Whats something you realized/learned that’s worth sharing?

  1. This applies to things and ideas as well. There are no shortcuts or silver bullets out there. Real change is gonna require hard work even when all you wanna do is curl up into a ball.

  2. Ok, so the Animaniacs. They frequently refer to themselves as the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot because their last name is Warner…

  3. You don't have to be 55 to join AARP. Anyone can join and you can get discounts on everything from car insurance to hotel rooms.

  4. I’m very familiar with this movement from the 90’s, oddly all the people leading that movement then are now dead.

  5. There has to be a rule 34 kind if rule for people who deny the existence of stuff. Like a "If it exists someone will deny it does" kind of rule. I mean looking at all the conspiracy nut jobs out there I am pretty sure there are people who deny just about anything.

  6. Stop caring what other people think. We only have one shot at life and we have to make it count. There’s no point in worrying about what other peoples opinions are on us, because people die and their options die with them.

  7. There was a physical activity researcher of some kind in the 70s or 80s that wrote a book about how you're basically "immune to heart diseases if you run / do cardio". He died of cardiac arrest or something like that during a marathon or something. Sorry can't remember all the details!

  8. i know about editor of running magazine, who found out that he had Marfan´s, needed heart surgery, resigned but still runs too much and openely brags about it

  9. Life is crazy, but at least we aren’t alone in experiencing it, I take comfort in the idea that we share similar experiences and that we are all trying to figure life out.

  10. Women’s heart attacks show differently than men. IE: pain in jaw or tooth; pain between shoulder blades; ;flu like symptoms. Just to name a few .

  11. My family was very poor growing up. Like barely lower middle class poor. My sister and I for years got an allowance of $2 a week but my parents insisted they keep the money in an envelope in their bedroom and only gave it to us when we asked to buy something. They said it was so we wouldn't take it and spend it on junk but I realize now the real reason was because some weeks they literally did not have $4 to give us so they would take money we had already given us and put it back in the envelope saying it was out allowance for the week. On one hand that makes me sad and determined to do better for my kids but on the other hand makes me grateful my parents were able to sheild my sister and I from how much on the edge they really were.

  12. Isolating from the 4 friends I have and literally not leaving the house for 2 years straight got me... absolutely nothing because there's just too many people who... have a different opinion about things.

  13. I've always struggled to remember left and right. The other day I realized if I picture the numbers 1 and 2, the 1 looks kind of like an L and the 2 looks kind of like an R. This has actually really helped me remember which side is which.

  14. You're not supposed to use Teflon tape on plastic fittings. You're supposed to use the Teflon goop (non hardening sealant) on plastic threads.

  15. you're allowed to not want a relationship with your parent(s) also, holding grudges for the right reasons is smart. never forget why you hold that grudge.

  16. So I have an uncontrollable issue, at all times during my waking life, there are numbers being counted in my head, in groups, that add up to either 13,19. Prime numbers? I’ve been unsuccessful in trying to make it stop for years now, it’s driving me insane, help?

  17. I learned about banking with my allowance. From my grandparents. They had a really good system. Long term savings, short term savings, and taxes. Brief overview: Long term savings: like for saving up for something big a video game or for xmas or a birthday gift for someone. Short term savings: week to week stuff. Like going out to the movies and that. Taxes: covered any and all taxes. We would do deposit and withdrawal slips. And they would keep it all in a folder and lock box. I just remembered all that.

  18. Your government was a sweet idea a few hundred years ago but the experiment failed so they altered it's description.

  19. Knowledge? Like I don’t consider myself an smart person and I’m sure they’re a lot of things i don’t know but being able to transmit what I do know it’s refreshing, more if the person it’s being completely ignorant abt something

  20. if someone is bullying you, don't care because why would you take critisim from them? do you really trust in their judgement.

  21. The importance of a decent job and work/life balance. Like as long as my rents covered, I don't really connect my work to the money so I don't see myself as having worked a day or two for a single luxury item. I instead just kinda see working daily as the cost of being able to do and buy things I like.

  22. If you smoke weed and you get hurt at work because of company negligence (like a ladder breaks or some shelves give or something) they can't take punitive action against you for having thc in your system. So report injuries.

  23. We have thousands of thoughts every single day not all of them are helpful some are actually harmful. Most you're not even hearing they're running in the background. if you become aware and conscious about your thoughts slowing down you might realize It isn't easy to change your thinking so instead of even trying to change your thoughts to being positive, think “is this a simple misunderstanding?” Some of our thoughts are there to protect us so become curious of what thoughts you're having some of them might be trying to protect you keep you safe prevent you from something that you fear. But if you're willing to consider the fact that no one has the power to make you actually feel fear, anger, hurt or pain; that your thoughts actually create this feeling not the circumstance, it's really freeing.

  24. no one gets out alive, don't kill yourself because you will die in the end so just do whatever makes you and others happy. be nice. what the television series "afterlife" on Netflix. that is all thanks

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