Long talkers...why? Are you aware of what you're doing? Do you feel forcefully compelled to go on and on? Any recovering long talkers? What did you think when someone said you talk too much?

  1. One thing that really grinds my gears is when they hold you hostage in a conversation and monopolize the whole interaction and don’t let you get a word in.

  2. I have two sisters. Anytime I call for something, the first ignores most of my calls. And the second one always answers, but she starts talking about her issues until I finally give up and politely hang up.

  3. I don't think they realiize they're talking on and on and on. They just do it. Sometimes when people asking me what my favorite video game is and why, I explain alot and once im done, they give me a look like they dont want to hear it anymore. I just got caught up in the moment talking alot about what I like and I sometimes dont realize until after or never.

  4. Indeed. That is five questions man. Addressed to “long talkers” by one who presumably prefers the short and sweet … and then you “go on and on” to explain your query.

  5. This same thing happened with me! Now I get told how I'm super quiet and don't ever say more than a couple sentences but I feel so self conscious

  6. Struggling with this right now with my kid. She is very, very talkative and also very, very LOUD. (She and her best friend in primary school got split up and deliberately sent to different classes at the start of the new term because when they were in class together they would do nothing but talk to each other nonstop, and be so loud it was disrupting the whole classroom.)

  7. I’m a naturally talkative person, but people really notice when I’m manic. I’m diagnosed with Bipolar type 1 and not only do I talk excessively when I’m manic but I talk fast. I don’t think anyone has ever told me I talk too much, I usually realize after some time that I’m talking too much then I proceed to apologize too much.

  8. Well actually, funny thing about long talkers... They tend to have really good stories behind what they're trying to communicate. Like, REALLY good. For instance, did you know one time when I was out walking my dog, she saw a squirrel? Funny thing about squirrels, now that I mention it -- there's over 10 different species entirely localized in my state. One of the most common, the ground squirrel -- NOT to be confused with the gray, is the type that like to hang out in our backyard. I feed them peanuts because they're cute little tree rats. Did you know some people like to shoot them? Assholes -- there's no meat on them! What's the point? Yeah yeah we already know, the people that do that are sadistic fucks

  9. Best remedy for me.. learn how to really listen and get good at it.. tons of people have stories they want to tell and things to get off their chest.. let them and don't push for your turn to talk. It goes against the talker instinct but if you can curate the habit it is absolutely life changing

  10. As a person that's usually on the receiving end of long conversations, I've concluded that its my fault. If you're a good listener and don't learn to cut it down, some people will keep going.

  11. I am a talker. I do it and don't realize I'm doing it. My mother has always said "If you ask BowiesDaddy what time it is, he'll tell you how to build a watch!" I also don't get offended when someone comments about it. I usually apologize and explain I didn't know I was rambling. After that I usually try to pay closer attention.

  12. What about recovering long thread name? Cause the irony of asking about long talkers while having five sentences in the title is great.

  13. I have a friend. He explained it like this. They want to provide as much detail of their metal image to ensure that without a doubt you understand their perspective. Also it may be a reflection of their need to share and spending tome with others. Of course this may end up backfiring.

  14. I like talking but can instantly tell if someone doesn't want to engage in conversation: body language, short answer etc.

  15. I add too much detail to the story. I want to tell you about the cool movie I saw, but for some reason I feel compelled to tell you about the 24 hours leading up to it, and why and how the movie affected me the way it did, due to the previous 24 hours. It's a fucking nightmare. Or it was. I'm working on it. My dad always does the "get on with it" hand motion, and now when I realize I'm saying too much, I get anxious that someone is going to do that hand motion to me, so I cut to the chase pretty quick. As you can see here from this comment.

  16. I worry a lot that I'm a long talker, but I'm neurodivergent and I feel like I have to give lots of context so the person I'm talking to fully understands what I'm saying :/

  17. I used to, and then people would say I talk too much which shut me up, then they would complain I was too quiet haha. Fuck them lol.

  18. I would say I'm aware of what I'm doing. I think the reason why I and others talk too much is that it's going to make people wonder about what I should do. It makes me look and feel more like a typical person. It brings in questions and doesn't make people more aware. I feel like you guys are all too busy doing a bunch of bullshit stuff to get anything out of this mess. That doesn't work. This mess is not about doing an honest interview.

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