What would make you quit Reddit?

  1. Or really any sort of interruptive ads. I can clock a "promoted" post nearly instantly and just scroll past, and adblockers take care of banner ads, but if they ever touch ad stops, I'm out.

  2. Something I really like about Reddit is that you can still make an account with absolutely no info other than a username and password. You don’t even need an email address, but I don’t think a lot of people realise that.

  3. My least favourite things about Quora (unless these have changed recently are: a) That you have to log in just to read more than one or two threads on it, and b) that it keeps trying to force you to use the app.

  4. Not even better for me. Just more specific forums. One of my favorite places online was a forum called HighImpactHalo for glitching/tricking Halo games. It felt big enough that there were new people constantly but if you stuck around, you started to see the same faces. Some stuff on reddit is irreplaceable like buildapc but man I wish I knew of more specific forums for certain things in my life. Getting to know people online that share your interests feels impossible because of Reddit.

  5. I used a browser app called StumbleUpon before Reddit. I quit because StumbleUpon gradually became the "My Shitty Webcomic" app.

  6. been dying to move but there's no good option. situation seems so ripe for it too. propaganda campaigns, thought bubbles, mod power trips, shitty recommendation algos, viral ads, shilling. bots running rampant. it doesnt have to be like voat where racists ran rampant. it just has to be real accounts, limited modding power and a real effort to stop puppet accounts. i can't believe there is no challenger.

  7. Seriously, I'd love to get off this toxic shithole, but there just isn't a place with such a wide range of topics easily sorted through subreddits.

  8. Seriously. And if I had a remotely decent amount of self control, I'd never come back. But I don't have that much self control.

  9. I might stop using it if the Ghost of Christmas Future shows me two alternate paths for my life. One wonderful path in which I focus on relationships and career and another meh path in which I spend 10 hours a week on reddit.

  10. If I am being honest. I think Reddit has overall had a very positive effect on my life. I have learnt so much, decided to go back to college, met some interesting people, and made better life decisions all thanks to Reddit.

  11. Yeah, the awards system is totally fine as is. If they turned around and said you had to pay a subscription for literally any features that are currently free, I'd be gone in a heartbeat.

  12. Actually for me if i could cash in on the one million + karma that i have... I could retire peacefully like thanos did.

  13. There ARE ads everywhere. Like, every third post is an ad if you don’t use an ad blocker. I was using almost exclusively in mobile for years. This year I began frequenting the site on a browser and was blown away. It’s an advertisement hellscape without a blocker.

  14. Even if I left I wouldn’t really leave. Reddit is my new YahooAnswers. Anytime I need an answer I type “blank blank blank Reddit” at the end of everything

  15. my office firewall. Sadly enough, it never will. Sigh. Asking me how I know it never will? I'm the admin. That's why.

  16. My company briefly toyed with blocking sites like Reddit, but people complained because there's actually a lot of good information on it, buried under the memes and petty squabbles. Plus there are a lot of people who are willing to help when you ask a question.

  17. It got blacklisted at work one day and I shouted down the hall "Hey mark, the firewall is blocking reddit! "

  18. ....honestly i get the feeling at least one of the admins at my office is on here, bc we're not supposed to really browse any kind of ~social media~ or external sites, but i've been on here for years and never been called out. knock on wood, anyway.

  19. In my mind everyone on Reddit is handsome. I know in reality it is the opposite, but I like living in my world of delusion and don't want that bubble burst.

  20. Yeah. I'm always scared enough as it is that somebody I know will be on reddit, see my name, say "Wow, this girl reminds me of -my name- I'm gonna check her profile. Oh wait it is her. Now I can go tell everyone!"

  21. That's the main reason that I refuse to watch any facebook gaming streams. Several of my favorite twitch streamers switched to facebook and i just stopped watching because of it.

  22. I hear yah. I've tried to remain anonymous, but I genuinely think somebody who knew me in real life would be able to pin enough together to work out it's me.

  23. Facebook and Reddit are two different platforms used for two different things, so I love it when people post this but after a brief look at your posts,

  24. Reddit has worked incredibly hard to force everyone, at the very least, to attach an email address to your account. To the point of every single one of my accounts, including my niche accounts I only use on single subreddits got notice of “suspicious activity” and to unlock my account I had to verify an email address.

  25. The thing that made me quit my other social media. It taking a serious hit to my mental health. So far, the way it is, I can tailor my subs so I don't get an overwhelming amount of soul-crushing news, constant conflict, or enragingly stupid people... unless I want to.

  26. I started unsubscribing from subs that hurt my mental health, and now I'm left with mostly pictures of terrible recipe ideas. /R/shittyfoodporn has been fun, but I need a bit of variety!

  27. Yes true. I believe that cotroling your use of reddit instead of quitting all together, only to find yourself using it again after quitting is a ideal way.

  28. Getting worse for me on Reddit because every sub seems to like talking about politics and bad news and stuff. Sometimes I just don't want to see that you know?

  29. The last time I looked at the front page people see if they aren't logged in it was filled with 'fuck you Karen' and political outrage subs. I don't have much hope for users who see that and say "sign me up!". But it is very comfortable in the bubble I've built, so we'll see.

  30. i dont know how people do it. every time i accidentally wind up on the new reddit i wanna just grab a spoon and scoop my eyes out

  31. This. The day old reddit goes away, I will vanish with it. Having said that, if they do a new redesign that isn't a war crime like the current new reddit is, I'll reconsider that.

  32. We've already been seeing the signs for years. All new features and development happens on the newer reddit, the old.reddit limps along. Newer features don't appear on old, and they don't appear in the Reddit APIs either, diminishing third party clients.

  33. Why in the fuck would anyone want the new one? You get like 2 posts that take up your entire screen vs old Reddit which is 10+ headlines, much better for scrolling for something interesting.

  34. Imagine suddenly all the horrible stuff I say on here was linked with my real name. I would never get a job again....

  35. That's what my crackhead uncle has been saying for the last 5 years. He claims it only recreational use.

  36. The downvote system already got neutered when they started showing you the net result instead of upvotes and downvotes

  37. Given how easy it would be to code and deploy stuff like this, given the power that gives people, I think it’s perhaps naive to assume it isn’t already happening. Just a question of, ‘to what extent?’

  38. They already are, to an extent. It's already plainly obvious that the upvotes aren't directly tied to actual user engagement - in one of my subs, a well-performing post may have 300-500 upvotes... mediocre crossposts from popular subs routinely hit 1k+. Something screwy is going on with the voting algorithm

  39. Oh you poor thing. Try posting anything slightly right of center and you'll experience it first hand, nearly instantly. My posts usually go to 0 or -1 before I refresh the page when posting. Literally within a half of a second.

  40. If there were advertisements disguised as wholesome posts that make the front page, and then the comments saying how awesome the business is

  41. Sometimes I open a Reddit thread from Google and for a few seconds I’m forced to live the horror of Reddit’s mobile site

  42. I only learned about new Reddit like 3 months ago. I've been using RES and old style Reddit this entire time lol. I swapped to try out and swapped right back. Fuck change.

  43. Wait so am I using old Reddit or new Reddit lol I haven’t changed anything since I downloaded the iPhone app like 3 years ago… I’m curious, but at this point I’m too afraid to ask what new Reddit is. I just wanna know how I can figure out if I’m using it or not

  44. new reddit is just... clunky. I like the basicness of old reddit's look. Every few months reddit will open in NEW reddit and I have to keep going back to setting to opt out.

  45. New Reddit is just less functional than old Reddit. The simplicity of old Reddit is its beauty. It does what it is supposed to do, no more and no less. New Reddit complicates things too much. The only time I go over there is for certain moderation tasks that only work on new Reddit, and to submit posts with multiple images.

  46. But if it doesn't get disabled, then all the millions spent on designers and consultants and EUA testing and feedback would have been for nothing!!!

  47. Crippling the website on mobile devices to force users to download the app ... oh, wait, it almost has made me quit.

  48. I hate how absolutely everything has to be an app now. It's great when there's an app version available as an option so you can make your own choice, but I hate how some sites practically force you to use the app. Who has enough room on their mobile devices to download an app for each one of their interests? Not me, and good SD cards are expensive. Reddit's mobile website is downright maddening. If they make it even harder to use, I think a lot of people will stop using it.

  49. Reddit is my escape from real life. Maybe if my real life was an Insta-worthy one filled with friends, travelling, shopping and partying then I'd forget about Reddit pretty fast. But on most days it's the only thing I have to look forward to during my downtime when I'm too tired from another week of being beaten down and gouged for what little I earned from it to do anything that's actually productive.

  50. Honestly, even if the downvote didn’t change the visible score I’d be out, because that feature is at the heart of Reddit’s utility. If only upvites counted, every thread would turn into YouTube comments, and I’m not sticking around for that.

  51. I quit reddit all the time. My original account was 9 years old and I was a karma whore, spent way too much time here, getting into totally pointless arguments with random people on the internet.

  52. I regularly start new accounts. In the past 10 years there's been probably a dozen...? Once an account reaches a couple/few thousand karma I'll just ditch it and start over.

  53. Yeah same. I am aware of all. I wanted to love the new design several times but i always had issues, bugs, crashes with it.

  54. This seems like a question being asked by Reddit's marketing department. What can we get away with and not have you leave

  55. Moderation is pretty awful, at least on the political subs. Last week I was banned from a particular sub because a mod disagreed with my comment. I hadn't violated any rules at all, and the mod was at least dumb enough to make a self-impugning sticky post explaining that permabans were being given based on their personal opinion of the topic being discussed. Doubt that mod will ever get fixed, though.

  56. to really get honest, change the pornography use in it to child abuse material. A subtle but important shift. Just like there are no underage prostitutes, they are abused children who are victims of trafficking or adults who facilitate ongoing abuse of children for profit. It is something we as a species have to shift as any different language hides the truth of what is happening.

  57. I haven't quit, but the amount of time I spend on here has been reduced drastically after a few groups I used to enjoy banned me for asking "stupid questions". Some moderators take things to seriously.

  58. “You have exhausted your comments for this month. Purchase an additional Comment Pack to receive 30 more comments for only $3.99! Buy the Snoo Combo Pack to receive 100 votes and 50 comments for only $9.99!”

  59. If they hire another person like Aimee Knight being fully aware of her history then refusing to acknowledge and fire her until the entire website basically locks itself down in protest.

  60. I mean half of it is tik tok videos and the other half is Twitter screenshots. People complain so much about those sites but reddits just a culmination of the two.

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