A relative gives you a $10 scratcher for the holidays and you win a $1,000,000 prize right in front of them. What do you do?

  1. I worked with a guy who won something like $7million. His last day he walked around the office and gave everyone a lottery ticket. I thought that was pretty cool.

  2. Can confirm my uncle pulled this on my grandpa - he won and the ticket had to be redeemed via Tooth Fairy mail to the North Pole

  3. Yeah just say it was a dud and pocket it, if they really want you to check again or want to inspect it themselves despite repeated "don't worry about it"s from you then you know it's 100% a prank and you should double-down on the nonchalance.

  4. Honestly this is the meanest prank ever. I’d rather have someone “prank” me that a family member is dead and then find out they’re actually alive than be set up for 30 seconds of thinking my life and finances and dreams are forever changed and have to come down from that excitement.

  5. I had a friend do that to me once. I automatically checked the back after the first two scratches because if these stupid prank tickets.

  6. Had a "friend" do this to me in the mall with a fake $10K ticket one time. I was so happy, I gave him a huge hug and told him I'd give him some as well for giving it to me and that he was so nice. He then told me to look at the back where you could see it was fake. I wasn't as mad at the loss of a theoretical 10K but more disappointed in him playing with my emotions. He was so amused that he got me so good for some reason. I've never trusted the guy since then.

  7. My mom tried to do this prank on me once. It was more reasonable, like $10,000. I scratched it off and was like, oh shit, it's a winner, this is yours. I tried to give it back to her and she was so mad her prank failed. That's too much, $5 sure, but I did not feel entitled to that amount when she was gifting me a $1 scratch ticket. My sister in law stopped by an hour later. Mom pulled the same prank. Sister in law started screaming and jumping up and down and shoved it her her pocket yelling how it was all hers and she wasn't sharing it with anyone. Finally caught on it was a prank when my mom asked her how she could redeem it. She's generally an selfish, entitled twat so not surprised at her behavior.

  8. My mom gave my son a $1Million dollar bill in a stocking one year (son was 5 or 6 maybe). Poor kid though it was really a million dollars. Started jumping around saying he wanted to put a pool in our yard. I sat there in disbelief glaring at that bitch as she was laughing.

  9. Haha, this happened to my brother when he was working at a restaurant during the Holidays and a coworker bought everyone tickets and gave a fake one to my brother. He cursed them all out and quit… once he realized it was a joke it was very awkward as he explained “you know I was only kidding, right?”

  10. One time when I was a kid, there was a big lotto drawing and we were staying with family for Xmas. My dad was up before my uncle so my dad went to the gas station and bought a lotto ticket for the next drawing with the winning numbers from the last night's drawing and then switched that with my uncle's ticket.

  11. I had an uncle do this to me on Christmas Day some years ago. I knew right away the tickets were fake. I scratched them and they ended up to be about $50,000. He watched me with great joy in his eyes. I said immediately “Thanks for the fake tickets,” and he said “Oh GOD DAMMIT, I know how bad you could use the money and you ruined it!” Thanks uncle for the great gift.

  12. Honestly, this is probably the smartest thing you could do. I've read cases where relatives sued the recipient, claiming they were given "the wrong ticket" and other ridiculous things. People have murdered relatives over far less than a million bucks. It's best to just stay quiet, let the holidays die down, and claim you bought a winning ticket a few months later.

  13. Thanks mate! Go cash it in and buy them a card. Put $50 inside and hand it to them while saying “Merry Christmas!” because you forgot to get them anything. Holiday. Saved.

  14. "Hello, yes, I would like to cash this $1,000,000 lottery ticket please. And I will take this Christmas card. You can take it out of the million."

  15. Yep, and if they acted surprised you said that then you know it's a fake ticket too. Otherwise just say nothing and cash it.

  16. Last Christmas my SOs relatives gave us a scratch off each. We said our thank yous but they insisted on us scratching them right then and there. I scratched mine and didn't add up any of the math to see if I won, I just shrugged and told them it was a losing ticket.

  17. This is the reason I think the fake tickets are so incredibly cruel. Knowing how much that money could mean to most people, it's absolutely cruel to play with people's emotions like that. I'm glad the guy got the real deal! That sounds like a life-changer.

  18. Seeing you won $1,000,000 on a piece of paper is one thing. But seeing the cash directly in your bank account is another. I don't blame him for losing his shit haha.

  19. This happened to an aunt and nephew near where I live, she bought him a ticket, he won pretty big, she took him to court over it. It got ugly real quick.

  20. I feel it would depend on who got it for me. Certain members of my family are better off financial than others.

  21. I gave an answer elsewhere in this thread about telling everyone "fuck all ya'll" but in reality, I would share money with both of my parents and some of my siblings, and no one else in my family.

  22. depends if I like that relative or not. let's be honest, a $10 scratch card is more like a joke gift than an actual gift

  23. Depends on your family. Until he passed, my grandfather bought everyone in the family $10 in scratch tickets. This was a fairly large family with 6 sons who mostly had families of their own. It was something that we all got a kick out of every year.

  24. While I mostly agree, I love getting scratchers and actually prefer it these days. I can buy whatever I want/need throughout the year and the excitement is worth the money, no matter how much it cost.

  25. I buy my kids scratchers every year for their stocking. I think it’s fun. They’re teenagers so technically illegal. But still fun.

  26. Yeah. The gifter has no right to any of the winnings, but they just hooked me up with a million dollar scratcher that I wouldn’t have had otherwise - I’m sharing the wealth with them.

  27. I think there's a lot more to be said for how the original giver reacts rather than the person who wins. If the giver immediately demands a share instead of being happy for you, that says a lot more about them than anything.

  28. I think Norm McDonald had a routine about this saying it's the worst gift you can give someone, because if you give it to them you obviously don't expect them to win.... "What kind nightmare would that be? Hey, I gave you a million dollars. What did you give me again? Oh, you gave me this coffee cup?"

  29. Split it. I wouldn't have gotten the ticket if it wasn't for them, they wouldn't have bought the ticket if it weren't for me.

  30. Yup, anyone who gets me a ticket for Christmas is a family member, and I like all my family members so I'd probably split it.

  31. Man, scrolled too far down to see this. My first reaction would be to split it. It’s “found” money. Why not make everyone happy, sheesh.

  32. Yep. Straight down the middle, no hesitation. Actually surprised the top 5 comments have 100's of upvotes all effectively saying "fuck you, that's my money". 1 mil is no joke, half a mil is enough to change a life. Better to change both of your lives and have a shared life-changing event. I'd feel guilty as fuck, and depending on the relative maybe even slightly afraid, if I gave them just 10% or even nothing. That sounds like some deep rooted resentment waiting to manifest.

  33. The verbal contract we had in our family was any large sum would be split. Small winnings would be kept by the winner.

  34. Also it *really* makes the gifter look like an asshole if they're demanding money you were going to give to other family members

  35. EDIT: Like many have pointed out, you pay tax on winnings in the US... You DO NOT pay tax on winnings in the UK, and this was written from a British perspective.

  36. Some friends and I were riding around and stopped at a convenience store. One buddy came out with scratch offs for e’erbody. One of them was a previously purchased prank ticket that was a $10k winner. Everyone knew this but “Bob”, who was handed the fake ticket. We all agreed to split any winnings. We all scratched off our tickets and waited for Bob to go apeshit. He didn’t. Just stuck the ticket in his shirt pocket and said he didn’t win anything. Fuck Bob.

  37. Um, Bob has good vision and is a good friend. He knew it was a prank because he examined the ticket. Like most of the people in this thread, he knows it was a mean prank you played on him, but he chose to stay friends with you so he decided just to quietly keep it.

  38. yeah fuck bob for not giving you the satisfaction of being able to build up and then destroy his hopes for your amusement. what an inconsiderate bastard!

  39. Keep my damn mouth shut and not make any promises. Get the ticket in to a safe deposit box as soon as possible. Give it a few days and decide what I want to give them. Some relatives would get half the after-tax amount, some would get far less and I'd enjoy watching them explode over such a slight.

  40. Statistically winning the lottery is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Seriously! Pretty much the odds of all sorts of bad things happening to you go through the roof. Your best bet is to tell NO ONE, not even your family members that you trust with your life. You than call a BIG law firm, and not the guy you've been using forever or your dad recommends. They will help setup everything. Then if you want to help family you do it covertly and preferably anonymously.

  41. I'm sure this will get lost in the comments... but years ago (like 2002) my boss asked me to go get him a quick pick for the lottery while I was at lunch. The lottery in my area was north of 300 mil at the time. He gave me the money to snag it for him while I was out. When I was going in to buy it, I had the sudden realization that the ticket I buy might win him millions and I would have literally handed that over to him. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out a solution to this realization and did the only thing I could think of to do.

  42. Share it fitty fitty after taxes. It's only a million dollars, I still have to work and it's not worth hearing the nuclear-grade bitching that would result in me claiming the money exclusively.

  43. Lottery tickets suck as a gift. I'd look at them before you scratch it and ask "if I win a million, how much of it are you expecting back?"

  44. Man what's up with the passive agressive attitude? I enjoy scratch cards as a gift. If I didn't, it still doesn't seem cause to make the giver uncomfortable about it (cause exchanging money for gifts is such a swell idea!).

  45. I rather them giving me the opportunity to win $1 million than $10. If I win $1 million they can have 100k or 500k, depends on the relationship but either way I'm pocketing alot more than $10 so there's no loss for anyone.

  46. You’ve got to give it to them and not expect anything out of the winnings. My parents give them because it’s a little more fun than giving cash and one time some friends won $1000 on their anniversary. My parents were thrilled that they could gift lottery tickets that were rumored to be lucky

  47. It's only money. I would probably give them $250,000 I think would be fair. Not fully splitting, but still a life-changing amount for most people, and I wouldn't think they could be mad at you if you give them that amount.

  48. I mean if I won a million all my close relatives would be getting $100,000 total from me(distributed). I guess I’d have to give that relative that bought the ticket another $100,000

  49. Probably give them 10%. Vegas table rules. Plus it’s a relative, so in theory if we go on vacations or something together it all goes to the same goal.

  50. Get out of here fast, avoid their greedy screams and make sure not to get caught on your way to my car. Go to a random hotel so they never find me. Then get the money and make myself a new identity.

  51. Depends on the relative. But honestly, you never do your lotto tickets in front of the people who got them for you, because even if they're all duds they feel obligated to apologize as if they printed the tickets themselves.

  52. This might sound like a humble brag but I had a buddy give me one of the those fake scratch offs and I totally fell for it. I was screaming and hollering,but I insisted that he takes half of it. I’m an idiot, why would he randomly give me a scratch off and what are the odds it was a jackpot? Ahaha

  53. To all those who don’t realize this, a million seconds is 11 days, a Billion seconds is 33 years! It’s a good chunk of money but in today’s society it practically just to pay off your taxes if you live a decent life

  54. If it’s not a prank I’d give them 10k after claiming my prize. Maybe more depending on how much I’d actually get.

  55. After making sure it was real i would have 200k, the relative would have 200k, and the 3 people I've made the "if either of us ever win then we split it" oath will each have 200k.

  56. Assuming they saw the prize? Pocket it, pay off my debts, by a newish car (nothing fancy, probably a new year model Ford or something), slap a chunk into savings, give them half so they won’t try to sue me over it. Then they’re the one with the bigger amount than me, family can harass them.

  57. I hit $100,000 on Florida Fantasy 5. I split it with my Dad. He always split his winnings with me. If I hit on a ticket someone else gave me I would split it. I'm all about karma

  58. If it's my dickhd cousin, give him his 10 back and endure all the curses during our drunk sessions. If it's someone else, gave them a reasonable cut

  59. I work for a very large lottery operator. On my first day they gave us a tour of the facilities and there was an elderly couple there who’d won a price of approximately $10k per month for 10 years and they were there to collect. It was like watching two people have an out of body experience and they were waiting for someone to wake them up or something. Increasingly heart warming stuff when they started talking about all the really mundane stuff they were going to do with the money that they couldn’t do before. Like, fix the air con, visit their daughter interstate et.

  60. Depends on the relative, but I would hope I had the balls to flip everyone in the room both birds and leave immediately. "Fuck all y'all, I'm out"

  61. I feel like it’s kind of an unwritten rule that if you win anything over $5000 you should give whoever bought you it half. So I would definitely give them half.

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