What celebrity would you marry if they asked you to without any date prior?

  1. Paul Bettany seems to be a valid choice considering he is married to Jennifer Connelly for 18 years without being a couple prior to proposal.

  2. With that logic, Jennifer Conelly is also a valid answer... Who am I kidding, there’s no logic, Jennifer Conelly is the CORRECT answer.

  3. “As a teenager, he had developed a crush on her after seeing her in the 1986 film Labyrinth.[32] The September 11 attacks motivated him to act on his feelings for her, and after two days of attempting to contact her, he proposed, despite the fact that they were not in a relationship.”

  4. As I recall, Bettany talked about this in the You Made It Weird podcast. Sounded like what you'd expect if you married a young Jennifer Connelly: he felt supremely lucky and surprised.

  5. I had to scroll WAY to far to find him. The man is smoking hot, and I hate his wife because she's beautiful and kind and I can't compete!

  6. Back when the second X-men movie was about to start filming, I was walking my dog (RIP to the best girl there ever was) around a local golf course. She was rather indifferent to people overall, but certainly had some hesitations to guys with beards. It was a school day, so I was probably going around there at about 6:30am, and it was a 3.5km/2.2 mile trail, so not too many people out that first thing in the morning. This guy goes jogging past us, and then stops suddenly and backtracks to where we are. He starts to ask if he can say hi to my dog, and before I can even answer, he's on his knees giving her pets and kisses, and surprisingly she's giving him some kisses too. He's talking to her a little bit, and I hear the accent, but things don't register right away (though I noted some odd facial hair). Get home and hear on the radio they are about to start filming again and it all clicks. My dog made out with Hugh Jackman.

  7. A buddy of mine worked on Logan, and said that Hugh Jackman took each department out to dinner and paid for everything. But the department my buddy worked in was only 4 people, so Hugh Jackman offered to bring them back to the cabin he was staying at and personally cook them dinner. He still provided an impressive spread, everything tasted amazing, and Hugh Jackman was apparently just the nicest guy.

  8. I met her once! She was still just Shannon from Home & Away then. She was so damn pretty. She was in the checkout at John Lewis and she was with Darren Day who looked bored. She dropped her credit card and it landed on my boot, I gave it backed to her and I took my chance and smoothly whispered IREALLYLIKEDYOUINHOMEANDAWAYUGRHGHG or something cool and she said thanks and Darren Day rolled his eyes.

  9. Just released a best of compilation for his 10 year anniversary of being on the record label he’s on. Great musician as well as a great actor. Love Matt Berry.

  10. I don't know if I should feel validated seeing his name so high up on Reddit or if I should get mad about how many people also love Matt Berry. I'm ready to claw some eyes out for my man.

  11. If you’re a Matt Berry fan and have not watched Toast of London, I implore you to do so without hesitation.

  12. Oh ffs, you made this comment and now I can't tell which replies to this comment are Matt Berry quotes and which aren't. In fact, everything's a Matt Berry quote if you read it in the right voice.

  13. She’s such a beautiful woman. Who is only getting better with age. I never understood the hate she got for being a Bond girl in Spectre. “ShE’s ToO oLd” to be one. So? She’s hot! I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t want to date/marry based on her age. She’s gorgeous

  14. I once woke up with a call from her. I worked for a vip transportation company and she couldn’t find her driver at Heathrow airport (I was the OP manager, I don’t know why they gave her my number instead of the driver’s). She was very nice.

  15. Did you know he is a professional dancer and gymnast? It’s how he met his wife. After finding this out, his posture, the way he Carries himself, and all of those very delicate and deliberate motions he makes in Hannibal, like in the cooking scenes, all made sense to me!

  16. Oh god yes. My coworkers husband & I were talking about him in Bond as Le Chiffre. He was like “Mads can beat my balls in a bottomless chair any day” lol. I loved him in Hannibal.

  17. Yeah. He seems like an incredibly chill, kind, and funny dude. And loyal. He's been with his wife for like 50 years.

  18. I'd been waiting for a good Dune on screen for decades. Movie's great, but turns out I was actually waiting for paralyzed, naked Duke Leto splayed out and still holding court with the Baron regardless. He looked like a goddamned Greek God.

  19. He's always seemed very genuine and kind. Some of his recent interviews came up and it just felt more like two people talking. Very natural. Equal amount of interest and chatter on both sides. He really appreciates his fans and the love he's been getting. He deserves it.

  20. They interviewed him on the Scrubs re-watch podcast. He seemed super positive and thoughtful. It was really interesting!

  21. Can’t believe I had to scroll this far to find his name. He deserves everything good that’s coming to him recently.

  22. You should see her in Pride & Prejudice. Complete 180 from the characters she plays now, but still a great performance.

  23. There are multiple films where she played evil characters: Die Another Day, Gone Girl, I Care A Lot and probably even more...

  24. I don't think he's stereotypically hot, but his posturing and everything from Peaky Blinders always puts me in awe, and that is definitely attractive.

  25. I can't believe this is so far down the list. If I weren't married this would be mine, but I admit some reservations. He's a damn good actor who seems too good to be true, and isn't married yet. Not sure if he's hiding something or what, but he has the skills.

  26. Have you seen her geek out over Will Self (NY Times crossword head honcho)? It’s the most endearing thing! On mobile, otherwise I’d link.

  27. A guy friend of mine is completely straight, but he always says “if Chris Evans wants you, you don’t say no”. So I’m agreeing with this one.

  28. scrolled to find this! definitely my pick. I don’t remember where I saw this but I found it very reassuring that he has friends from high school who show up on set and roast him. like, he’s not some famous captain america celebrity to them. green flag!

  29. I had jury duty with Lucy Liu in NYC and we were voir dire'd together. Lovely, lovely lady. Totally chill and just did her two days like everyone else.

  30. I read the question and thought, "That's silly. How could you possibly know if you'd be happy together without actually meeting them? You need to get to know more about someone than just seeing them on a screen. Although actually, Natalie Portman seems really great in every way I care about. Yeah, nevermind, definitely Natalie Portman."

  31. I'm surprised her name doesn't pop up on these more often. She seems surprisingly grounded for Quincy Jones daughter. And she's hot af.

  32. It's kind of amazing that he's had such a long and iconic career and yet will probably be most remembered and loved for being Frank.

  33. The great British bake off had a season with a girl named Lottie that I was crushing on hard. Total Emma stone vibes. She wore this cute leather jacket one time too. Was so pissed she got kicked off when she did. Honestly didnt deserve it.

  34. I used the work with her dad. When I first walked into his office I saw numerous photos of her, including a mousepad. It was a little disconcerting until I figured out his last name was Stone too.

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