When you are given 10 million dollars right now, what would you do with it?

  1. When you just spend it you will lose it all in some years. When you invest it right and dont buy too expensive things, live a normal live then you never need to work again :D

  2. Give some money to friends and family, quit my job, travel around aimlessly, stop in the odd town here and there to do a semester of university to keep my brain reasonably sharp

  3. Most of it will get invested and the returns from the investment will be used for family and donations/societal improvements/etc. But I'm a watch guy, so the very first thing I'm doing is getting a watch to celebrate.

  4. Better passport for my fiancé, investing, buying a house, giving some to my family, saving account for our kid, taking care of myself and finally having some fun.

  5. Give my mom half and then take the rest and go away. Win-win for everyone; pay my mom back and she doesn’t have to deal with me anymore.

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