thinner, Heparin. Lost half my toes because of how lucky I am.

  20. Guitar Hero. I was a world ranked player back when it was more popular and won every tournament I ever attended.

  21. Trogdor memorized was fun. Just turn and stare at people while playing it with my back turned. Won a bar tournament head to head with the #2 person, and I turned around and played it without looking at the screen.

  22. I'm one of around 1% of people directly related to Swedens great king Gustav Vasa, still living. I'm one of 100k people.

  23. I used to practice typing in middle school by trying to type out rap lyrics as they came along. IIRC, the last time I was tested (did it for a transcription job), I was at 162 with 2 mistakes. I was then denied the job because of a lack of experience.

  24. I’ve been in 2 helicopter crashes and 1 plane crash. There is only a small group of people who have survived that many crashes. I’m also not a pilot.

  25. that's heterochromia iridum. only four people out of a million have that, meaning you'd share that trait with approx. 0.0004% of the world population

  26. Survival. I fell 25 feet out of a window when I was about 2 years old. I’ve also been hit by a car that was traveling over 50mph/80.4kmh. I’ve had two near drownings. I was also held hostage at gun point for over three hours. All if these things happened before my 14th birthday

  27. Oh holy shit other people who can do this. Whenever I describe this skill I get weird looks. Great for window writing.

  28. I had pancreatic cancer last year. Out of 10,000 patients they normally find 100 who have another form of this cancer who kill a little slower, like in 2 years instead of months.

  29. shouldn't have read that don't get me wrong but I'm really happy for you that you're still alive but my dad just got diagnosed with it and the operation is in 2 weeks and I'm scared af to lose him.

  30. Walking. I have cerebral palsy and it was not known whether I would talk, walk, or do anything. Now, i’m getting a degree, have a job, and I am a full-fledged adult.

  31. Username certainly checks out. And an impressive achievement. I'm not a performance-standard pianist (though I do have a music degree), but the WTC is never far from reach. It's a great way to get away from things and I really do enjoy playing J.S. Bach.

  32. Only 2% of pregnant women experience 2 miscarriages in a row. Only 1% of women experience 3 miscarriages is a row. I have had 5 miscarriages in a row and I fully hate any type of statistics now. Statistics used to make me feel safe. Now I just know how easy it is to be on the wrong side of them.

  33. How sad, I have had 3 miscarriages in a row. And I totally get not being relieved by any statistic when you’re always on the wrong end 😢

  34. Eyesight. I have 20/10 vision, turns out only about 1% of people have better than normal 20/20 vision.

  35. I also have 20/10 vision. But my eyes are very sensitive to light so half the time I still wear special glasses to reduce glare and artificial blue light at night.

  36. My actual name. My last name is one of the rarest in the country and I am the only person with my name out of the entire population.

  37. My name and surname combination is completely unique in the world - there is not currently another human on Earth with the same name and surname as me 🙂

  38. My family name is rare. It’s a mispronunciation of an Eastern European Jewish family name caused by similarity to a common Russian word. According to my periodical google searches, I might be the only person in the world with my full name. I still haven’t found someone who shares my name.

  39. I have the same and I absolutely hate it. When I found out that people can SEE THINGS inside their heads or when they close their eyes I couldn’t even believe it. Sometimes I try very hard to just like conjure up a star or my husbands face. I really hate having this and wish there was a way to change it.

  40. Good for them. I’m the mother of a 1% baby who is now a grown woman. “You were a surprise, honey, NOT a mistake - big difference.”

  41. Long, long time ago, when the Wii was the newest console, there was a free downloadable game there, wich was Crystal Defenders, a tower defence game inspired by Final Fantasy. Once you finished the campaign, you could compete in the high score for some of the last level.

  42. This reminds of those phone app quiz games and I was top 5 in NZ for NBA trivia (for about 3 days in 2012).

  43. My wife was ranked #1 on the app hot dog bush. You play as George bush making orders for ppl as a hot dog cart vendor. She hates when I say it. But I am so proud. I doubt I’ve ever met anyone else in my life that was #1 in the world at anything at any particular moment. She happens to be a modern learning specialist in education so her job is to do professional development for teachers integrating technology etc and I have always told her not in jest that she should list it on her resume as I find that way more impressive than some of her other education accomplishments like masters degrees that tons of ppl have haha

  44. Tenor voices. I'm a professional opera singer, and have also performed in a rock band, a state champion collegiate a capella group, have been on international television as a soloist, was paid to sing high mass at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican in front of the cardinals, and was just on stage with Sir Mixalot.

  45. My step father's ex wife had two uteruses because she was a chimera, so the ovary attached to each one had different genetic material. She had one baby from one ovary/uterus and one baby from the other, so genetically, it looks like they were conceived by sisters instead of one mom. They didn't realize she had two uteruses until the c-section delivery of her second child when they couldn't find the scar that should've been there from her first c-section. Moved things around and found the scar... on a different uterus tucked behind the pregnant one.

  46. I am left handed, have red hair, and blue eyes. I do not know if that makes me 1%, but it has to be pretty close

  47. I can throw a 16lb shot put over 20m or 66 feet 8 inches. Not a ton of real world applications except when asked what you are in the top 1% of:/

  48. Degrees. I have a BA, MA, JD and two PhD's. If I'm not mistaken, less than 1% of the world has that many (and neither should I).

  49. Rubik’s cube solving. I’m not particularly fast compared to the fastest folks, but I’m sub 30 seconds every time. Old fingers and neurons don’t fire as fast as them little kids

  50. Somehow my younger son seems to have this - the backs of his hands, tops of his feet, and random other body parts will not tan, but he sunburns like nobody's business, even with sunblock. I beg him to join me in the shade so he won't get skin cancer.

  51. I can say the alphabet backwards just as quickly as I can say it forwards, I have a rare type of brain tumour (it’s benign, we pretend it doesn’t exist. All good), and I don’t use my phone on the toilet.

  52. Infertile people. The people who can’t have children after a year of trying, for whom no treatment works, have no diagnosis to explain why, and end up the 1% of the 1% and move on to surrogacy/gestational carrier.

  53. Same for my wife. By the time we were done with everything we decided not to pursue anything else and just be with each other. Sucks sometimes, but that's what the cards had for us. We have each other and that's always been enough. Anything else would have been a bonus. Good luck to you.

  54. Hi me too! I recently found out we should inform surgeons of this before going under. It can apparently trigger with the bright light in surgery after we are under anesthetic. I had no idea.

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