Those of you who live in small towns, what is the current local controversy all about?

  1. Thousands of crabs washed ashore dead but nobody really knows why, I think they blamed wind turbines at one point. Dogs are now getting really sick and there’s warnings for people to stay away from the beach but nobody knows why it’s happening.

  2. A woman known as a pretty awful person disappeared. "Everyone" knows it was probably her husband, but the family own's over 10,000 acres and no body has been found. The rest of her family is ramping up an awareness campaign so should be interesting to see where this all goes.

  3. The last thing that was super polarizing in my town was a painting on the front of a toy store called inland octopus. in our downtown. It was an octopus playing with a bunch of toys. Well our town is very very strict about our old school downtown. They ordered them to paint over it with brick orange paint. The store owner said hell no and it went to court for weeks. All the while the city was charging a huge fine every single day the painting stayed. A couple of the local millionaires kept paying the fine. They didn't care about the painting. They just liked the drama and like to stick it to the city. eventually the toy store lost and now its just a huge ugly brick orange wall in the middle of downtown. Us locals still talk about now and then. But at the time it was an uproar.

  4. While fleeing another hit and run, and possible DUI, some dude tried to go full speed directly thru the middle of our town square. The problem with that is we have a big historic fountain there. Traffic is usually supposed to swerve arround the fountain, he did not. This dude in a white suv ramps into our fountain, and smashes into the center pillar. Thankfully the fountain was off for the winter, so there was less damadge, but they still have no clue how, and how much money its gonna take to fix this mess. The car was removed, but the fountain is still wraped up in its tarp a month later. Theres security cam footage of the ramp and its all anyone could talk about for a few weeks.

  5. Car was spotted in a field burnt to a crisp on New Years Day. Found around noon since nobody was out and around. Farmer finally drove by and called the land owner to see if he knew about it, which he did not. Hearing that he approached the vehicle until he was about 20ft away and noticed a burnt body next to it. He then called 911. Nothing was known about who it was till a missing person was reported later that day, car and body were so burnt no identifying could be done immediately. Two cameras caught the whole thing from local farm grain bins. Video showed the car in the field and then light moving as if it was stuck and trying to get out. Assumptions are the catalytic converter started the fire but no one knows for sure. All happened at around 2 am. Not much controversy but definitely the talk of the town. Funeral for the man was a week and a half ago.

  6. A guy wanted to bury his parents on their (parents’) slightly rural, totally out of the way, virtually-no-neighbors property, but the village said no way. We don’t do that here. We’re classy. So he went to the state for permission to build a funeral home/crematorium instead, and he built a giant mausoleum with both their caskets right on the corner of the property where everyone and their grandma can see it when they drive by! And he has zero plans to actually turn this into a functioning business. It’s about half done, no landscaping, and construction vehicles parked all over the place. Gotta hand it to him!

  7. Had a similar thing near me. A guy wanted to build a house in a kinda quiet residential area on a plot of land he bought, the neighbours all protested as they didn’t want construction work near their homes.

  8. I don't live in a small town but my small bit of the city were amused today. A woman posted in the local neighborhood Facebook group to say a woman had knocked on her door at 6.25am. The reason was she had tracked her missing husbands phone to the address. He had not come back the night before. The man was not there and the poster was a bit concerned. This led to much chat about burglaries and whether she should post the ring doorbell footage. A man then joined the thread to apologise. It was the missing man. He had got drunk at the football and ended up falling asleep in the house next door to the woman who posted on Facebook. Much hilarity.

  9. I love this one. It’s just enough for people to collectively be peeved at the couple for the broken promise, but not a big enough deal for it to really warrant any action. It’s the perfect situation of ‘everyone knows about it’ and also everyone probably shrugs it off within a few minutes of knowing

  10. A lady who has lived in the neighborhood forever has started losing her mind and is stealing lawn ornaments, pots, plants, etc from everyone else's yard. The police refuse to arrest her because the situation is sad. So every few months the police host a 'get back your shit' event and we just collect our things from her yard. It is surreal but I wish her the best.

  11. That’s sad. About 20 years ago a guy on my block started putting rocks in peoples yards- like 10 or 15 lb rocks that were from his fathers backyard where he lived. I still have two in my garden. When neighbors figured out who was doing it I went and talked to the father- I didn’t know if he wanted the rocks back or if he needed help getting rid of rocks (I didn’t know why the son was doing it). The poor dad who was about 80 then just looked so sad and told me his son “ain’t right up there” and pointed to his head. It was sad- the good news is the son still lives there and is in his 70’s now and seems fine- I talked to him around Christmas. Maybe he’s on meds now or something.

  12. Town of about 1800. The girl's volleyball coach got a Dwi. The school's principal went to pick her up from jail, and was arrested for dwi himself. Somehow it got out that these two (both married) were having an affair.

  13. Some lady that owned a large flea market took 100k+ of covid " don't fire your employees" money, fired everyone and is now leaving the country all while thinking the town was lucky to have her.

  14. Just trying to imagine crazy catnapper lady trying to drive at high speed with 50 cats in the car with her. In my imagination none of them are caged.

  15. My country is the size of a small town. One problem at the moment is that we have these things called roundels they are kinda like roundabouts but no one has right of way and there’s no lanes you just drive where ever you want and people are getting super angry about it even though nothings bad happened since they opened them.

  16. People here in my town of 396 still upset that the local Christmas tree was taken down and thrown away with all the lights still on it.

  17. The woman who just got elected mayor owns most of the property downtown, and all the open seats on city council went to her employees. Can’t wait to see the corruption in action.

  18. Small town with 3000 inhabitants. Everyone knows each other, everyone knows where everyone works, who is related to whom, and so on. Still, my cousin doesn't know who is the father of her child.

  19. Swans in the local rivers/lakes have been dying from avian flu and we’ve all been warned to keep our dogs away from sick or dead swans in case infection spreads to humans

  20. About 2 years ago the mayor of the town I live in got caught with drunk driving his lawnmower down main street at around 2 AM about 6 weeks after being elected.

  21. The city I live in (around 10k residents or so) doesn't allow food trucks to operate outside of things like festivals. There has been a push to change that, and, coincidentally, majority of most vocal people against them are restaurant owners.

  22. That’s pretty expected I suppose. But I know some restaurants who have embraced it and gotten their own food trucks to compete and cater venues as an extension of their restaurant. Competition is good for the consumer though.

  23. Two years ago there were horrible fires in the valley I live in. Three people burned to death, tons of houses, and businesses lost. We are still recovering. The city decided this statue

  24. They just built a new Verizon in town, but someone started a rumor that it was also going to be a Panera Bread. Someone went as far as to mark it on Google Maps as a Panera, even though the building is clearly a single store with Verizon signage.

  25. We currently have a similar situation. Town of 3,700. Old grocery store was leveled and a gas station is being built. Someone started a rumor it was a Sonic. An announcement was made clarifying the new establishment is not Sonic, it’s just a gas station/mini mart. The town Facebook group is livid. People are now attacking the town government for the loss of Sonic, even though it was never going to be a Sonic. It must be the tater tots.

  26. They’re still trying to figure out who is Black. The village has 249 people. On the census everyone reported white except one person who reported biracial or something and now the demographics show that the town is .7% Black.

  27. LoL The Mayor has a personal feud with this one guy that has an emotional support pig while living in the village. Housing farm animals are illegal within the village.

  28. Something similar is going on near me. An autistic kid has had a pet pig for the last 10 years, everyone in the neighborhood is cool with it, love the kid and the pig, but suddenly someone new moves on the street. New people want the pig gone. The whole street wants these new people to shut up or leave, and the pro-pig people will succeed one way or another.

  29. This is upstate NY with a population of 2200. Even more silly is this guy lives on the last parcel in the village. Next door is a hay field.

  30. This was a while ago and not limited to a small town but rather a section of highway. The highway patrol would always get a call to 9-1-1 for sheep grazing on the side of the road, by the time the cops showed up the sheep naturally started grazing someplace else and would no longer be there. This went on for months to the point where people thought it was a prank because there would be constant calls to 9-1-1 about sheep but when people got there there would be no sheep. There were stakeouts, a push for resources to locate the sheep, all sorts of phone calls all over the state to deal with the sheep. No car accidents happened to my knowledge because of the sheep but they kept showing up. One day one of the patrolmen started going around to the area and knocking on doors to see who even had sheep in the area, he never located them but since then the sheep have no longer been sighted.

  31. Just wait, in 5 years the scandal will be the treasurer lady has been skimming 10k off the books every year.

  32. My parents live in a tiny Greek village that has a grand total of three families (including my parents) and currently they're trying to rectify the fact that our dog killed our neighbor's chicken.

  33. The school security guard who groomed a 14 year old in to running away with him, and then held her captive for 10 years at his parents house, while still being my 4th grade school security guard, is being released from prison next month after serving a 15 year sentence.

  34. Delilah from the love song request radio show that's been on for like 30 years lives here and has been trying to convince all the downtown business owners to paint their store fronts pastel. It's a real kerfuffle.

  35. Our mayor posted a bunch of revenge porn photos of his ex on Reddit. His office and home were raided in August, charges were announced in November, he finally stepped down from office last week after his plea bargain was denied by the judge, and his trial is set for April. shortly, after his arrest, his current fiance called a DC radio morning show to defend him on air. I’m sure you can imagine all of the drama.

  36. A woman on the city council constantly spouts about cleaning up the admittedly horrible drug problem in town and goes on sanctimonious rants on social media about it.

  37. I was back in my old small home town over Christmas. The local newspaper carried the headline “Woman abused in local park”

  38. So our controversy has been resolved…But the town I grew up in had a Beefalo (cow Buffalo cross breed) escape from a slaughter house. It spent months running wild in the wooded areas around town living off whatever it could find to eat. I had friends who were out for drives sending me pictures of their beefalo encounters like it was Sasquatch. This went on for months.

  39. I USED TO WORK IN BRISTOL. This was the talk of the town for like a solid year. Now I live in Florida, where Buddy currently resides as well. Hoping I can go visit him one day.

  40. A woman found a dog and tried to find the owner for a day or two. She then took it to a rescue. Owner of dog post looking for dog and she let him know the rescue. Owner calls rescue who now will not return dog due to owner negligence. Woman who found dog is now getting shit on.

  41. That’s unfortunate for everyone, including the dog. Was it really negligence? Sometimes no matter how hard you try, your wiley ass dog finds a way to go on an adventure.

  42. County scale: the council voted to redistrict based on maps that they made themselves. It was vetoed in favor of one made by an outside firm. They overrode it. Gerrymandering to hell and back

  43. Town I use to live in did this, but with goats. They all escaped and they had to run around town herding them up lol

  44. Local pizza place fired all its staff mysteriously last summer and closed for a few weeks. Naturally, rumors fly right away. Turns out the Mormon owner (who liked to parade his family as the paragon of small town virtue) was having affairs with multiple staff members. The wife kicked him out, fired anyone who knew, and then rehired and trained a bunch of new staff.

  45. The eccentric millionaire that owned every building in down town and used them to house his extensive rock collection died like 15 years ago and they still haven't figured out what to do with all the rocks.

  46. The larger town next door wants to close our small post office but that may cause our general store to close. The general store is the only store in town of 860 people. We have not one traffic signal. Only 1/2 mile of paved road. We have the last still operating one-room schoolhouse in the state (Vermont).

  47. Having began my career as a cartographer, I continue to have a mild obsession with place names and the convoluted processes through places come to be and cease to be.

  48. My small home town is currently upset because the Amish don’t pick up their horse crap as they drive down Main Street in their horse & buggy.

  49. We have a Starbucks trying to open in my hometown, but half the city doesn’t want it to happen saying it’ll kill the small businesses around it. Literally being built like two doors down from a local coffee shop. The towns up in arms about it.

  50. My family thought that the term “Karen” being used on Facebook specifically meant the woman named Karen that works at the gas station near me. I had mentioned her once at home and my mom was like “Oh everyone hates her on Facebook right now! They all think she’s a snitch!”

  51. Surprisingly enough, there isn’t one at the moment. In our 3k pop town everyone has come together recently because one of our local homeless veterans lost his pet cat. The entire town has banded together to try and find her and even hated enemies are planning out search parties together.

  52. My city is allegedly the most illuminated and secure of the province -more than 14,000 street lights-, but apparently there is only one security camera system and it rotates all around the city. Besides, they're making tunnels along the train stations and when it rains it gets totally flooded

  53. what? They have like, 1 camera and move it each time to cover somewhere else? Am I getting this right?

  54. In our small English village, someone has managed to knock over one of the speed limit signs at one end of the road. It's a mystery, everyone is trying to guess who did it/what happened. Was it intentional? Except it's not a mystery in our house. It was my sister and she hit it when she swerved out of the way of an oncoming car (narrow country road). We'll keep acting like we are as clueless as everyone else though.

  55. Local mcdonalds wants to build a drive thru, some people are dead against it, but others think its long overdue as the mcdonalds is always crowded. The people against believe it'd ruin the character of the area. I'm not sure where I stand.

  56. 3 kids stole shit from the local shop, werent even wearing covid masks so we have perfect pictures of them

  57. One guy wanted to open a gas station but the property wasn’t zoned for it. The town wouldn’t change it for him, so he put toilets on all of his properties and used them as flower planters. The town has tried many different strategies to get rid of them, to the point where the made a law and then tried to enforce it. They got their asses sued off and the toilets still stand. To be fair, he keeps them in great condition and replaces any broken ones after storms.

  58. Not a small town, but my sister's city has the opposite problem. Guy wanted to open a taco shop but the property was zoned for a gas station. So dude opens a "gas station that also sells tacos" but charges at least double to going rate of gas so he never has to buy or sell gas. Apparently the tacos are pretty good.

  59. The HOA wants to increase rates by $2/month, but can't articulate what it is they do, and all the stuff we thought they did is actually done by the city. So people care on principle and are attending meetings for their $24 bucks a year.

  60. I don’t know why but the idea of people who don’t want to be a Nutcracker town being forced to live amongst scary giant cardboard nutcrackers seems really hilarious.

  61. I am sure the pool board for my hometown/neighborhood has something dramatic happening. Not generalize but it's a bunch of housewives in a nicer neighborhood that are in charge... so it gets pretty petty and low key mean to each other and others

  62. Someone changed the local Facebook page from "SmallTown Community Page" to "SmallTown Antivaxxer Group". The ensuing debates and confusion as to how the page moderators had their accounts hacked and who was behind it. I shit you not, the current chief suspect is the moderator of the rival SmallTown community faceboom group. Lockdown has given some people too much time on their hands.

  63. There's a llama on loose in this town. The police can't catch it. The humane society can't locate it. And no one is claiming ownership of it. It's been sighted in several locations on the outskirts of town where there are multiple small farms. Sometimes it wanders into town and peruses through people's yards. People have complained to the police who claim they can't corral it as it's the Wyle E Coyote of llamas. It just doesn't want to be caught.

  64. Being an adult is fucking wild. Who would have guessed trash pickup would ever occupy space in your mind one day?

  65. My dad's step kids are being sexually assaulted by their biological father. The father is bffs with the corrupt sheriff of the town so the police won't do anything about it. Now my dad is running for sheriff so that he can get the father arrested.

  66. Why does it seem these cases are never reported to the state police. Assault on a minor is a felony. I imagine the state police would/should be interested.

  67. They wanted to spend like $110 million on a new rec center with Olympic pool to host more events because we have a good high school swim team... They somehow got approval from the township and broke ground and a month in the new estimate was something even more absurd, so they stopped construction after they had already demolished the old rec center. So now they're just rebuilding the old rec center. Definitely looks like it's gonna be a nice place, but this whole thing has been a shitshow.

  68. I work in telecom and the crazy thing is that they are giving so much grant money to help companies do this. The company I used to work for is going to be able to install a whole neighborhood for free with grant funding, customers will just have to pay for services.

  69. They are widening the sidewalks on main street through town. The plans have been available and has been going through red tape for years. Part of the plan is parallel parking on a small section.It got the ok and a bunch of people including my aunt went down to complain. It would appear that those people including my aunt have no idea what the plans look like nor did they provide them at the townhall meeting they just don't want parallel parking. I looked at what the end result would be and it's an absolute necessity. Tldr people hate change.

  70. I live two doors down from a pedophile who has been lying about his age on Snapchat to get nudes from middle schoolers, the guy is 22. People just recently started figuring it out after someone's older sister who was the same age as him posted it all over Snapchat leaking his fake account. It's really messed up, everyone who knows him is praying he gets a conviction for it.

  71. yall have like decent answers and in my small ass uk village it is legit just this person being villager of the year for the 7th year in a row

  72. A local guy shot & killed his neighbor.. then shot the neighbor's brother, but he survived. The shooter was in jail for a little over a month and got released. The story is that the neighbors were cooking meth & went to the shooter's house while he was babysitting his grandson, and after refusing to leave.. he shot them. So it's a debate on if the shooter was acting in self defense or not since the dealers never went into the home & argued outside.

  73. Someone let off some fireworks at 11pm last night. The entire village is expressing displeasure on the Facebook page. Also someone parked in front of someone else's driveway

  74. We have a meat chucker in our village. Last known occurrence was Thursday. Item in question was a rotisserie chicken still in the clamshell hurled at a house the next block over.

  75. The location of a veterans memorial. There is a lot of construction and the city wants to move the veterans memorial (just a plaque) about 150ft to a new spot where it will have a little park and sitting area. Half of the Vets and some conservative city council members are PISSED and making all sorts of noise. City is confused because it’s actually a better memorial, only 150ft away from the original.

  76. In my town they want to fix the downtown roads bc they dont exactly line up at the intersection. The city is planning to reallign the roads but a statue and gazeebo will need to be moved over to where the current road is. Madness ensues. Hahaha

  77. Well we are still talking about the police raid made this summer that found 90kg (yes 90 godamn kilos) of unspecified drugs (it was amfetamin).

  78. Greg bought a old building from the city that he wanted to turn into apartments. Greg was friends with Allen who is on the city council. Allen knew Greg wanted to turn the building into apartments. Greg buys the building and is then told by Allen that the building is only zoned for commercial and that is not changing. The city will also not buy back the building. Greg turns building into a adult shop. They sell sex toys, bongs, etc. Outside the shop are banners that say “get fucked Allen”, and a whole bunch of middle fingers spray painted on the building.

  79. That there were too many leaves on a random footpath and an elderly person might fall on them. Apparently the council should do something at once as its unacceptable.

  80. Someone keeps leaving their bags of dog shit along the sides of the road. Like, they pick it up, but then they just leave it…sometimes they fling it into the trees. Always the same bright green bags that I’ve never seen anyone carrying (everyone eyes everyone else now). I ordered a huge box right before this began that happened to be green, but fortunately they are an olive green color not the light green of the perp, otherwise I’d have needed to donate them and buy more.

  81. In my wife's home town of about 2k people, the road side produce stand guy is in a feud with a new SECOND produce stand that just opened. The original produce guy trained the new guy for a while apparently then fired him, now the fired guy opened his own spite produce stand. They got in a fist fight and now the whole town has taken produce stand sides. The mayor and the only police officer in town are also involved and their wives are fighting. It is truly the dumbest version of Hatfield's and McCoys, but no less redneck.

  82. Oh man, I've been dying to talk about it. Not the town where I currently live, but a town in my home country. For the last 5 weeks or so, residents of the area have been hearing a strange noise coming from underground. It's quite eerie. It sounds like a heartbeat. It is mostly heard at night, since during the day it is drowned out by the everyday sounds of the city. The authorities have been notified and so far both the water network and geological phenomena have been ruled out. Residents are afraid and insist that it may have something to do with natural gas pipes or the water network. Here are some links. The webpages are all in greek but you can translate them. The sound can be heard very easily on the second and fourth video of the first link, as well as third video of the second link. In the videos, the guy commenting is saying that he can also feel the ground vibrating beneath his feet with every thud.

  83. Awhile back, some creeper followed a five year old home from school and threatened to murder his family. Last week it happened again to a different kid. The gap in between is long enough that the second kid most certainly wouldn’t have remembered the first time of he’d heard about it at all to begin with.

  84. Extremely small town. Last mayor had multiple DUIs & started an affair with a city clerk whose husband committed suicide shortly after and it’s never spoken of.

  85. This is a few months old now, and happened right as we moved to town. A local reverend was running for mayor (no one really likes the current mayor) and the reverend died of illness ~3 weeks before the election. There was protesting and people going around town, on the Facebook pages, etc saying to write in the now dead reverend.

  86. I live on a dead end street in the woods. There are only 7 houses on our street, so everybody knows everybody. And for the most part, everybody likes everybody… with the exception of Frank. Frank fucking sucks. Frank has 3 or 4 shitty vehicles parked on the narrow street in front of his house, despite having ample room to park the vehicles in his driveway. He blows all of his leaves into the street and leaves them there. He is loud, obnoxious, and rude. He burns shit in a barrel in his backyard, despite a borough ordinance against it. And Frank gets away with everything, because Frank’s brother is one of only five cops. It sucks.

  87. In my town there was an empty building that is being built into a bar and nightclub. Across the street is a church and the church is pissed and trying to stir up everyone by protesting a bar so close to their church building.

  88. My town used to be a fishing village. The original charter states that the number of bars can't exceed churches.

  89. About a year ago my hometowns favorite eating establishment burnt down. Lotta people pooled money to get him a new spot. A failing car salesman converted his place to a restaurant and partnered with the beloved restaurant owner. Business was thriving, food was fantastic and it was THE place to get food. The failing car salesman was talking and then some to the local bicycle behind his wife's back and was giving her free drinks and the two would stay at the place way beyond closing time. One of her kids went on her phone and was scrolling and found nudes on her phone of car salesman. The kid sent it to his friends and the friends sent it to even more people. Now basically the entire town has seen this red headed man nude wearing cowboy boots. Beloved restaurant owner quit and business is no longer booming because he has no cook. Car salesman is getting a divorce and closing the restaurant and this happened only 4 days ago.

  90. What the fuck! 21 kids?! How is this woman still alive? I understand that our bodies are built to withstand pregnancy but I can’t imagine gestating for a grand total of 189 months (that’s FIFTEEN YEARS OF BEING PREGNANT) without it doing some kind of damage

  91. The last big thing was a drunk driver almost hitting a group of trick or treaters on Halloween. He slammed into a parked vehicle inches away from them and the dad that was out with the kids, who was dressed up as Batman, proceeded to haul the guy out of the vehicle, beat the shit out of him and sat on him until the cops arrived to arrest him.

  92. All the new infrastructure is centered on sports. No renovations for the library, no place where we could have decent stage for shows and theatre, no nature park, only skating rinks and baseball and tennis courts.

  93. My town in Alaska built a new library a few years back (it got finished and the place is awesome btw) and there were tons of people blasting the project saying it was a waste of money. The two biggest arguments against it were that we needed to spend the money on new bleachers for our local high school (despite the fact that the current ones are fine and literally never full) and that no one would use a “stupid library.” Now there’s a new proposal to expand the library parking lot since it’s pretty much packed all the time, lol

  94. There was a lawyer in the town I grew up in who was arrested for fraud. Dude was taking retainer fees and then never following up or reaching out to the clients. Would just take their money, say he would start the case and reach out when it was time to move forward, but then would ghost them.

  95. A man keeps violating the restraining order against him, and keeps showing up at the school of the pre teen boy he tried to molest.

  96. Should the town allow four bow hunters to take out some of the deer (I believe 20) in town, because they are over populated and causing traffic and other issues in town.

  97. There is a new roundabout. It's actually really great at relieving the traffic and the county did a great job at using the last four months making YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Tweets, using the city itself as well as the police and fire department to get the word about about how it works. It's not much different than a normal roundabout, except three of the connecting roads have two lanes, one to make an immediate right turn and another to go around to the other ride or to the third road.

  98. I'll never forget being in the van with my dad when he took on his first roundabout. Prolly doing something like 25 mph we kept circling in the middle of nowhere, no cars in sight, with my dad just yelling profanities the whole time. HOW THE HELL DO I GET OUT OF THIS THING!? I was just laughing so uncontrollably hard as all our fishing equipment fell off everything in the back and piled along the right side of the van. He was furious. We did 4 complete circles and I was crying in laughter.

  99. House prices are incredible high in our semi backwater city. I'm talking about a two bedroom apartment and having to pay a €450k mortgage. In our country you need to have two fulltime upper middle class jobs to be able to finance a mortgage like that.

  100. A few years ago on a trip to Scotland, my wife and I stayed in a small town in the Orkney Islands called St. Margaret's Hope. There were wanted posters all over town asking for information about someone who wasn't cleaning up after their dog.

  101. The town is divided over whether we should allow the local nuclear plant to dig a big hole and burry waste

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