What do you hate most about today’s society/culture?

  1. Lady in my office dramatically gasps anytime I say I don’t know something or am unaware, then she’ll reply with REALLY?

  2. The elderly at my assisted living job.. LOVE to do this. I got yelled at because we ran out of soup and he acted like it was the end of the world 🙄

  3. Also if you side on one side of one issue everyone assumes they know how you side on everything else.

  4. I often find myself seeing things from multiple pov's but people don't accept that anymore, if 2 people are fighting and I step in and say actually you're both equally right just about different things, then I get told that's not how it works you have to pick a side, like no.. no you absolutely do not have to pick a side

  5. came here to post this opinion. very glad to see its on the top of the thread. I thought i was one of a dying breed of people who haven't dug their heels into the ground on every issue and doesn't see the world in black and white, red or blue etc.

  6. I hate that many children are negatively influenced rather than positively inspired. I hate that many elderly are dying alone, uncared for. I hate that depression and anxiety erode the insides of all generations. I hate that discrimination and the ill treatment of one another is recorded and posted is part of the norm. I hate that greed and corruption runs rampant in our governments.

  7. Inflation keeps doing its thang too. So We’re gonna have to end greed and corruption and even selfishness as well. Because at the end of the day bad shit like that is what hurts us all.

  8. Willful ignorance and entitlement. And I don't mean the active rejection of another person's ideas or stances. I mean the active rejection of any learning that would contradict a person's established worldview, and the active effort to spread falsehoods in order to validate and empower that choice.

  9. The information age is weird. For the wild, vast, sweeping, majority of human history we were limited by the access to knowledge. Now there is no practical knowledge that is out of reach with sufficient dedication.

  10. Everything is so shallow. Everything has to be FUN. Everything is so fast, instant gratification in everything.

  11. Celebrity worship. There are some that I enjoy more than others, but I try my hardest to remember they're all wealthy and out of touch with my life, and that I should take their opinions with a giant grain of salt.

  12. When a celebrity is accused of something and their fans take to SM to defend them and shame their accuser as if they know anything of the people or the situation itself.

  13. Add fandoms into that group. Loving someone or something so much that you would send death threats over it is incredibly messed up.

  14. Hustle culture and the grind. Work is work. Life is life. Not everyone wants to live at their job. Hey boss, if you want to work your life away, cool, but I wanna go home at 5 cuz I have a life outside of work.

  15. Yes...especially if I derive no financial benefit from sacrificing even more of my time. It makes no sense to give a Herculean effort for mediocre results.

  16. I absolutely hate this. Quite a few times it happened to me that my entire day consisted of eating, sleeping, working, repeat. I was spending more time awake at work than at home. It was awful, days started to blur, and at some point I became just.. tired of everything and just sat at my place at work and did nothing, not even conversation with my colleagues.

  17. It's now become a standard just to house yourself. I HAVE to work 2 jobs right now, not because I want to 'be on that grind'. Barely making it was never a life dream, and we are simultaneously sold the american dream while also being chastised for realizing it.

  18. Ah yes, the sigma grindcore mindset, absolutely ridiculous. To each their own, but don't think for just one second that boasting how hard you're working will make you cool. You're just being exploited in most cases.

  19. I used to work for a gal that worked 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week and bragged about being "driven" and "living for the hustle." She also said anyone that doesn't work as much as her is lazy.

  20. Took this right off my mind. Also those that flaunt their "status" and think that they're better than everyone. I mean almost half of the girls at my high school are like this. I fucking hate their attitude.

  21. The lack of a willingness to understand other peoples point of view. The need to be “right” over being effective or understood (paraphrasing Stephen Fry). People are too keen to bed into their point of view and shout others down about how they’re wrong without looking at their own. Lack of self awareness and introspection.

  22. Anti-intellectualism. The common people have access to capacities our ancestors would consider miracles, but the pillars upon which they were built are disrespected.

  23. Me and some friends would watch old 80s, 90s, 2000s, commercials. A lot of that stuff was loaded with anti-intellectualism. Particularly fast food ads.

  24. Agree. Including this tendency to do the opposite of whatever the government tells you just because it was the government telling you to do it. For example people who refused to get vaccinated because the government encouraged it and called everyone who got the vaccine sheep.

  25. Who knew having all of modern human intelligence at the tip of your fingers, has made everyone a lot dumber. Case in point, anti-vaxxers, anti-climate change, etc

  26. And everyone. If you dare challenging me to get out of my comfort zone to do something for you, well I will cut you off.

  27. As an American, whenever anything happens, no matter how small and insignificant, there's this mad dash to be the MOST upset, the MOST outraged, the LOUDEST voice for cancelling something and making it go away. That's what we do now in America. We actively look for things to be upset about, then advocate for it to go away, and when it does (because 'the internet' is outraged) we collectively pat ourselves on the back, because 'we sure showed them'.

  28. We've been conditioned to be this way and probably on purpose. If we're always angry, we're easier to control and we lose track of what's really important.

  29. Influencers on Instagram sharing millions of intimate photos of their babies and children. The children are just used as props to further the “brand”. These poor kids are being exploited and cant give their consent to this.

  30. Yeah I heard about some german influencers who made a giveaway for seats in their fucking wedding. Like there will be completely random people just for likes. One of the most important and itime moments in your life with randoms? Thats sad.

  31. And hashtagging their kids’ first and middle names. I don’t know how they could make their kids even more searchable.

  32. I'm a lot for some sort of law requiring parents that do that kinda shit having to pay some sort of "wage" to their children later in life. I mean the parents are basically making money using their children as advertisement material, right? so the child should be paid for that.

  33. We will RUIN your self esteem because only our products or services can make you feel better about it. We create a problem and then offer you the solution. Start your trial today!!

  34. Nobody wants to take responsibility. And I'm talking about important people. They always want to blame someone else although they obviously made the mistake themselves.

  35. Everything is work and being productive. Dude, just fucking chill and let me leave to live in a forest peacefuly.

  36. My dad wakes up at 7AM every. day. Doesn't matter if weekend, work week, vacation... he gets up early and does any sort of work. Cleaning his car, tidying up the garage, or going somewhere to work on the side..

  37. "Silence is violence" is absolute bullshit. It's a phrase created by people who support rampant violence against others and is used as a thin rhetorical shield to allow them to suggest that they're responding to violence rather than perpetrating it. At worst, silence is cowardice.

  38. Seriously, fuck the shareholders. Why is everyone soooo concerned with the shareholders. Why don’t businesses give a damn about their employees anymore? Take care of the shareholders after everything in the business is taken care of and the employees are taken care of. The employees are the ones generating the profits. I guess I never went to business school but they must teach budding young executives to fuck employees over at every opportunity.

  39. Oh a person is learning to bicycle??? Oh lets record it and get internet likes/ get likes for laughs when the person falls over.

  40. Dang, just how America is a post-industrial nation. How we used to be a shining example to the world, Cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia used to be industrialized cities, great for families and children, how people could make a living on a blue collar job, how people took pride in every aspect of their life.

  41. Well I watched a man get completely shit on, berated and downvoted on Reddit for saying and I quote, “ I broke up with my girlfriend because she aborted our baby, I was so excited to have a child but she killed my joy by going behind my back and not even talking to me about it.” People showed no sympathy or empathy for this dude, they just shit down his throat for it, talking about how he was an asshole for dumping her. So yeah that’s pretty much what I hate about society. Also I’m not advocating being pro choice or pro life

  42. That sucks. I’m a woman and I sorta understand their mindset… “momma’s baby, daddy’s maybe”… which is what a lot of parents tell their daughters about getting pregnant too young.. a man can leave whenever he wants and you’ll be stuck with a baby. Several men I’ve spoken to about babies in general feel that the woman creates a bond through pregnancy that men don’t have.. like, a woman grows to love the baby in her stomach, while the man bonds after the birth, so some women feel like it’s her decision on aborting… I think couples need to talk about it, how do you move forward when you’re on opposite sides of the issue? I also knew two guys who weren’t ready for a baby (still had sex, so there was a chance) and resented the woman for having the baby… this is a tough issue, but I understand how it would be hard for him to continue a relationship with her after this.

  43. I'm pro-choice all the way and even I think that it's incredibly shitty for someone to go behind their partners back and abort their child without so much as discussing it.

  44. I hate that the internet brings out so much negativity. I miss growing up with Star Wars and loving every aspect. Now I see takes where people say they want a public execution of the directors and producers it’s disgusting. I wish I could delete the entire internet

  45. Economic disparity, corporate greed, young folks feeling disenfranchised and not feeling there is opportunity for them, political divisions among Americans and lack of respect for others.

  46. I wish you good luck with that I guess that is the most direct comment here but It's also kinda true... Sadly. I really wish that you and your family can live happy together

  47. That people have decided that rather than agree to disagree, they need to make anyone who disagrees with them be seen as horrible people; related, that "fuck you" is not just acceptable in debate, it's considered a winning argument.

  48. Exactly. Nobody can just quietly say "Nah, that ain't for me", find something that does appeal to your sensibilities and move on with their life. We need to have a cause celebre, have the thing that offends you cancelled or banned, start an awareness movement on social media, etc. Give it a rest.

  49. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, when hard work paid off. The social contract has since been broken. I'm more qualified than my parents, in a specialist technical subject. If I was doing that in the 90s I'd have a hell of a lot more to show for it

  50. I'd like to think that was because in the 80s and 90s our country was booming economically and to keep that boom going, people who had trades in tech fields and other societal staples were valued way more pay-wise.

  51. we are still going to work during the day and still in the streets at night for basic human rights. no one in congress/government actually has any idea what it's like to be a regular person today and they don't care if we starve to death or choke on pollution as long as they keep making those sweet sweet coins.

  52. pretty much. They always leverage the ordinary persons need to provide for themselves and their family vs the outrage they feel with the actions of the government. They have also gotten very good at distracting people with inconsequential issues(like trans rights, barely affect a 1% if that and yet more talked about than how many people die each year from industrial pollution due to unscrupulous corporations) or presenting an outside enemy who people are supposed to hate and then proceed to fabricate as many stories as possible to generate outrage.

  53. The internet has given the worst 2% of humanity the ability to bitch at the remaining 98% of humanity, and appear to be in the majority, when in truth, everyone hates them.

  54. Everything is extreme politically. Influencers run the world and spread misinformation, people have become more inconsiderate and entitled, how somehow we have to follow an agenda instead of being our own person and minding our fucking business. SOOO many stigmas surrounding mental health, the list goes on and on.

  55. The “all men are trash” cultural phenomenon. Yeah, some of us suck. But not all of us, and it’s shit when we get told that.

  56. People were always offended by everything, the idea that this new is funny. Now is it larger than before due to the reach of social media? Sure. But humans like being offended, it's nothing new.

  57. How easy it is to lie over the internet, but immediately cut them out with no warning at will.

  58. Older people rely on vloggers and so called "news channels" for anything that is happening within in the country (my country at least) that doesn't give nor write their sources in their video description or in the comment box.

  59. not many people seem to know anything about anything real in the world. the plants outside, the soil and sand we don't put our feet in because of shoes. when was the last time anyone really ever looked at the stars? we used to be born under them. now we're born in a room. bacteria, yeast and even fermentation is just astounding in that it exists. we used to know all of the vegetation around us. people don't even know what hunting and foraging mean anymore. we're stuck behind screens focused on the digits that appear within a financial institution nobody really asked for. idk. a lot lol.

  60. I see people playing the victim role way way more than they used to i feel its becoming almost trendy to prented to be under some sort of opression

  61. It's trendy because it's a lot easier to blame something beyond our control for our problems than ourself.

  62. Hook-up culture being more or less the norm. Having to turn all your passions into work because otherwise you'll not be able to afford anything. The way the people in charge of things seemingly want to bring things back to how they were decades ago, undoing a lot of the good progress we've made especially in the last 20 years.

  63. The fact that being "woke" or "oppressed" is treated like some bullshit status symbol. DUDE, NOBODY FUCKING CARES!

  64. That you have to wear those fast fashion clothes and expensive brands to fit in or else you get judged. I just wear simple clothes, is that now bad?

  65. Everybody thinks they're better than anybody else and in doing so, they are fucking ready to judge and acid-roast people who could also help them

  66. How much value and focus people seem to put in winning (ie: externally derived gratification) and how much people disregard and take for granted in terms of their minds (ie: internally derived gratification).

  67. everything is a statement, everything is political. theres so much division. people are infinitely more complex and wonderful than we paint them to be. theres so much more of us then just being political. theres no break to be human, to hug and love one another, to accept and move forward while keeping the values of love and humanity. we as a humans get better each time yet we only seem to see the bad, every year that passes people only focus on whats wrong. since always people have been looking to the past and thinking 'oh it was better' we are progressing as a society and each day the world has the opportunity to be better. just because the only thing u think and surround yourself with is negativity doesnt mean everything is bad. theres a unique yet shared experience of being alive, of being human, but people have the need to separate one from another and form invisible barriers. disagreement shouldn't generate hate but rather a diverse ocean of thoughts and experiences to understand

  68. The absolute lack of good leaders in meaningful positions of power (govt. mainly). Spineless, gutless, and only concerned about how to accumulate wealth rather than bettering the species. IMO, it's what holding us back as human beings: people with the power and charisma to move the needle towards progress squandering that opportunity

  69. Widespread anti-scientific stances. Even in a evidence well-backed topics. And even in a non-controversial socially topics.

  70. Hustle culture. Instead of working towards changing the system we strive towards " success ". There is no winning in capitalism folks.

  71. The religious right. The dicktim mentality (where you act like a dick thrn claim victim). The hypocrisy of everyone. Social media is cancer

  72. How everyone applauding mediocrity and cheap nostalgia kicks really influences media in a bad way. Nothing stands on its own anymore, everything is a crossover or a cameo and people love it, even if it is badly executed because „Woah, look XYZ showed up“. Look at most subreddits of established franchises and see discussion threads. Most of the „What will happen next“ is replaced by „Who will cameo next?“. It is really concerning.

  73. In the last two years, we've seen a regression in labor practices to those of Rockefeller and Carnegie's days. Some people work six 12 hour days a week and still can't make rent.

  74. Poor people having to work over 40hs a week. How are you meant to enjoy life if you don't have free time nor money!?

  75. Group think Culture wars Political correctness The right wing The left wing Racism and bigotry Commercialism Religion Inane vanilla music Mindless reality TV and the zero talent celeb culture The false veneer of morality our culture has The cult of self Entitlement

  76. Alternative facts. I'm no fan of the mainstream media either but the solution is to fix the mainstream media, not listen to some blog from a guy in his basement who gets their news from people being paid off by billionaires.

  77. The dishonesty of the press and the foolishness of the average person on the street in believing these lies.

  78. How blatantly sexualized pop music has become. Before, there were innuendos or clever word play to indicate sex, love making , etc. now we have Ariana fucking grande “fuck me till the daylight” playing on the damned radio or that creepy Doja cat woman “I feel like fucking something“ ugh. It’s just disgusting

  79. Every time these “Christians” get into talking all their political nonsense I think about how Jesus (who probably looked closer to bin Laden than Jared Leto) would be inviting all people to chill with him - white, black, brown, gay, trans, etc. HE JUST WANTED EVERYONE TO BE NICE AND Y’ALL ARE RUINING IT.

  80. Snowflakeyness and the "being offended for someone else". People are afraid of normal conversations and have to check every word before saying it in order to not offend someone who probably didn't give a flying fck about that word in the first place.

  81. “Small government” conservatives nuking the right to private agency in order to control women’s bodies and own the libs

  82. The fact that you can't hold a conversation with anyone without them whipping out their phones and "showing you this cool thing they found", which is largely on social media.

  83. Fake hypocritical religious folks pushing for a minority-rule theocracy. These holier than thou shit heels are standing in the way of real progress.

  84. The medias being the 4th power of a country. Like they are the first source of information in the country, but most of these companies gives false informations and most people believes them instead of searching the truth, this lead to people thinking life is black or white. In today’s society you either a leftist or a neo nazi truly sad

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