What celebrity death hit you the hardest?

  1. Kurt Cobain, because I was 14 and living with undiagnosed (at the time) depression, and had found Nirvana to be an escape from it.

  2. the peak of my harry potter special interest was 6th grade. my entire friend group was obsessed with it, and since we went to a really small school, our influence kinda spread through the whole school and harry potter became a big deal there. severus snape was my mom’s absolute favorite character. when i got to school the day alan rickman died, my friend came running up to me and said “alan rickman died.” i remember just instantly bursting into tears. everyone at school was talking about it that day, like i said the whole school was really into harry potter. that was honestly my first real experience with death, even though i didn’t know him personally. my mom loved rickman so much, she was devestated. after school that day we watched harry potter and the philosopher’s stone. it might seem a little silly but that death def impacted me the most.

  3. Anthony Bourdain. Dude’s adventurous spirit, love of exploring different cultures, and bombass recipes were all really influential on me.

  4. Carrie Fisher. My dad introduced me to Star Wars when I was 8 and I wanted to be Leia. The day our Space Mom died, I huddled on the couch watching the original film and sobbing intermittently.

  5. Chester Bennington. I listed to LP all the time when I was younger. I was a big fan of Chris Cornell as well. When Chester died it kinda felt like everyone was killing themselves.

  6. Sweetness. Seeing effectively a mythological figure crying on TV begging for more life, and there just being nothing to be done, so the world shrugged. That was a real reality check.

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