freedom it's not an option, Imagine your a death row prisoner and you have the chance to replace the last meal with something else. What would you choose?

  1. Time with my family in the rec yard alone. Like a all day thing. Where I could play games with, my wife, my kids,my mom, and sister one last time.

  2. Be sent to the moon, one way ticket with a suit and a gun, sit on the moon, watch Earth and space, kill myself before i run out of oxygen to avoid suffocating to death

  3. Feeling loved and actually being loved. Not sure I’ve ever had that before, and it would be absolutely on point for me to finally get to experience that 5 minutes before I die lol

  4. I'd replace my last meal with the person I was found guilty of murdering, alive and well and telling whoever will listen that I didn't kill them. Now, I never asked for freedom.

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