What is a mistake you’ve made at least a dozen times?

  1. have you learned nothing from Tim Robinson? If you accidentally push a door when you're supposed to pull, you simply double down and act as if your initial approach was correct, and you push the shit out of that door until it is forced to open. Then you go about your day as if you were right the entire time. you're welcome.

  2. The day I turned 21 I had to go to the liquor store just because I could finally do it. Where we live it's a whole store of nothing but hard liquor because it's not legal for grocery stores to sell anything harder than beer or wine. I was super nervous and felt like I was doing something bad, but also excited. And then the door wouldn't open. I thought maybe I'd gotten the hours wrong so I walked back and checked the sign. They were open. Came back. Tried the door again. Still wouldn't open. I stood there thinking maybe the universe was trying to tell 21 year old me not to drink. I was actually getting really frustrated. The handle was a rectangular pad like every push door I'd ever seen. Why couldn't I open it? Was it electric and the sensor broke? The cashier had started looking out at me. Only then did I notice PULL engraved into the ancient handle. It had the tiniest little sliver to grab and open the door. Maybe it was drunk proof? Idk. I think my face was red the entire time I was in there. XD

  3. Oh God so much this. I am finally getting better at just saying no from the outset but then someone texts and says are you suuuuuuure you don't want to go do this thing you already said no to? No. I. Don't.

  4. Had that happen a time or 2, luckily I ether don't give people the opportunity to do that, or I only tell one person, so if I hear about it, I know who to cut off.

  5. Came here looking for this because I KNEW it would be pretty near the top of the list. Definitely a very common mistake for me.

  6. My excuse is that I’m just checking my eyelids for holes - I remember Benjamin Sisko’s dad saying it in Star Trek: DS9 and it stuck

  7. Then I think might as well just keep watching it longer since I’ve stayed up so late which continues the cycle

  8. Quit smoking. This week is one whole year tobacco free after 25 years of smoking and it’s gonna stay that way. I have no further interest in those damn things. Pass that joint, though!

  9. I think if you keep trying, you might surprise yourself. You've got two hands... unless you're one-handed. In which case, listen to Def Leppard and congratulate yourself on your single-tasking ability.

  10. At this point I have a folder on my phone of all the profile pictures so I can re-upload when I'm feeling lonely/desperate

  11. Can't spell separate or copacetic the first time around without spell check and/or a Google search because I'm so far off, spell check doesn't know what to suggest.

  12. Forgetting to stop a timer on the microwave when I'm done cooking something on the stove. I set one for a stupid long time and I usually hear it after I'm done eating my food.

  13. Opening a drawer to retrieve item, fail to grab item, hurt my hand because my other hand has already pushed the drawer to close it.

  14. When watching a show that I recorded on the DVD, I always forget that its recorded and I can fast forward through the commercials. It seems I always remember after watching 2-3 minutes of advertising. This happens nearly every time!

  15. We lost power during Hurricane Sandy. It was out for 9 days. We lived out of a cooler. Took showers at the YMCA. Charged our phones at a friends house. We survived.

  16. My significant other was cutting up hot peppers once before deciding to have some sexy time with me. Apparently he hadn't washed his hands well enough. INSTANT REGRET.

  17. Trying to have a 30 minute power nap. Turns into a 3 hour sleep every time and I just wake up feeling like shit and can't sleep that night.

  18. Buying stuff I really cant afford, like buying the more expensive good ramen, when you know you will starve for a week if you dont take the shitty ones.

  19. Pulling a microwave meal out of the freezer, taking the meal out of the box, tossing the box, opening the microwave,...then fishing the box out of the trash to read the instructions seems to be my "go to".

  20. I can't remember anyone's birthday or age and it makes me feel like an asshole. It makes me feel better to see other people have the same problem.

  21. Throwing a ball and it hitting someone or something that it shouldn't have. If you haven't done this a dozen times in your life, throw more balls.

  22. Forgetting to spray the pan with no-stick spray when I'm making scrambled eggs. Or using too much, or spraying it too late. It's complicated.

  23. Trusting family, or anyone I trusted for that matter, to do something not for their own gain and without fucking me over because they simply can.

  24. Helping the same people over and over again. only to tell them no once and they turn against me until they alienate everybody else and then I allow the cycle to start again.

  25. Every single day without fail I forget my cup of water in the freezer and it turns to a block of ice. Everyday I get a cup of water, put it in the freezer, then proceed to forget it exists, then promptly yell "fuck my water", every single day. I bet I'll do it again today lol

  26. Disassembling something with springs on my lab bench and then watching as a part flies across the room and apparently vanishes through a portal into Oblivion.

  27. My dog always takes down the garbage can and spreads it all over if I forget to put it in the garage or on the counter. I only have myself to blame but I’ve done it 20 plus times in the past 10 years .

  28. Forgetting what I need for the day and then realise I forgot it when I have to use it even though I had already told myself the day prior

  29. Kicking the damn corner of my bed with my little toe. You’d think your brain would learn but fucking nope, let’s remind myself how much pain can a little toe cause.

  30. I always confuse the meaning of "before" with the meaning of "after" and vice versa, I am Spanish-speaking and I'm sorry but it sounds more logical that way to me.

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