What is your most controversial cooking opinion?

  1. I once used mayonnaise instead of butter on a grilled cheese out of desperation and it worked out fine. Smelled weird but had no difference in taste.

  2. It does a good thing for the texture of the bread, too. My favorite so far is 50/50 -- start with the Mayo and add butter half way through the grill, while you're waiting for it to melt through.

  3. Crock pots don't even take long to clean and that's generally the only thing other than plates/utensils that'll need to be cleaned after you eat. You're only saving yourself a couple of minutes.

  4. I'd argue that my controversial opinion is only controversial in Italy where I come from... I like making chicken with pasta. I make it into a sauce similar to Bolognese but I'll put small chicken bits instead of the mince... My family call me a savage for eating such things together, but my boyfriend suggested me as an idea and it's now a dish I enjoy!

  5. I’m sure there are people in other parts of Italy that would welcome your weird chicken pasta. It’s not totally food homogenous. My Nonna and mum were outraged when I served them lasagne with béchamel in it because we are southern and apparently that’s a northern thing. Sorry that your southern lasagne is dry mum, don’t take it out on my good lasagne.

  6. I think it is funny that the rabbit in an Italian butcher shop has the head on it to prove that it is not a cat.

  7. There's no such thing as "breakfast food". You can eat a steak in the morning and fry an egg for dinner if you want, it's just food.

  8. This is a huge annoyance for me. When people act shocked that I'm eating leftover dinner for breakfast I tell them there's no nutritional laws against it. Eggs, waffles, and yogurt/granola are just culturally engrained as "proper" and that's silly to me. Let's destigmatize breakfast!

  9. Not all moms or grandmas are amazing cooks. Yes my mom has some good dishes she makes but nuking brussel sprouts in the microwave with orange marmalade is not one of them.

  10. My mother in law is a lovely woman. Terrible cook. I'm glad she's in Manhattan because it's a good excuse to go out / order in when we visit. 😬

  11. My mom boiled brussels sprouts, thereby convincing my siblings and I that brussels sprouts were disgusting. Years later, I was surprised to learn other people roast or sauté them and they aren’t just smelly piles of mush when cooked.

  12. My grandma burns frozen pizza every time. It's a running joke in the family. Also one of her quotes is "just put more gravy on it. "

  13. My mom is an okay cook. Did we eat a lot of hamburger helper? Yes. Did she make the same 7 meals in rotation? Yes. Canned veggies and mashed potatoes only? Yes. But she put food on the table and I can’t say she has ever made anything inedible.

  14. Can confirm. Am a mother and a shit cook. I can do about three things really well, so I stick to those. My 15 year old is far more competent than I am.

  15. My mom was astounded today to hear me say we didn’t have a good cook in the family until my stepdad stepped in. Dude spent half his life as a commercial fisherman catching cod and can make literally anything good. Only person in the house I’ll eat food from even if the recipe seems crazy. That’s some big trust right there.

  16. Grandma made hamburger soup. A lot. She threw a pound of lowest-grade ground beef, a can of stewed tomatoes, and a can of whatever vegetable was in her cupboard, into a pot of plain water and boiled it. Maybe some salt, no seasonings. I mean, we were freaking poor and often had almost no food, but this was just a waste of the ingredients. No one would eat it, it was so flavorless. We had sleep for dinner on those nights.

  17. I love my mom. As a single mother she cooked dinner every single night after working all day. When I was growing up, I loved her cooking.

  18. Mile high burgers and hot dogs with so many toppings you can no longer taste the meat are awful, and a pain in the ass to eat. I generally eat burgers and hot dogs because I like the flavor of the meat (I realize meat is a questionable term when it comes to hot dogs), and would like to actually taste them.

  19. If you pile so much shit onto a burger that you can’t reasonably fit a single bite into your mouth, or if you have to squash it down to do that and more stuff falls out of your burger than winds you in your mouth, I’m inclined to believe that you make food that you want people to take pictures of and not food that you want people to enjoy eating

  20. You can dislike a food simply for its texture, nothing to do with its taste. I don’t mind the taste of baked beans but I hate how slimy they are and don’t even get me started on when they’re cold

  21. I had covid a few months ago. I’ve only regained about half of my taste and smell. Texture matters WAY more than it used to.

  22. This is how I feel toward water chestnut. Such an unnatural crunch. Even the sound of the crunch bothers me.

  23. Raw onions and peppers are mine. I'll sit and eat french fried onions like potato chips, and just about every meal I cook has some type of onion in it, but raw ones make me gag. They're just a weird wrong kind of crunchy that my brain doesn't like.

  24. I'm peeling because it's the fastest way to make sure there isn't dirt. If they aren't dirty, they aren't getting peeled.

  25. Same. I'm the cook, she's the baker, I do dishes, she cleans and organizes the pantry and counter space. All about complementarity.

  26. If the dish does not otherwise require the use of hands, there should not be trails on your shrimp. I don't want to be fishing around in my damn pasta because you couldn't be bothered to remove the tails first.

  27. I hate this shit so much. That being said, I've heard they can enhance the flavor during cooking and can technically be eaten but no and also no.

  28. It's even worse in more expensive restaurants. 20 million different pieces of cutlery, but you still expect me to remove the tails with my hands? Why the hell do i even pay 100€ or more per person for this.

  29. Plain yogurt instead of sour cream on tacos. First time I had it I thought it would be gross, I could barely tell the difference and it’s much healthier.

  30. I live for that TikTok creator who only makes videos “How long until they put an entire block of cream cheese in a crock pot recipe” and the videos only last until said block goes it. It’s great.

  31. Burnt garlic is far too common. Some people (I’m hesitant to say most) toss garlic straight into a hot pan and then continue to cook onions, peppers, etc. Garlic needs less time than most other things and should be put in later so it doesn’t burn.

  32. Only controversial to some elitists (a buddy of ours is like this): things like an air fryer or sous vide are NOT cheating. Take your iTs NoT rEaL cOoKiNg elsewhere.

  33. I literally don't even get how you could argue on this since as I understand it an air fryer works exactly the same as a convection oven does.

  34. re: sous vide? If it's in French and the backbone of an entire semester of culinary school, it is absolutely not cheating.

  35. I've seen the argument against air fryer, but sous vide is not frowned upon by "elitists" since you can also find it in many high end restaurants (I don't think you could say the same for air fryer)

  36. I remember being gently shamed for using a garlic press once. Sorry that I don’t want my knife and cutting board and whole life to be sticky and garlicky for the next day lol.

  37. Not only that, but some foods SHOULD be burnt. In Mexican cooking if you didn't char your tortillas or chiles you didn't do it right.

  38. Roasted Asparagus with some butter, salt and pepper on the grill. When the tips are burnt and the rest is crispy, it’s heaven.

  39. Most people/companies do not know how to do salted caramel. every salted caramel product I've had homemade or otherwise has been like mouth puckeringly salty. The point is to lightly salt it to bring out the more subtle flavours, not literally make salty caramel

  40. I can see what you’re saying but I love salty caramel but I also love salt to the point where 50-60 year old me is going to hate 20-30 year old me

  41. I am vegetarian. Most restaurants should just stop serving vegetarian dishes if they can't be bothered to make something that tastes good. You cannot just put kale, quinoa, some random veg, and a vinaigrette in a bowl and charge $25.

  42. So true! I often don't like the vegan/vegetarian options at restaurants. They always feel like an after thought. No protein, weird buzzword ingredients, lack of flavour.

  43. Oh my god this is hilarious because I work at a restaurant that serves a “quinoa, kale, and vegetable bowl” that’s dressed with red wine vinaigrette. I don’t care for it much but it’s actually quite popular. We do have other vegetarian options that aren’t of that nature though haha

  44. My dad uses paintbrushes from the hardware store -- small detailing brushes that have never been used for paint, but still.

  45. Renting our spare room to my wife's nephew so he can internship out here. He recently go into meal prepping. Dude is cooking two to three frozen pizzas every Sunday and storing them in tupperware. Funniest shit I've ever seen.

  46. I’ve recently been incorporating this mindset in my cooking. I no longer have vegetables going bad because “it’s not apart of the recipe”

  47. This is the best lesson here. This is how you learn that most things will work and really doesn't matter what you have. 5 or 6 ingredients mean dinner

  48. It's okay to use dish soap on a properly seasoned cast iron pan. Unless you go berserk with the scrubber, you're not gonna fuck it up.

  49. As a lifelong carnivore I will say that if tofu is cooked properly it is absolutely delicious. I would even go so far as to say I prefer it in certain dishes over animal protein.

  50. The way tofu is treated in Western cuisine is a crime. It's not just for vegetarians! It's a delicious ingredient that cooked well appeals to omnivores and herbivores alike.

  51. Its what makes Doritos and other salty snacks so tasty - most people that claim to be sensitive to MSG will readily admit to eating these and not having any issues.

  52. Uncle Roger has convinced me to try this mysterious ingredient one day. Haven’t found it in my local grocery store but will check an Asian store soon

  53. When frying a food that you plan on doing the flour-egg-flour method for, try getting some plain yogurt and thinning it with water in place of the egg. I did this once when we were out of eggs and I'm never going back. It gives a much better crunch and a hint of tang that is just chef's kiss

  54. I was about to suggest buttermilk here as well but really not much difference, especially if you were talking Greek yogurt.

  55. Anyone who gets mad at the tiny change you made to some classic italian dish is really just mad that your version tastes better than their grandmother's.

  56. Some people don’t learn that a huge amount of their concept of traditional is just whatever their parents decided to do one day.

  57. While Italians seem to be the worst when it comes to this, it's quite universal. I can cook circles around everyone I know, but you'd never know it when they watch me cook. Suddenly everyone has an opinion about what I'm doing wrong, up to and including 'why are you adding salt and pepper to that?'

  58. MSG is a miracle ingredient in a lot of dishes. The glorification of MSG-free foods is deeply rooted in anti-Chinese racism (googling ‘MSG racism’ will give a lot of interesting results)

  59. I believe that you can teach yourself to like/tolerate certain foods if you want to. I sort of forced myself to “like” peas until one day I found I actually do like them. Same with Scotch, smelly cheese, cigarettes and wasabi.

  60. To a certain degree. I can acquire a taste for almost any food but I have a sensitive gag reflex and trying to tolerate foods that trigger it is rather difficult and I don’t like the feeling so I often don’t bother

  61. I agree. Did this with coffee and now I cant live without it. Gotta love how you threw in cigarettes like we were supposed to just breeze past that

  62. I have tried to like mushrooms for like 25 years now. They're cheap, nutritious, low-cal, the kids like them, they go in everything and there are so many different kinds we could even grow. But they're just so incredibly disgusting to me.

  63. This is a safe space but I’ll be honest some of these are really hard to upvote. This is what I asked for, but I am suffering with my newfound knowledge of how you heathens cook.

  64. I love that this is currently the top comment and that it was written only about 15 minutes after you asked the question

  65. We're in the third day of my favorite meals of the year; what our friends' daughters call "turkey slop." It's mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy and bits of turkey, and every forkful has some of each.

  66. I've seen people give up free food without even trying it the second they hear it's vegetarian and/or vegan. Quickly talking about how much they love meat. Like... What? I'm the biggest meat eater I know, to the point where one of my friends loves (jokingly) telling people that I hate vegetables and am violently anti-vegetable. Even I don't get that way, and will gladly go to town on some good vegetarian/vegan food.

  67. I just said to my husband the other day that the single most important thing I learned in culinary school was to clean as you go. I hear so many people say they hate cooking because of the cleanup after. So clean as you cook. That way when it's done you're 90% done with clean up.

  68. Recipes are only opinions. Feel free to mix things up as you see fit. People in my household go berserk when I suggest this

  69. I usually follow the recipe the first time I cook something, especially if I haven't even tried it before. Then I go at it free form from there.

  70. I agree with this only if said person has at least a basic understanding what what ingredients are important. My wife, bless her heart, always ends up being like “oh we dont have x, that’s fine I bet it won’t be that different” and it’s like the single most important ingredient in the recipe.

  71. I agree with you, but don't comment on a recipe if you change the recipe. I hate when people comment on for something like a homemade Cookie dough ice cream and be like "2/5 stars, I'm vegetarian so I swapped the cream for soy milk and used egg substitute for the cookie dough. It was too hard and salty."

  72. I know what you mean. My girlfriend will not change a recipe and even abandon it if we don't have absolutely everything it says. When i feel we could probably do without ground parsley.

  73. You don't have to serve spaghetti with the sauce in a dollop on top. It's ok to mix the sauce into the spaghetti and then serve it. Especially if everyone is eating the exact same thing.

  74. This is actually how Italians do it. Sauce needs time to soak into the pasta, and the sauce is supposed to be the star of the show.

  75. There is a place near me that does a burger on a pretzel bun with bacon, fig jam, frisée, and a cinnamon peanut butter spread. It's divine!

  76. People shouldn't come over to your house and complain about how you cook something. Anyone who does that at my house is invited to leave and go to McDonalds.

  77. This comment triggered something really deep in me. I can’t think of any meal I’ve had that was so bad that I actually criticized it. I have a family member that does this to my mom all the time and it drives me up the wall.

  78. My ex used to do that all the time. 'Not enough salt"; "This is definitely better/worse than the last time you cooked this"; "Make my eggs runnier than this", etc.

  79. where are you going where you get small portions? my friends pile our plates up and are like “you sure you don’t want seconds? no? that’s okay you can take some home with you”

  80. Make Annie’s white cheddar Mac n cheese with sour cream instead of milk. Only works for white cheddar but it’s a million times better than milk

  81. Cooking deliciously is not an art. It's a skill and anyone with some practice can become very good at it. Not applicable for plating though.

  82. As an Italian I get a lot of hate for this but... It’s ok to break the spaghetti, especially if you’re cooking it for kids who need to take smaller bites, that way they don’t have to eat so much at one time.

  83. Why do Italians get so offended how other people eat pasta. I cant count the times I've seen people proclaim they are Italian and then think that gives them a license to insult how other people eat food.

  84. Not really cooking, but I prefer spinach in salad to lettuce. It’s heartier, and it doesn’t taste like notebook paper that someone pissed on, as one person I know put it. People think lettuce doesn’t have any taste, but there are weirdos like me who beg to differ.

  85. I like fresh spinach in theory, but I hate the texture of it on my teeth when I bite down, and the bitter film it seems to leave on my teeth and tongue.

  86. I like to change recipes even if I’ve never made the food before. I’ll add or omit or change ingredients. Sometimes, I like to halve or double the whole recipe.

  87. Sometimes I just want white rice with butter and salt. It's like a comfort food. Easy and nice when things are not easy

  88. Lets talk mixed drinks. There are some really delicious cocktails with a splash of vinegar in them. My advice is to share this with the drinker until after they taste it!

  89. Also a lot of the blank-American cuisines that some people call “inauthentic” are really their own cuisine at this point. Tex-Mex is Tex-Mex and its own type of food, not “inauthentic Mexican”. American Chinese food is American Chinese food, not “inauthentic Chinese”.

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