How do you want to die?

  1. I put a lot of thought into this . I want to tie a wire around my neck and superglue my hands to my head . The other end of the wire is securely tied to the top of a tall building. That way when I jump from the roof I am fully decapitated . I will have strategically placed a basket ball hoop on the ground, below, so that I can slam dunk my own head . Probably live steam it I guess

  2. By my own hand, ultimately. I'd like death to be a choice. I'm old enough that I've watched almost all my elders die slow, wasting deaths of one cancer or another...there's no nobility in it. It's as dehumanizing an experience as anything I've ever seen. It would be nice to make the choice for myself...somehow, that injects a little humanity back into the process in my mind. It's a small, menial victory, of course, but a victory no less and one of the few in a war of attrition.

  3. In the arms of my mum or dad or my brother .......or my favourite person . Considering I will have natural death or I would like to kill myself by free falling in space outside earth.

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