How old where you when you first had sex?

  1. picture it ___. I was in kindergarten, my neighbors boy raped me.was in foster care because of it.. it happened every night till I was adopted. I knew I was different at age 7, was adopted at age 10, came out to close friends at age 12.

  2. 24. I was trying to be a devout Christian girl and wait until marriage but one night, my ex just kept sort of seducing me to give in more. I got seduced and now that I'm in my 40s, I wish I just gave it to someone who cared for me more.

  3. 19 with a marine , first he ate me out in his truck, then we fucked in a hotel room. The first was way better than the latter.

  4. I was sexually active at 16 or 17, but didn't have piv sex until I was 22 I think. It was okay, I had a lot of hangups emotionally, but my girlfriend didn't pressure me or give me shit for it.

  5. I had oral sex around 13/14 but no piv sex until 4 days after my 17th birthday. I was kind of peeved I didn’t do it by 16 for some reason. Ig I felt like 17 was too old? Idk I was dumb lmao. It was underwhelming and I was too high to remember most of it. Didn’t have GOOD sex and was never properly eaten out until 18 with another partner.

  6. 12. Trip to Colombia and I'm from the US. My cousin convinced me I'd get laid if I spoke in English to girls. It did. And now I'm convinced his advise is sacred.

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