George Jetson will be born 8/22/2022. Where is he being conceived right now?

  1. Thanks for posting that. I went down the rabbit hole on my own family tree from that and found photos of my grandfather with his dad that I hadn't seen before.

  2. In an apartment. George Jetson’s mom and dad just broke up. But dad came over just to grab his vinyl. It was really an excuse to talk to mom, but she knows that. He comes over and they start casual conversation. It’s been about two weeks since they’ve talked and they realize they’ve missed one another more than they thought. Dad gets bold and says this. Mom cries because she doesn’t want to feel those emotions for dad anymore. Dad apologizes again for hurting her. She ends up crying in his arms. They kiss, let their guards down, and they have sex for the very last time—unknowingly conceiving George. They’ve been trying for a baby, and nothing ever works. Afterwards, mom tells dad it was a mistake and she needs him to leave. Dad grabs his vinyl and leaves.

  3. In a bomb shelter. His generation will never see the surface world. He will be lucky his parents survived the nuclear armageddon of 11/30/2021.

  4. When I was 6yo in 1973, the first short story I wrote for school was about what it would be like in the year 2000. The global nuclear war had blown everything up into we were living up there like the Jetsons 😂

  5. George was created in a lab. Scientists felt they had finally solved the protein problem in human cloning and they decided to try it.

  6. Well, get more info from the show. Where is his dad from. What’s his name. How many people with the surname Jetson are in the world? And go from there

  7. I’m pretty sure it’s in the backseat of a blue 2003 Toyota Corolla in a parking lot of an empty park. It’s his parents’ first alone time after having a very tense, politically charged Thanksgiving at the dad’s parents’ home. They were rethinking their decision to move into his parents’ home (in order to start saving money to buy a house), but it was already too late. They had already moved in. They had a fight as soon as they reached the parking lot, and George’s mom started crying, but George’s dad saw how much this was hurting her and decided to compromise. Instead of the 20% down payment they were going to save up for, they would save up 10% and live with the mortgage insurance. They both became so heated and excited about buying their own home that they decided to just have unprotected sex right there and then, despite the cold and the possibility that someone might see.

  8. What's to say we do t all just decide to add and extra 10 months to the calendar? Also that we somehow lengthen pregnancy to 23 months?

  9. The reason The Jetsons have those really high buildings is because they're elevators. The point is to get above the smog. He went to Orbit City High. George Jetson is being conceived somewhere in the greater LA area.

  10. Rosie is combining sperm and egg in a test tube because, unbeknownst to him, he is a 70 year experiment and Rosie is there to run it.

  11. A different planet because it sure as shit isn't earth, i had always hoped we'd be at that point by the time I was an adult. Sad times

  12. At a motel 8 in room 8 at 8 o'clock, dunno if AM or PM, to keep with the theme.(2+2+2+2=8, if we ignore 22+22+8)

  13. We just need orphan or kid taken at birth that male born on 8/22/2022 there many of them. How much to buy off CPS worker or foreign government. Better yet put large amount of money parents will do it themselves.

  14. In an evac raft, as his parents turn to each other for the only solace they have in the hellspace world of trashfilled tsunamis and noxious fumes. Only by escaping to the surface do they have a chance for a better life. No, they will not see it. But their son will.

  15. In that shitty Bezos space cock rocket – his cocket, if you will(y). Some secret launch. Just Bezos and some of the OG Amazon book wrapping ladies. Like from waaay back. Hands like tree bark, impervious to any papercut. Bezos just laying back on his jank cocket getting jerked off by Chloe, winner of “Best Book Binding and Bundlin’ Broad – by Bezos, 199B”

  16. He isnt being concieved, he is being spawned by 2 ohio people rubbing 2 carhartts together and blowing a vape cloud in the middle

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