What made you realize that your colleagues are not your friends?

  1. Never thought they were to begin with, but they made me say “fuck you.” When I was being harassed which became sexual harassment by a man old enough to be my father and when I told him to stop I was told I couldn’t take a joke. The worst part was, these women couldn’t grasp it through their small ass brains that when I said “Stop.” “That isn’t appropriate to call someone you don’t know.” “If you don’t know my name, ask.” and “You’re making me uncomfortable.” all mean I don’t like it and it is unwanted attention. I was 19 at the time.

  2. Had a work colleague offer to bartend at my wedding since he had experience. He was going to do it for cheaper than anyone else so I took up the offer. Come day of and he does not show, I called at least a dozen times and texted countless messages. Thankfully a real friend that I had invited offered to do it, this guy is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet and was walking around keeping people happy and freshening drinks. He even refused the money I offered that was meant to go to the work guy, thankfully I got his wife to take it to buy him something.

  3. At one of my first jobs I became friends with a girl, we could discuss working moments and just different stories, even began to trust each other with secrets (as I thought). But at one point I shared that I wanted to offer my boss an interesting idea for the development of the project, she said that it was a very dubious idea and generally not worth attention. And a week later I found out that our department began to develop exactly by introducing my idea, but it was proposed to our chief by my colleague. She was even promoted. But honestly, I do not think that because of one situation you can judge all the people. Now I work in a completely different team, in a company of a higher level, and my colleagues are the most sincere and sunny people.

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