What YouTubers did you grow up watching?

  1. Good Mythical Morning and I still watch it because at heart I will always be 13 and find two best friends doing stupid stuff in game format funny.

  2. Vėjavaikis, minecraftgamingprods and darius žaidžia. Im pretty sure all of them have changed their channel names since

  3. YouTubers didn't exist in early 2000's because YouTube wasn't a thing back then and I spent my childhood watching not just movies but, cartoons as well in early to late 2000's

  4. The big ones from the early 2010s in middle school were penguinz0, smosh, Filthy Frank and Co, and that whole animator group that consisted of OneyNG, Psychicpebbles, stamperTV etc

  5. Although YouTube was first released when I was nine, my family didn't have a computer until I was about fifteen, and it was only for writing Word documents. I didn't grow up with YouTube.

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