What doesn’t contribute to society?

  1. Answer them, and tell them you have a 2015 Tartan Prancer. They’ll stop real quick. I’ve had 3 in the last six months since I did this.

  2. But have you acted on it?!? If you don't, you'll be removed from the list. Just not the "we'll be calling you later" list.

  3. I keep scam callers on the line as long as possible so that they aren’t bothering other people, I just play halo and keep acting like I want the offer but I’m confused about their directions

  4. I don’t get the car ones, but I get a call about my DirectTV plan twice a day from random numbers. I don’t have DirectTV

  5. This is an America-thing, right? Never heard about sth like that. Is that what we have insurance for?

  6. Scalper bots – also known as scalping bots – use automated methods to secure goods, such as event tickets that are bought in bulk, and complete the checkout process in a fraction of the time it would take any legitimate user.

  7. I mostly agree, but I gotta give credit where credit is due to Kim Kardashian for her work in fighting to free wrongfully accused people from death row.

  8. Yes! But mainly people who take it so seriously they start fights on it for no damn reason and won’t leave you alone about it. I just wanted to know if George and Dream were still friends. I shouldn’t have asked…

  9. Taking your fandom seriously is fine. Nothing wrong with it. The problem is expecting others to take it seriously.

  10. I see you’ve beat me to it. Just one less thing I have to contribute to society. Thanks

  11. My contribution to society is just not being a dickhead. It doesn’t sound like much, but even doing the bare minimum is better than what some people do.

  12. Same. I'm employed, but my job is shitty and could be replaced by people using an app that already exists. My family would genuinely be better off without me too. I just kind of waste space and resources

  13. The kid ones are the worst. I can manage to avoid most of the adult ones but every time I turn around my kids are asking me for some merch a kid they just discovered on YouTube is peddling.

  14. "Influencers" is just a new term for an age-old marketing tactic. The Internet has just opened up the gig to more people.

  15. A relative of mine dated a "Top 50 Influencer" on Twitch back a few years ago. Dude was completely insufferable, had no sense of self-awareness, and wound up having a pretty ugly past. It's a 15 minutes of fame type situation for many of them. From what I understand, he lives on a couch in someone else's apartment now and is virtually penniless.

  16. Lies. My cat is like the best entertainment. Plus she kills bugs and spiders. She’s an essential worker in my book.

  17. I think the Kardashians have an important part in our society. Think of all the people you know of who are really into the Kardashians. Would you want those people getting into something else worse? Like a cult or something?

  18. I still don't think I understand what those are. Like I've had it explained to me, but it seems so dumb and pointless I think I'm misunderstanding it.

  19. tiktok influencers that get success by doing shit stuff, cringe dances and telling lies, trying to make their fans to believe them

  20. I’d argue social media actually does the opposite and contributes too much to society. I can’t even watch sports highlights anymore without them showing some take from Twitter.

  21. Spam phone calls. My dad gets like a dozen of them a day on his cell. He got so annoyed with them that he pays for an app called RoboKiller that screens the calls and makes the caller press 1 (I think) before it rings if they’re not in his contact list.

  22. The more heavily marketed a product is, the worse it tends to be. Less overall money went into developing the product, and more went into selling it.

  23. My reasoning is that, if it's good, you don't need that many ads to get people to buy the product. So when I see a lot of ads for the same thing, I'm not buying it

  24. Sadly our consumerism isnt just about people advertising. People will always advertise. Its consumers who are trying to fill a void that are the problem. Oohh I want that new thing that I havent researched, dont realize it's not the best version of what I want, and I probably dont even need it. But everything has taught me this is how I reward myself for hardwork, how I'll be valued by others and everyone else has it and i need to keep trying to fill that void.

  25. Marketing has a place. I mean, my coworker gifted me a knock-off no-name Keurig recently and in addition to smelling like a machine shop it had these barbs that poked a hole in my thumb when I tried to clean the smell out. The thumb is now infected. Keurigs are valuable because they don't fuck you up and I evidently need to know which is which. The brand matters.

  26. There’s the big problem that a lot of things we take for granted are provided via ad money. If we could figure out a better model to fund things, I’d be all for nuking the entire industry from orbit.

  27. I’ve said this since I was a child. But the fly, it’s a useless insect and I’ll try to kill everyone I see with such rage until they are extinct.

  28. Just had a guy tell me I must support oil companies if I hate crypto because I said it was harmful for the environment.

  29. Wasps play their part, even if it's just to give humans a reminder that insects will fuck you up if they want to. A reminder that the 'food chain' isnt just about who can eat who.

  30. I used to work at the red lights district in Amsterdam. I can say with confidence that prostitutes do actually contribute to society.

  31. Most major sports news networks shows on TV and radio. There’s nothing substantial you’ll get from watching their takes. Most of the hosts are clueless and end up being wrong majority of the time.

  32. Corporations that contribute to politicians and politicians that only work for the benefit of corporations

  33. Scalpers, reseller whatever you want to call them. They are annoying human beings and I hope that they get what's coming for them

  34. Hedgefunds and basically everyone that is playing around with stocks for a living effectively producing nothing

  35. Charity donations by billionaires. When was the last time you’ve seen someone donate a bridge or a city bus? Infrastructure costs are the largest and deepest for municipalities, and yet they have the greatest impact on society as a whole.

  36. Politicians. Basically the reason the world is currently flying towards the destruction of the human race is because of self serving politicians that either don't care enough to solve the problem, or don't like other politicians enough to be willing to work together towards a workable future.

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