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  1. My ex girlfriend was telling me about how she was sending fanart porn to a group of literal 13 year old kids she met at an anime convention (we were 21 and in college) and showed me their replies because she thought it was funny so I broke up with her a few days later (I had a lot of reasons to and was about to break up with her anyways but that’s a whole other story) and I told our friend group and pretty much everyone was glad to finally have a reason to stop talking to her because everyone hated her but were all too afraid to say anything because they didn’t want to cause drama.

  2. He got fired because he was a clinically manic perfectionist who would routinely destroy things in his office, go into fits of hysteric laughter while threatening to fire employees, and harass staff into tasks well outside the realm of their jobs.

  3. went to school with someone who had quite a bit of tiktok clout, even got verified. ended up losing a bit of that clout with pedo accusations after kissing and having feelings for i think a 13 year old? not sure if that counts because everyone seemed to forgive her dispite it becoming quite a big thing on tiktok

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