What’s the most boring, tedious, soul sucking job you ever had, and how long did you last?

  1. Responsible for going thru a huge excel spreadsheet every week (10k+ rows) and looking for two fields. If they matched, I changed the color of the left field to green. That’s it. That was the job.

  2. What company was this? They clearly hired the wrong person for the job if you couldn't figure out that Excel has functions to do what you were doing in about 5 seconds.

  3. Working for safelite. When i was hired selling wiper blades (for $63 a pair) was just a way to put extra money in your pocket. $.25 a blade. then $.50 after 4.

  4. I worked a major cell phone company rep on the phone and it was just not what I was about. People who yell at you about their bill, people who legitimately don't understand the bill and have to go through it with them word for word. People who had people die and they wanna cancel that line but you have to try and "save" the customer because that looks good on you. It's just a lot to ask for when you're paid 10 bucks an hour.

  5. Age 15 in a cash register roll factory holding a mallet, beating down the cores so they are flush with the paper, pack them into boxes, pack the boxes on a pallet, wrap the pallet and pump-truck it into the warehouse for shipping and repeat all fucking day long with a couple sandwiches.

  6. Every job before being an industrial painter. Standing around waiting for customers bored out of my mind at every one of them Deli clerk= 3 years, grocery store cashier = 1 month, every position at Wendy's 5 years, online shopper= 1 month, price checker = 2 months, hot dog vender I can't remember how long

  7. My summers in college were spent working nights at a grocery store distribution center. You don’t forget the sticky mess a margarita mix can make.

  8. I've done pack but not pick (I've heard that it's way worse than pack). Pack is very repetitive and boring so I don't even want to know what pick is like, haha.

  9. doing data entry. at first, it was only supposed to last for 3-6 weeks, but then that turned into 3-6 months. after a while it turned into work until the work's done. the pay was low, the work was tedious, the commute was bad, and my co-worker was a temperamental douche, so it was easy to leave that job after 9 months.

  10. My first professional internship in my field was super exciting and intense with incredible experience that defines a resume. Well, it was COVID and they couldn't hire me on so I took an unpaid internship with a much, much smaller company and I wanted to die of boredom some days. Everything was copy and paste, just clicking stuff, etc. Everything was slow and nothing exciting ever happened on my projects. Nicest coworkers though!

  11. Pushed carts in HS, terrible job. Outside in the cold, or the heat, couldn’t really dress properly either way, because you’d be in and out so much. Dodging cars, and miserable middle age ladies. Used to wear the treads off my shoes, LOL.

  12. Testing diodes at a Texas Instruments factory. I started the night shift at 9 pm, and when the 11 pm break rolled around, I got in my car and drove off, never to be heard from again.

  13. Spent a summer in the packing house of a glass factory, in college. Standing at a conveyor belt for eight hours, in high heat, on a rotating shift, picking up drinking glasses and putting them into boxes. Hot, loud, and boring. Probably wouldn’t be so bad today, when you could sneak in AirPods or something. Some people had been there ten years plus. I couldn’t imagine.

  14. Walmart, overnight stocker. Walking all over the story, back and forth, stupid names for isles and sections, idiotic 'team leaders', barely even trained, anything that was important, they'll tell you at the last second. If you're confused or have any questions, too bad they pissed off somewhere or out smoking multiple times a night, while we have two breaks and one lunch. If you want to call in you have to go through a third party, that isn't even reliable. The websites are terribly made. I lasted only a couple months. I still get mail from them, I got my discount card couple days ago, I recycled it.

  15. Worked in a juvenile facility in the sex offenders unit. I lasted 6 months. Quit as soon as I got another job lined up.

  16. Being an older sibling 😆🤣😂 being bossy isnt easy and keeping them in check. 12 yo me to my 10yo and 8yo bros at the time caught them trying to steal breath mints. Told em id drag them to the managers office if they stole something . Never did that again lol.

  17. Telephone Service Rep back in the 90's - Boring, and tedious because you're repeating the same script all day. Ever say the same thing 2000 times a day? It's the worst.

  18. Working at Louis Vuitton. I'm super into fashion so I thought I would love it, but working in a luxury retail store in the middle of the pandemic turned out to be a nightmare. People felt entitled to treat you however they wanted to because of their perceived worth as luxury customers. Couple that with a cap of ~fifty people in the store at any given time and you've got a really, really angry crowd outside just waiting to find someone to chew out.

  19. Omg I worked in high end fashion too, also during the 2008 crash. Was hard to get any business, but when we did, they wanted us to treat them like they were saving our store, which they weren’t, they were just fucking it up and looking for discounts

  20. Stacking one pizza base on top of another on a conveyor belt for 8 hours. This was at a pizza factory. I did other things there too but that one time I was placed at the conveyor belt doing this was just the worst. I hated working there in general too because the factory floor was overcrowded with workers, the staff were rude and would shout down to you and it was generally crap. It was minimum wage too (even on night shift).

  21. Reading an electrical engineering text book into a recorder so a vision impaired student could listen to it. Quit that after a few hours.

  22. i worked the concessions at a movie theater for a few weeks. Got carpal tunnel from the shitty buttons on the cash register and omg it was boring. A close second was working at abercrombie - also lasted a few weeks. I just folded a thousand pairs of pants a day. one day i was so bored and things were so slow…id swat the stack of pants off onto the floor after i got done folding them, to see how unfolded i could make them…then pick them up and fold them again. just to pass the time.

  23. I’ve not heard great things about Amazon at all. Right now they’re offering $1000-$3000 “sign on bonuses” but I hear that’s not until 6 months at the job AND they fire ppl before they have to pay it out. Just gross

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