You now have 11 of something. What do you choose to have 11 of?

  1. At first I agreed, but I’d be too worried that my circumstances would change enough for me to have not met my gf, and she makes me the happiest man I’ve ever been. She makes me a better person. I wouldn’t give her up for anything

  2. I was gonna say 11 bundles of $100 bills but dude up there already said million dollars so now I sound like a fucking idiot.

  3. If you kept it secret, You could have 10 commit mass genocide while completely concealing their identities, and run away before the cops come and when you are questioned, you can argue that it wasn't you and you will be believed since you were elsewhere at the time

  4. I think this is actually the best answer. Everyone else is talking about money, but if you have 11 TRUE friends, there's not a lot else you need.

  5. Lemmino did say that the average American life style requires 24 acres of land but if every single person on earth had 24 acres we would need 10 earths so your answer actually works out really well.

  6. 11 additional healthy years with my dog, over her original lifespan. I want to spend as much time with her as possible. She is a very good girl.

  7. fuuuck my original answer was "million dollars", but my dog declined significantly in 2021 and we had to let him go in August. Watching the videos from 2020 and earlier and seeing how much energy he had hurt so much (but made letting him go easier). I'd gladly change my answer to 11 more healthy years with him if I could.

  8. Enough to have fuck you -money for literally anything you could ever dream of, but not too much to upset any global economies. Wise choise.

  9. A diamond is about 3.53 kg/l. A cubic light year is 8.47e50 l. 11 cubic light years of diamond would weigh 3.29e52 kg. It’s estimated that the mass of the observable universe is about 1.5e53 kg.

  10. That would make it approximately one million times the weight of the Milky way galaxy. Hopefully this enormous diamond you have all to yourself is a very, very long way from our galaxy, otherwise it would very quickly collapse into a supermassive black hole and consume the milky way along with it.

  11. Something that incomprehensibly massive would have to be so far away as to be entirely unreachable or it’s sheer mass would would cause all of our solar system and probably our next 20 neighbours to converge and be assimilated into the almighty sparkly cube.

  12. The top 11 richest companies in the world. Not only would you have money and generational wealth but then you can impact real change on the world (by dismantling some said companies or make them invest in the world's future).

  13. That would also spark government to concern themselves in corporate corruption. In fact, having one person all of a sudden own several multi-billion dollar companies would, with time, likely be able to depose what government we have. We are on our way to that bright oligarchic future.

  14. Honestly, 11 clones of myself. Imagine the level of ADHD hyperfocus when someone gets into something. We could each get jobs for bills and stuff too, or at least have other versions cover for them. Maybe one or two as different genders just to see how they'd react or change things. The only downside is we'd probably argue about who's the original, one might be evil, and feeding all of us.

  15. I want my roommate to crave shawarma at the same time as me 11 times so he’ll buy me shawarma 11 times.

  16. IF your roommate craves shawarma as much as you, are you sure that they will share when they have 11?

  17. Years with my dad. he's gone now but if I could just bring him back and give him 11 more years, he would pass away at an age more appropriate, we would have a decade to spend time together, for my family to have him, and for him to see his grandchildren grow. I don't have any yet and any that I have will never know the absolute joy he was for his other grandkids or experience just how happy they made him. Grandpa will just be some strange old man in pictures who is talked about fondly. They'll never be held in his arms, and my nieces and nephews will never again get to have grandpa there to hold them or play with them. 11 more years would be perfect.

  18. Wish granted, and now you have two rows of nipples running down your chest to your stomach much like a dog, pig, cat... etc. Unevenly numbered of course, one side has 5, the udder has 6.

  19. I now have 11 geese. I am unsure what to do with them, but I'm moderately more happy than before I had my 11 geese.

  20. 11 earth like habitable planets with sub 2 week trasportation systems to earth and the ability to defend themselves all with absolute obediance to me.

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