What’s the creepiest thing a girl/ woman has said/done to you?

  1. A older id say 60 year old lady at a bar hit on me and asked me to buy her a drink. She was already drunkish. She had on a jean skirt. I bought her one for fun. She leaves with her drink. About half an hour goes by. She comes back asks for another. I told her im light on cash. She said this pussy isnt free. I laughed and told her i have a girlfriend. She just loomed at me and said find me later. She reached under her skirt stuck her hand into her crotch and without skipping a beat shoved her fingers in my mouth turned around and stumbled away. My lips were slimmy wet and i tasted copper. I about threw up. I left the bar immediatly after very upset

  2. Told me that she would use my beard to control my face while she sat on it if I was her boyfriend, in front of her boyfriend, one of my good friends.

  3. My wife and I were on our honeymoon, a loop drive from Seattle through Banff National Park and then Glacier National Park and back home. Just outside of Calgary, we saw a woman struggling along the road with a suitcase so we offered her a ride. As we're driving along she started talking to herself. I turned the AC off and the radio down so I could hear what she was saying. It was a bit terrifying, she kept muttering things like, "stab him in the eye", "stab him in the ear", and "cut his throat".

  4. I picked up a hitchhiker who started with..."have you ever touched an elephant? Their hair is coarser than you would think. I have touched a lot of elephants" since then I have and she was totally correct. It made for a strange conversation though.

  5. When I was a junior or senior in high school, there was a group of 3 or 4 8th-grade girls who had an Instagram page dedicated to taking photos of me without me noticing at school. Eventually I found out and got them to shut it down through the administration at school.

  6. I used to walk by this old woman’s house to pick up my little sister from school every day for years. One day, she steps out when I’m passing by and calls me over. I thought she needed help or something, but nope, she looks me up and down and says “Mmh…you’ve grown up REAL nice…real nice…you know, between you and that daddy of yours, I prefer you…mmhm.” Anyways, I stayed the hell away from her until I moved away.

  7. Had a fling ghost me. About a months after she ghosted me my phone started blowing up at about 3am. I cracked an eye open and looked my my phone a d saw it was her and not important so I went back to sleep. The phone kept blowing up so around 4 I gave up and started reading the messages. They were all along the lines of "hey can we talk?" And "we need to talk" so I'm kinda laughing at the absurdity or her ghosting me and then demanding time at 4am.. I got down to the last messages and it was "I'm outside, can we please talk?" So I responded "outside where?" And heard a ding in the hallway.. the bubbles popped up and she fired back "outside your room" I lived in a second floor apartment with a dead bolt and a chain on the door... I opened the door and she was there with coffee and a donut, wearing a prom style dress... I asked her what she needed to talk about and never got an answer.. asked her how she got in and she just shrugged.. so she's all dolled up standing there with coffee after blowing my phone up and probably breaking and entering and not answering questions.. I'm thinking something bad happened and she just needed someone.. so I asked if she was ok.. she was like "yeah I'm good, thanks" but then wouldn't answer anymore questions.. so I'm thinking this is how good little boys wind up getting stabbed.. but wasn't sure something bad hadn't happened to her.. so I was torn like I didn't want to kick her out just in case she came to me because she had no where else to go, but I also didn't want to get stabbed to death.. so I knocked on my roommates door and told him that she was there, acting weird and that I was gonna bounce. Then told her she was free to stay, MI casa and all that, and I went to work about an hour early.. I get home and jump straight into the shower.. finish up and realized I didn't grab a towel.. so I run to my room and open the closet, no towels... then I look around and realize it wasn't towels... I owned nothing that was made out of fabric... no sheets no blankets no towels no clothes... nothing... right when the panic set I'm my phone rings and it's her saying "ready to talk yet?" I was like "ummm.... yes'm..." She showed up about 20 minutes later with 5 pairs of paints, 5 pairs of socks, 5 t-shirts, 5 boxers, 1 towel and a bed set.. all freshly laundered and folded. She handed them to me and sat down in a recliner and then DIDN'T TALK ABOUT ANYTHING... she just sat there silently and watched me... eventually she went home. 5 days later she texted me if I had a few minutes to talk. I said come on over and she brought me another weeks worth of clothes... a few weeks of that and I had all of my stuff back.. heres the rub.. she was a cool girl and one of the sweetest people I've ever met.. if she jusy needed a place to hang out she could have just came and hung out with us.. this was 15 years ago and to date I still have no idea what she wanted to talk about, or how she got in in the first place.

  8. Some of these stories are a lot more sexually creepier, but yours my friend, takes the cake for just downright weird.

  9. Your tolerance for insanity is way too high. I would've noped out of that situation at the "spamming me at 3am" mark

  10. Idk if I’m a hopeless romantic or just irredeemably lonely, but reading this made my heart well up with happiness. It’s cool that someone loves you that much. I hope to have that one day

  11. I graduated from high school a year early and then I went to a community college immediately after. I was still 17 when I just started at that community college. I also didn't look my age. I looked younger by about 2 years because people would constantly tell me that I looked about 15 lol. I ended up taking a math class that one of my high school math teachers happened to be teaching. She was around her mid-thirties and was always friendly with me, even during high school but as the semester went on she was becoming a little too friendly.

  12. She had a voodoo doll for me. I took it and hid it one day because it creeped me out. When she came home, she screamed at me, "Where is my ntmrkd1 doll!?"

  13. As general policy I avoided bringing ONS and flings home until we had “the talk”, so I either got laid in a nice hotel room or at the girl’s place.

  14. I was literally about to say "good thing you stuck to your policy and didn't bring her home and show her where you live," but then I said "oh....".

  15. Not sure that this is "creepy" but.. a girl falsely accused me of sexually assaulting her friend in front of at least 100 people at a house party. Still shocked I wasn't immediately jumped

  16. Was hanging out at a bar, playing pool with a lady friend and guy friend. Older lady walks up, pulls me in, and whispers in my ear “you’re going home with me tonight. Let’s go”. I’m shocked as this has never happened before and I politely decline her. She repeats herself and I say “I have a girlfriend. I’m flattered but no thank you”. She looks at my lady friend (who wasn’t my gf) and says “you can do a lot better than that ugly thing”. The lady storms out of the bar, really pissed off. So yeah, the predatory part was creepy but that lady was just plain mean lol

  17. Well for starters I got almost got blackmailed for sending nudes to a girl. Didn't work out for her. Or me either. Cuz I just about shit my pants when she started coaxing me into giving her $$, so I told my parents... so long story short my dad now knows what my dick looks like.

  18. Brother, your dad changed your diapers and likely helped bathe you when you were a baby and young child, he knows what your dick looks like

  19. Back when I was a teenager, my mom said a friend’s daughter wanted to meet me. So, I said ok. This is back in the late 80s, so house phones, land lines. She called, we talked for a bit. She asked me what color my eyes were. I told her. She corrected me.

  20. My first time the girl was on top riding me. We were doing it raw. She started saying "Let's make babies" I freaked out and tried to get her off of me but she had me clamped pretty good. After a few seconds I rolled her off and pulled out. We finished having fun but no penetration. I would never get with her again even though she wanted to. To this day 50 years later I still get the creeps. Bitch sure wrecked my first time.

  21. One of my ex-girlfriends stalked me for several months (mainly through social media) after I broke up with her. Somehow she deduced the password to my Facebook account. I had no idea until she told me that she'd done it quite a while after the fact, which seriously rattled me. For a little while I was convinced she was either going to try to harm me or herself. Scary situation to be in for sure.

  22. I worked at an Aeropostale in college. Older woman asked me to try on some clothes cause I was the same size as her grand son and apparently looked similar to him. She wanted to see how they looked and fit.

  23. My sister was engaged to a guy in college and dumped him when she had to actually plan the wedding. Less than a year later he was married to a lady with the same name and looks very similar to my sister.

  24. At a bar one time I had an older lady, who was married, drunkenly tell me she wanted to take me home and leave me in the closet so I could be her toy… in a weird but probably serious way. She worked with one of my roommates moms.

  25. A friend of a friend of a friend. I was the DD, she begged a ride. Sure, no prob. Somehow, giving her a ride home equaled 'serious relationship'. She got the # of the pager I was assigned for work. ( This was as pre 2K ). Chick blew it up. I never called back, never spoke to her after giving her a lift.

  26. A woman who was my boss fucked me while I slept one time. I woke up half way through and shoved her off. She tried to tell me it wasn't rape, because my dick was hard.

  27. This girl became my stalker. The creepiest thing she said was when we were in the presence of a couple friends: “ I think you should put your tv where your dresser is.” She had never been to my place. Yet, she was able to describe my bedroom accurately. The police got involved shortly after this, when a window was broken and my garage door was spray painted. I set up cameras and caught her red handed. Plenty more stories I could tell. (Showing up at my job, my buddy’s place, calling at all hours, etc)

  28. I was literally sexually assaulted in a line at a 711, the lady infront of me was like "what you getting? Can you give me a dollar?" And I was like "I'm buying rubbers and I don't have any money to give you" (I was a broke ass college kid) and she was like "you gotta big dick?" I just didn't say anything because that's a pretty lewd question to be asking/answering in the middle of a busy 711, and then she just looked me in the eyes and ran her hand from my mid thigh up to my crotch (I was wearing jeans so she was putting pressure to feel through them) and then was like "nahh you don't" and started laughing with her friend.. It didn't really scar me because I'm not insecure, I just thought the situation was fucked up.

  29. My girlfriend stalked me a bit long before I asked her out. I was too oblivious to see her around. If she hadn't bucked up and finally said hi to me, I wouldn't have noticed her.

  30. A girl once texted me from tinder she explained how she was super horny and wanted me to pee on her, she then went about how she was sexually assaulted and it was super traumatic and then automatically blocked me right away. It was a huge mind fuck. We went to HS together

  31. Crept into my room to give me a letter explaining she had herpes. Luckily, I used a condom and didn't contract it. )

  32. My first day of freshman biology, the girl sitting behind me gets very close to me and deeply inhales, smelling my hair. She makes a kind of orgasm noise as I turn around and she’s looking me directly in the eyes for like 5 seconds before I turned back around. Ngl I was kinda turned on.

  33. I had a stalker in middle school. While my mom was on vacation I had to stay with my God mother's. Unlucky for me that put me on my stalkers bus. She sat next to me and just started nibbling my ear til I got off the bus. I didn't know what to do so I just tried not to freakout.

  34. I was meeting up with a friend at a bar one night, and while waiting to order a drink, his very drunk ex came up and started nibbling my ear, before either of us had been introduced. I didn’t know what to do, and the bartender had to tell her to leave me alone. As a guy, I gained so much perspective that night.

  35. I dated this girl from Argentina for about a year and a half. She was a train wreck who always had to be fighting with someone. It's like she needed the drama. We broke up and got back together a few times. Then one day I said enough is enough and dumped her, and made it clear there wouldn't be a getting back together.

  36. Does drugging me at a bar count? Woke up in a fairly disgusting apartment snuggling a 4/10 some hours later. Remember ladies and gentlemen, if someone offers to buy you a drink GO WITH THEM AND GET IT DIRECTLY FROM THE BARTENDER. I don't care if you're a hotshot SpecOps guy or a dainty lass. It can happen to anyone. In fact. Let me extend this to Don't go to the bar alone. Drinking buddies can save your life.

  37. When I was 16 I was working at a local kitchen/cabinet company and I saved up for a really nice Roots jacket (Canada). I was at a Burger King and a much older lady came up to me and started to rave about how nice my jacket was and how I must make a lot of money, feeling it up and opening the front without asking me, she than said that she wanted to take me home to talk about my work and we could share a bottle of wine. When I said I had to get to work she said, 'They'll understand when you show up tomorrow a man'.

  38. in middle school i had a crush on this girl who used to self harm, in 7th grade she grabbed my arm and rubbed her wrist against mine and i noticed that the wrist she used had cut marks on it, in 8th grade during lunch break she accidentally cut one of her fingers open with a pencil and for some reason she saw it fit to rub her bleeding finger on my face and tell me "my blood is yours now", i was uncomfortable, it was at that point that i started to lose my crush for her and with time i started to resent her

  39. Asking me really invasive questions about my love and sex life, which I tried to dodge by playing dumb, and finally ending by very graphically propositioning me (we were both in college. I was very naive and trying to get her to buzz off by playing dumb, but needless to say, it didn't work).

  40. I’m so sorry that happened to you. That’s fucked up. I hope justice was served and that you were able to recover/ move on from the traumatic experience

  41. Not me but years ago I was witness to a girl posting on a friend's Facebook wall that if he didn't come off leaving her shed tell the cops he raped her.

  42. When I was in high school, like 15/16, an older girl stalked me for weeks and then somehow we became friends. I wasn't aware of the stalking until she told me later. She had a huge crush and I tried to like her but I just wasn't into her. I'm bi but I just couldn't make myself like her.

  43. My friend and I went to a beer festival, and decided to wear our kilts properly and go commando. Right away going in we had several ladies (and a couple guys) ask what we had hidden down there.

  44. I was 19 and working retail and Man Eater by Hall and Oates came on. A girl who looked to be about 12 or 13 turned to me and said, “I’m a man eater.”

  45. My first job, maybe my first day, I can't remember. I seat people at a restaurant (I was an 18 year old guy). And I seat these two ladies, one of them is like 50+, looks likes she aged poorly. She grabs my ass, and calls me hot stuff. Then asks when I get off work, and grabs my ass again.

  46. Told me that she would be gay for me. Said that she told her racist family about "us". Showed me her breasts multiple times even though I asked her not to. We were coworkers.

  47. In 2015 had a female coworker that was so obsessed with my style. I went on Snapchat to look through my stories, and noticed one was of what I thought was my room but different figurines(collected anime figurines at the time). Upon close inspection it was not my room, but my coworkers. The furniture, the height placement of figurines by the 42 inch tv I had on top of my shelves with white and gray striped cloth drawers. WE HAD THE EXACT SAME DRAWERS.

  48. I'm gay and was at a "straight" bar with some friends. We were outside smoking and I mentioned in conversation that I had never slept with a woman. As I went back inside this 50+ year old woman (I was in my early 20s at the time) came over to me and whispered in my ear "I want to be your first" and then licked my ear. If I wasn't gay before...

  49. When I was like 8 years old, this girl behind me at the pool waiting for the diving board touched/caressed my butt twice. I felt really gross and weird after that, but I never really told anyone since I didn’t think anyone would care

  50. "since I didn't think anyone would care." That makes me sad. I have a child that age. Boy or girl, I want them to know that I, and other adults around her, care.

  51. Not quite as wild as some of these but a woman that I had never ever met who was probably 50 literally came up to me (24 at the time), grabbed me, and LICKED(!!!) MY CLEAVAGE. I was too baffled to say anything and so was everyone around me. Her only words were “haha oops I’m just really friendly” and went about her night. I literally cannot fathom just like.. sexually assaulting someone to look cute in front of men. Very odd. Haven’t forgotten it 🤨

  52. I asked out my crush in 8th and she rejected.then two years later, everybody made fun of me by spreding a rumor that i was in love with another girl. Then out of nowhere she went "are you cheating on me?". It was a very weird time

  53. Was 19 and I went on a blind date (set up by my new coworker) and was nervous about it so I planned on meeting at a Starbucks in the mall. The conversation was cool and she asked if we could walk around while she shopped. 2 hours later I was starving so I recommended we go to the food court. We got greasy Panda Express and she told me that she needed to confess something to me because “we had grown so close”. She then proceeded to unclick her gums where her 3/4th set of dentures was clamped inside of her mouth. About 75-80% of her teeth were fake but the worst part was that the remaining teeth were almost exclusively rotten molars. She had rotten, dark teeth and confessed that she does not regularly clean her denture.

  54. A friend of mine comes over to me in the street with her 8 day old baby and passes her to me. (Idk why people do that, here hold this tiny defenceless human and defend it with your life giant man...) Anyway out of nowhere this older woman, probably 50s or so comes over and tried to take the kid from my arms saying "oh that one looks heavy". I turn away like "no I got her thanks" as I don't know this person and not just gonna hand over my friends daughter. Woman walks off muttering something and my friend is horrified because she had no freaking idea who this woman was! Random stranger literally trying to get a hold of this baby. What the actual fuck?

  55. I once had a date with a girl i met on tinder. At first it started not too bad. We took a walk and didnt talk for a few seconds and then out of the blue she said: „You could drag me deep in the forest, rape and kill me now. No one knows im here with you.“ BRUH

  56. In my (I think) 9th grade Biology class, my teacher, who was probably in her 60’s told me that my voice was sexy. I’m still a little creeped out and I can still hear her say it whenever it comes to mind. I’m 31 now.

  57. like 90% sure this girl gave me a bracelet back in high school that she had woven her hair into. trying to be nice, I wore it and after a bit I kept pulling out a bunch of long strains of hair from the thing. needless to say I stopped waring it.

  58. Ugh… so I hooked up with a girl that was a little taller than myself. While she was riding me she randomly laughed and said, “I actually broke a guy’s penis while riding him one time.”

  59. I was like 8 or 9 and i was getting a weird spot on my lower back checked out. The doctor was a female and she inspected me while my mom was watching. After she was done she slapped my butt and proceeded to tell my mother i had a great butt and that i would grow up nicely. I'm 20 now and i still think about it. My mom thought it was funny.

  60. my mother told me she regretted having me and then gaslighted me into thinking she didn’t say it (which genuinely made me question my own reasoning and thoughts) and then apologized for the thing she “didn’t say” a few days later 👍

  61. I dated this girl and she said that her love for me made it so she didn’t need to take her antidepressants anymore. One night I woke up to her stroking my eyebrows and singing “You are my sunshine” in a slow, quiet voice. I still get chills thinking about it.

  62. I met up with a girl on craigslist. Turned out she lived in my neighborhood. She came over and we had sex a few times, then we went to get drugs and I forget exactly how but she came back without the drugs or the money. Then on the drive home she threw her legs up on the dash and wanted me to finger her while I drove. I did and she passed out because she used my money to score a couple xanax and she snorted them. Then when I dropped her off at home she told me about a rape fantasy she wanted me to play out with her. She wanted me to sneak in her house while she was in the shower and force myself on her and "make it as real as I could"

  63. I used to mess with this girl when I was in high school, and she really really liked my eyes. Like everytime we talked she would bring up my eyes.

  64. Neighbor I knew when I was a teenager moved back in last year. (32F, I’m 33M) Beautiful woman, but she’s a severe alcoholic and recovering meth addict. She immediately began flirting with me and during the Summer months would watch me when I would open my bedroom window at night to let cool air in. She must have known I caught her watching because she invited me to “watch her at night” as a semi-joke. She recently found a boyfriend and moved in with him after knowing him for a week and a half, and her substance and physical abuse issues have started up again.

  65. Well, one ran up to me and tried to kidnap me. My dog saved my life there. But you don’t understand; he had never growled before, never fought, always slowly approaching and licking your hand before nuzzling into you, and submissive as anything. He submits to anything. This was a huge surprise when he did that. He truly understands what’s happening around him. He’s smarter than other dogs. I owe him my life. And yes, the lady was arrested. She was planning to use me as ransom because she had many drug charges, and had illegal possession of firearms, cocaine, and all sorts of meths while on them.

  66. When I was 15, a friend and I were at this chicks house(she was 19) smoking and doing whipits (first and last time I did those) She was suppling so when we were running low she said “I need something in return” and motioned to giving a blow job. My friend was gay so that obviously meant me.. I wasn’t attracted to her but I went with it. She sucked on my limp penis for five minutes before I was so uncomfortable I said no more. Yeah was pretty creepy in hindsight

  67. Had an older lady i worked with who constantly badgered me to show her my cock at work. She told me she would show me her big ol fake titties if i did, often in front of her boyfriend who encouraged it which made it even more creepy.

  68. Not my story but a friend of mine who at the time addicted to these drugs that always made him super lazy and sleepy well me him and our roommate lived in a pretty small apartment and I was gone he was doing the drugs so he was sleepy and our roommate was dumb and didn't turn off the camera and I get a notification on my phone that someone new was in the room so I check it and you see her licking him and then starts undressing him and sucks him off till he's hard and starts riding like there's no tomorrow and she got off before he Nutted and takes his cum and puts it in his mouth and started making out with his asleep body just fucking disgusting

  69. I'm one of the cooks at a brewery. Spend a lot of time at the bar when we're slow because it's freezing in our kitchen (the hoods were improperly installed and cold air blows on us constantly). It's not so bad if you're by the flat top and stove. But I'm usually on the other side doing prep and dish.

  70. Get a job in the medical field, this is where women, especially older women lose their filter and start cat calling and groping

  71. Lmao the experience i posted on here was while i was working as an EMT, can confirm we had some real rig pigs where i worked would regularly talk about wanting to blow me in front of her boyfriend and our other coworkers and always ask me to show her my dick.

  72. I got my man boobs grabbed in highschool by a girl and when I went for hers she got offended and wanted to tell the teacher. Biology class.. a couple years after school I saw her with my friends shopping at a jewel osco and I told them about it. Men get assaulted in highschool just as much. Especially the shy ones.

  73. Not me, but I was there. Me and my brother a friend were walking through a small grocery story on the Oregon Coast. I was 14, they were 16. A lady that looked like a 45 year old lesbian walks up to my friend, looks him right in the eye and says “You could be mine” then walks off.

  74. A girl randomly started kissing me at a club without my permission, when I told her she just sexually assaulted me she went wide eyed and apologized. Ask first people.

  75. Once pulled up at a gas station pump with my girlfriend in the car. As I was filling this older woman (50s) looking kinda rough slowly approached me.

  76. I worked one 3 hour shift with a girl at a coffee shop (she was fired quickly for being incompetent). About 4 years later, she requested my friendship on Facebook. And then she messaged me, saying, "your eyes used to be more brown. Now they're kinda hazel." She was correct. But weird considering I barely remembered her.

  77. Don't know if this counts as creepy in comparison to other stories I have seen on this thread. But only thing I can think of that is 'creepy' was when I was younger I was going for a walk and a car full of women slowed down and one from the window called out they wanted to suck my dick ( I was about 16 at the time )

  78. I was once told to spread my girlfriends "jizim juice all over my face" because I had bad acne when I was a teenager. Random customer at the grocery store I used to work at

  79. Now Ex many times would force herself on me or because she was larger and stronger force me to finish without protection and then when I finally broke up with her she went around calling all my friends and family saying I raped her. Glad I left that crazy train

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