Single and lonely people, how do you feel when you see all the photos on Facebook of friends with their spouses and children?

  1. Remember the missing girl Gabby Petino and her bf Brian Launderie? They posted lovey dovey pictures, all smiles, traveling and enjoying life. Well...he killed her and dumped her body in the woods.

  2. I've never actually seen it, sometimes people link it to me and tell me to look at something but it won't let me (because i don't have an account).

  3. I'm not lonely, I am, however single. I don't care about what you're talking about. I have a friend that I run into once and a while that it's like 'let's together for coffee I need adult and friend intereaction for the love of' but we never get around to it because of different demands.

  4. Mostly cringe and fake ..idk i just believe that Happy family will prefer to not share their world to the public and keep it to themselves instead of turning themselves to a Netflix show.

  5. I used to get annoyed by that (of course, happy for my friends but still). Specially because these things happen in waves: first everyone is marrying, then you get invited to a lot of wedding parties (which is cool). Then everyone starts to have kids. And then the second.

  6. I'm not single nor am I lonely but when I see a couple with kids I feel like they completely failed at life die to the misery they'll be facing for the rest of it.

  7. I got broken up with a while ago and I’m still getting cutesy couple shit on my fyp and I want to throw my phone in a blender, leave it open and turn it on high while I smoke as much weed as I can hold in my lungs until I choke and die

  8. A little sad. Im single never really dated Dont have a job Im busy helping look after my younger siblings because my mum passed 8 years back Keeping everyone together is important to me. And to anyone who says anything about having responsibility dumped on me I enjoy helping with them. They keep me sane.

  9. Here's the trick. Get rid of FB, Instagram, etc. This way when you crave social interaction, you'll have to go out and look for it (I'm talking about coffee shops, stores, malls, etc).

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