What was your “of fuck” moment in college?

  1. Damn I’ve never actually thought about getting diagnosed as a adult . That must be a major struggle on its own seriously.

  2. My first ever midterm was for chem 101. I opened the booklet and just walked out of class a few minutes later.

  3. I felt a little weird the night before my first class. Had some kinda brain fog, and felt (this is gonna sound weird) a bit to the side of where I actually was? Like, I'd feel like I was a few more inches to the left than my body would be. This lasted a long ass time.

  4. When I realized that the only people who got ahead in life were the ones who cheated. Honest people actually get punished.

  5. When we were informed that we were going to have a new campus location...and it was all the way across town, with zero access to public transportation.

  6. I live in Mexico, so me and my friends where walking to get some tacos, we were joking around and talking about nonsense, we sat there and see that there were some bad people (narc*s), (oh shiiiit moment) they were there with theirs guns eating tacos, and we just act like nothing happened :b

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