Do you believe in life after death? Why / why not?

  1. I don't, it seems highly unlikely to me. I don't believe in the idea of souls as separate entities distinct from the body; our emotions, thoughts, memories, etc all only exist within our brains. So, when the body dies, and the brain along with it, that's it. No more conscious existence.

  2. Just because a thing is not required does not prove that a thing does not exist though. I can get a boat from Australia to Hawaii without wind it doesn’t prove that sailing ships aren’t a thing. I’m not necessarily saying I disagree with you but If we’re trying to be good scientists about this, a lack of evidence isn’t proof that there’s no afterlife. Our consciousness, the unmeasurable part of ourselves that the universe doesn’t seem to have a use for may persist in dimensions we can’t measure. Again, being a good scientist, this is merely speculation on my part, not even a hypothesis, just one example of how an afterlife COULD exist without us being able to perceive it.

  3. Nope. There's no reason to think, outside of ancient superstition, that it's a thing and a ton of reasons, not the least of which are the laws of physics, that its not. I like evidence, I like experiments and data, and there's nothing that really supports an afterlife.

  4. Yes, I do believe on it. "The Book of Spirits" by Allan Kardec is the only thing that made sense to me in a religious perspective

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