The Depp/Heard case has reminded us men to "never stick your dick in crazy", however people like Amber always hide that aspect of themselves until it's potentially too late. What are some early warning signs that a person is a manipulative, gaslighting abuser?


  2. This behaviour is taught - parents act this way and their kids pick it up as "effective" and it gets reinforced through practice at home from a very young age.

  3. Signs could actually be quite open and visible, but love/attraction and similar emotions usually make us attach that to another reason... (Never underestimate post nut clarity folks!)

  4. If you set boundaries, are boundaries respected. If your SO set boundaries, do you respect them. Do both of you check yourselves if you are getting angry. Do both of you make sure you communicated properly before getting angry? (This one isn't a sign of abusive personality necessarily, but if the party doesn't work on this then that's a bad sign. It took years for my SO and I to communicate well or realize we misunderstood each other.)

  5. There are no warning signs. They have perfected the art of being the most attentive, loving person that "gets you" and does everything to make you so into them that you think you have found the perfect partner for life. When you are comfortable and they are bored, the games start. 😥

  6. Narcissism and manipulative. Watch how they go nuts and create drama when the center of attention is no longer on them. Gaslighting, instigating, and shitty behavior when they’re no longer in a mode where they want to impress you.

  7. My ex wife is exactly like this to a tee, also every situation that your in shes been in or not as worse as they have dealt with, was a fucking nightmare to deal with, to this day I've told her why I didn't want to be with her anymore for my own mental health and she still accuses me of using that as a copp out because apparently I just want other women, we still talk because we share kids and still comes at me like were still married, so weird

  8. You just need to get to know people better before you fuck them. These people never last long before they show the darkness in ways.

  9. I guess anybody who's too good to be true - they're charming, everything about them is fantastic according to them and it's easy to believe it, because whatever "flaws" they have, they will minimize them or blame on others. Basically someone very glib and superficial, which can be magnetic in a way, because they help you forget about all the ugly, boring, or sad aspects of reality. When you're in their company, it's all a narcissistic pink cotton candy fantasy.

  10. Always connect your trusted friends and family with you're partner - they're in a relationship with them too, ultimately. If you don't have any, get some before dating - you'll need them.

  11. Don't date people to see who you want to be with for the rest of your life, date people to see who you don't want to be with for the rest of your life!

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