What isn't a religion but people treat it like it is?

  1. The worst are the wild pregnancy/free birth groups. It’s obvious most of them are more interested in what they want than what’s best for their children.

  2. “Need some prayers from all my momma’s out there! Prayer warriors send up your prayers in Jesus name AMEN!”

  3. About twenty years ago, the team captain of the American cricket team lived near me and we did an article on him.

  4. Steamer/Twitch culture freaks me out. I've been a gamer my whole life (only 30,) but the gaming scene is so strange to me. I truly hope the people in Twitch chats are nothing like that in real life.

  5. There was a streamer poker game the other night and seeing these guys dump half a million $ in an hour made me wonder, why are people donating to these people? Its like that Kylie Jenner thing where one of her employee got an accident and she started a gofundme for 150k instead of paying it herself.

  6. What upsets me is I sometimes meet people who are genuinely motivated to change their life but completely misguided in what they invest their time and money into and mlm sorta preys on that.

  7. And then Christ said "now thou shalt gather twelves more disciples and each of them shalt gather twelves deciples of their own. At the point each of thee hast twelve deciples who haft gathered twelve disciples God shalt bless ye with one of our fleet of dope white bmws man."

  8. Dude.. I was just at a child's birthday party and this douche was telling my aunt about his wellness products. She said sounds like MLM. No it isn't though because I really believe in the products. Do you have someone encouraging you to sell. No I don't I sell it because it's a high quality product at a reasonable price. Do you make good money? Not yet because we are brand new. What else do you do for work. This is it right now. I'm happy with my regular wellness products. How would you know until you try these? This went on for the entire birthday party. She said I'm Not Interested. And turned the other way. He still pestered her.

  9. If an organization teaches you the apologetics of why it isn't a pyramid scheme,, it's a pyramid scheme. Same goes for cults.

  10. That has all the same trademarks of religious indoctrination. I would put anyone peddling that nonsense in the same or similar mental category.

  11. Ahhh hello fellow devil/demon/detective in the wild! Now may I interest you in some Invigaron? It’s a more of a reverse funnel system I’d say.

  12. These and business networking are cults in business form. It's very creepy, the way they treat this like it's something so life-changing

  13. You especially see it when celebrities fued. Davison vs. West, Depp Vs. Heard, it's revolting the way people will jump in front of bullets to defend people they don't know and will probably never meet in their life.

  14. People on here will complain about Kardashians etc. but still love to bring up how great Keanu Reeves or Bob Ross are at every opportunity.

  15. Can we include being mad at celebrities as also being worship? The amount of people who "dont care" about the Kardashians who won't shut up about them....

  16. I went to A&M as a grad student which meant I wasn’t indoctrinated into the cult, but I certainly had a front row seat to it.

  17. Funny.. i went to a cousin’s (he and his family are ‘small’ ranchers / cattle breeders) wedding a couple years ago down in texas.. standard wedding songs with a more country bent were playing.

  18. My ex went to A&M, she legitimately was thinking about breaking up with me because my favorite color is burnt orange (Longhorn's colors). I'm not even from Texas and had no idea at the time the rivalry was that big of a deal nor UT Austin's colors.

  19. I toured ATM when I was looking at colleges.. the young lady who lead our tour literally started crying while saying “I just A&M sooo much!” at the end. At that moment I chose to be a Red Raider instead.

  20. My brother in law in deep into this cult (along with being in the *maga cult and some MLM. But he’s a “critical thinker”. Sure Jan). The kicker for me is he never went to A&M. His wife didn’t go to A&M. His sister in law did. She graduated 10 years ago. The entire family has made A&M their personality. None of them have any sense of humor about it either.

  21. Thr best Texas A&M story will always be the one where allegedly some students stole a howitzer and were fully prepared to go shell another college town as an escalation of a sports rivalry gone too far

  22. In Scandinavia, Sweden is the only country to recognise Scientology as a religion. Yet they built their Nordic or Northern European headquarters (can't remember which) in Denmark who doesn't recognise them as a religion. And affords them no rights of one, and taxes them like they're just a random office building.

  23. As I recall, they don’t consider it a religion either, but that doesn’t stop them from going after tax breaks, etc. It’s constantly changing, so they may consider themselves a religion now, but you used to be able to be, for example, a catholic and a Scientologist, it wasn’t exclusive of other religions.

  24. From Nebraska. Can confirm. Goes as far as businesses buying mass tickets to keep the sold out streak going even though they suck anymore.

  25. My neighbor loves his lawn more than his family. I only cut mine so my kids and dogs have places to play. I’ve let a lot of it go wild with native plants and wild flowers. He has cut his lawn four times so far this year, I haven’t cut mine once yet. He is always spreading seeds and chemicals on his lawn. I do nothing with mine and usually mines greener and more healthy looking.

  26. I'm even more of a lawn atheist than I am an actual atheist. My lawn is Survival Of The Fittest writ large.

  27. I work for a company that provides lawn treatment services (basically everything but mowing) and it produces some of the worst customers we have. It’s pretty much our only vanity service, so you can imagine exactly the sort who want it and how they treat the working class.

  28. Bill Shankly once said “Some people think football is a matter of life or death. I don’t like that attitude. I assure them it’s much more important than that.”

  29. Just like religion, your team is often picked for you based on where you live and it gets to make you upset the rest of your life.

  30. There was a war in Central America between Honduras and El Salvador that was partially sparked by a game of soccer (or football).

  31. I try to just see these guys that have EVERY statistic memorized (and can talk about it for years without repeating themselves) as total nerds. I get it, i’m a nerd too. Then again, I’ve never seen anyone hold a citywide riot just because the newest linux kernel was released.

  32. If archeologists 1000 years from now dig up relics from a sports team, it would definitely be a reasonable conclusion that theyre religions.

  33. Here's a kicker: there's no logical thread connecting the beliefs of a political party together. There's nothing that says you can't believe in free healthcare and ALSO believe in the right to bear arms. Political platforms are created artificially in a lab to appeal to the largest population possible for voting purposes.

  34. I don't know about other countries but speaking as an American, you can't have even the most innocent political discourse these days because people become angry shit-flinging apes who are only invested in their own interests, callous to the feelings and needs of others. And so many people just have genuinely shit takes on things they know nothing about, probably saw it on Facebook or a shitty television news segment.

  35. Yes! I was just saying this tonight to some friends of mine. Have you ever gone into one of those crypto/web3/NFT twitter spaces? It’s like a cult meeting where everyone speaks like a self help guru, is always using weird motivational and revolutionary life language, but is secretly just there to get rich overnight by using gullible people’s money. It’s exactly like a religion!

  36. It's a straight up cult to a lot of these people. They all say the same things right down to having catch phrases. They won't even open their minds to any criticisms and almost always respond with "you just don't understand it." They'll resort to personal attacks when they have nothing else. Crypto bros actually hurt their own cause with their behavior.

  37. Literally the only exposure I’ve ever had to the concept of essential oils is people referring to it on Reddit. Part of me thinks it’s just an urban legend on this site

  38. I got booted from my town FB page for “harassment” after I reported a string of “awesome new smoothie store in town!” posts as spam. All the posts and comments were from people who seemed to only ever post about how great shakes and smoothies are.

  39. I love telling people horoscopes of a completely wrong zodiac sign and watch as they jump over so many hoops to say that it "fits" them.

  40. Tried once to watch some documentary on it and the moment they mixed up geometric shapes with some random order of planets, it completely lost my attention. They say there's a science to it and just by google you can tear down most of it.

  41. I would argue that astrology is the opposite of the question. It is a religion and people act like it isn’t. The people who follow it seem to think it’s not. They’ll claim to not be religious while worshipping a fake version of the sky. It’s a scientifically inaccurate and easily disproved belief system that governs your behavior and dictates how you judge other people, and people are slavishly devoted to it. How is that NOT a religion?

  42. ("BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band" - for all the oldies like me who read the comments for any clues and still came up blank.)

  43. I had no idea about how extreme this fandom was until I had a student (I teach english to kids and teens in Spain), this one girl, around 12 y/o who is completely obsessed. She wears BTS jewellery and clothes, speaks and writes Korean often, and begs me to put on BTS music videos in the middle of class. She refuses to answer to her real (spanish) name, instead asking everyone to refer to her as Ji-Yun (sp?). She says the BTS “army” has billions and billions of fans. I realise this looks like a shitpost copypasta but I assure you this girl is real. She’s a good kid and student but probably gonna have a hard time in her teens, all the other students are already sick of hearing about BTS.

  44. Kpop fandom never made sense to me until someone commented elsewhere that the industry had figured out how to manufacture parasocial relationships, and then it all clicked for me.

  45. I watched a teenage girl have an absolute meltdown at a mcdonalds when they told her they had ran out of the BTS promo sauce they were featuring. Lady was on the floor crying about it.

  46. Yeah I was in a fraternity. Was fun for a time but the older guys I really liked and the ones under my class became cult like. They all got Frattoos and all kinds of strange stuff. That was the indicator to grow up and move along.

  47. Where I live, people represent their fraternity/sorority WAY past college. They get cars in their organization's main color, you know this because they also have the license plate frame and/or stickers that have the organization's name on them. They wear the shirts. They go to the meetings and conventions. Married couples from "matching" fraternities/sororities get the dual stickers and license plates for their cars. At my last job, coworkers who had pledged back in college went all out for whatever their spirit week is called (sometime in early January if anyone else knows) and honestly it was just... cringe.

  48. Hell what would I give to feel that way again, I was an angry kid without anything else in mind than how everything sucked, when I started listening to Rock Music, this was the only outlet I had, I have never felt that much joy again than in this moment when I finally found something that calmed me down, probably sounds stupid, its just music, but back than it was something really special

  49. I was 13 when I bought Pearl Jam’s Ten, Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger, and Alice in Chains’ Dirt in the same transaction.

  50. If your kid plays, it is in some parts of the US, too. Seriously, youth hockey is a lifestyle choice instead of just something for your kid to do.

  51. In Brazil, there is a hundred foot stone statue of Jesus arms spread open to embrace the city, and any man, woman, or child that stands before Him on the path to enlightenment and make peace with God.

  52. Dungeons & Dragons. It has canonical scriptures (core rule books) deuterocanonical scriptures (splat books) apocrypha (fan made content) meetings, (games) rituals (rolling dice to see what happens) priesthood (Wizards of the Coast) and it was once persecuted by a dominant religion (Christianity).

  53. We have regular, scheduled days of worship. We have important holy relics in which we entrust our decisions and our very souls. We have holy rituals partaken before important rolls to curry favor from Tymora, goddess of good luck.

  54. You're entirely correct. I was wearing D&D socks at dance class, and a girl came up to me after. We gabbed about D&D, she showed me her dice as proof. It was some Freemason level shit.

  55. Imagine my confusion when people are talking about electronics and I'm over here imagining a fistfight over Granny Smith VS Red Delicious at OrchardCon.

  56. Every time I visit my cousins they give me shit for owning a Samsung phone. They literally sit there and advertise it to me, ask me why I don't have an iPhone, and exhude "💀" energy like I'm an idiot for not owning an Apple product. It's really baffling and annoying

  57. CrossFit and adventure races (Spartan, Tough Mudder, and especially Goruck), which seem to go hand-in-hand.

  58. Weed. Stoners act like it's this miracle drug you can have 24/7 that replaces your entire medicine cabinet, when this is simply not the case. It is a low risk to one's health in moderation and it does have a myriad of medical uses, but it can't cure everything and it does take a toll on the brain and lungs.

  59. Work, we are devout followers to the structure and believe we will be punished if we deviate from the rules.

  60. I have a heart condition that equates to me not being able to drink coffee. So many people can’t understand that I don’t drink it. People ask all the time, “How do you live without drinking coffee?!?!” Well, uhh, I could die if I drink it, so it’s pretty easy to live without drinking it. Literally the only way. People can’t wrap their heads around that concept.

  61. I will die by the brown acid water cult so long as it gives me that umphy-wumphy I need to keep me going through the day

  62. Right! I run PC because I need a PC and am to poor to get new consoles and maintain the type of PC I need/want, and people flip shit when I say that.

  63. Agile process in general and SCRUM in particular. Using a ticketing system to manage work breakdown does not make you the harbinger of the second coming. It also doesn't excuse you from scoping and planning the work.

  64. About 2 years ago I had a OnePlus 6T. It started getting a bit annoying and the new iPhone 12 design was revealed to have those flat sides I loved back in the days of the 4 & 5.

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