Which rich person deserves every penny they have?

  1. Dolly Parton. She came up from terrible poverty, has never forgotten what that was like, earned her money through incredible talent and hard work, and tries to help others as much as she can.

  2. She would be crazy richer if she didn't keep giving away her money. Most importantly she's self deprecating and doesn't take herself too seriously despite every reason to do so. Love her.

  3. There are a fair number of musicians who should actually probably have more because of the way they generate money through their creation but only actually get a fraction of that. If the thing you created makes a billion and you only get 10 million of that, it's very difficult to argue that don't deserve more, and by default all of what they actually do get.

  4. Rick Astley. He’s such a sweet, mellow, family man. How can you hate the man? Memes aside, when you watch videos of him just talking to people, he’s so down to earth and has so much humanity to him.

  5. Actor Steve Buscemi. His characters are charming weirdos but IRL he is very generous and is a volunteer fireman. He's very low key about all he does.

  6. Keanu has been through a lot that is difficult for most to overcome, and won those battles. He understands what struggles people have, and truly emphasizes with them. He helps a lot of people, even if it means just sitting and talking to someone over a cup of coffee. We don't deserve people like Keanu and Dolly Parton, but always need more people like them.

  7. He deserves it as much as Carrot Top or any Hollywood star deserves it, that’s meant neither as a slight on him or any other Hollywood star.

  8. I read somewhere that Pat Sajak and Vanna White work about 30-40 days of the year, just cranking out a shitload of Wheel of Fortune episodes at once, and then just enjoy life for the rest of the year, relaxing and spending their ridiculously high paychecks.

  9. Anyone who won the lottery. They paid really good money for really lousy odds and then had to pay huge taxes on top of that. They will usually spend it all way faster than they ever thought they could and then end up broke again.

  10. Lottery winnings aren't taxed in a lot of countries. I'm from Ireland but live in the U.K. and it isn't taxed in either country. Plus many more.

  11. If anybody in my younger years would have said to me that the guy from Punk'd would turn out to be one of the actors I respect the most... I'd have thought they were insane.

  12. Anyone that didn't steal the shirt off others backs to get there - there are plenty of rich people that made others lives better/enriched other peoples lives while making their fortune, unfortunately there are loads more that made their money by exploiting others and making their lives worse to enrich their own.

  13. I don't know if she was rich but that woman who won a lawsuit against McDonalds for burning herself with their over-heated coffee deserved every penny she got.

  14. None. My wife and I work in tech with big, important titles, and each of us individually make many times more than the average household income in the US. Additionally, I recently sold my software company for a big pile of money. We have a million dollar house, collector cars, a trust fund for our 1-year old, etc.

  15. This is exactly why I want to just kill myself. All I do is work, and it's been that way for so long, and I haven't been able to make any money. The sheer math of it all. Billions of people. Only a fraction of them get out of poverty regardless of how much work they do. It's so bleak.

  16. Steve Buscemi. He’s really not that rich compared to some others but he’s an amazing human being.

  17. Mr Beast is awesome, and I know this is a controversial topic, but filming homeless people being given money always makes me uncomfortable. On the one hand they get money and the youtuber gets views, it's a win win, I get that. On the other hand it's exploiting vulnerable people for profit and moral brownie points. I also understand the argument that it inspires people to do charitable deeds but that's difficult to prove. He has obviously evolved into what the channel is today but his early success was heavily based on charity content.

  18. Every single one that did not attain that wealth in a criminal way. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Taylor Swift, Paul Mcartney, Joe Rogan, George Soros, Leo Dicaprio, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, etc.

  19. Bill Gates bought a program called Quick and Dirty OS (Q-DOS) for $75k, renamed it MS-DOS, and then he licensed it to IBM. The thing is, Q-DOS was a ripoff of the 1st OS ever created which was called CPM. CPM's inventor, Gary Killdal, threatened to sue IBM. IBM reached an agreement where they would offer customers a choice between CPM and MS-DOS. However, the catch was... they offered MS-DOS for $40 and CPM for $240, so CPM never caught on. Gary eventually died at age 52 from alcoholism that likely stemmed from depression. Allegedly.

  20. Pretty much every billionaire gained their wealth through some combination of inheritance, corruption and/ or exploitation. Contrary to what some may say, there is no such thing as a “blue collar billionaire”.

  21. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Warren Buffett, Sergey Brin, Steve Ballmer, Mike Bloomberg, Donald Trump, etc....

  22. He ruined IT beyond repair in order to enrich himself. He will be remembered in history as one of the worst after his influence on the public opinion fades.

  23. I can agree with this one. The one guy brave enough to stand up and create for humanity. Tesla brought EV’s to what they are today. SpaceX made space travel affordable and created competition in that. One of the few who were told that what he envisioned was impossible and yet he still achieved it. And he’s still dreaming about what that next thing is.

  24. Dave Ramsey. The guy was deep in debt and broke and dug himself out. Now he teaches others how to get out of debt and build wealth.

  25. Read up on how he got dues for treating his staff. Some of his rules are also not great, like all debt is equal. A mortgage is not the same as credit card debt.

  26. Because he's literally a horrible person and didn't earn any of his own money. He bought in and then sued to be considered a founder of a company he didn't start. At all.

  27. All of them, because it's their money. Maybe you have more money than I do at this very moment. Should I get to decide whether or not you deserve it?

  28. Yup. Most normal people are not willing to do the hugely unethical things they'd have to do in order to be successful under capitalism and even if they had large amounts of money would give it away to people who actually need it. There's something seriously wrong with millionaires and billionaires who hoard wealth, knowing people are homeless, starving, etc.

  29. Not sure which is more deficient with this comment, understanding of basic economics, or understanding of basic morals. Either way, I’m assuming that you are trolling, because it’s too difficult to be that ignorant.

  30. Elon earned it spite the fake news about his parents. I dunno other rich dude spending his money on advancing space technology and pushing electric cars into the mainstream. All of his failed projects arnt exactly failures just not planned out as much as they thought. I’m done fan boying lol

  31. None of them deserve EVERY penny, but I think Elon is using his to help people more than anyone else in American history.

  32. In terms of money donated to charity in total, I think Bill Gates holds the record. Elon donated $5.7 billions to $15 billions Bill donated in 2021.

  33. No rich person deserves every penny. They became rich by directly or indirectly taking too much from some1 else. Who actually works so hard that they make 25 million in a year? (Just an example) - no 1. That's who.

  34. Now I'm wondering how often I use the words "someone", "everyone", and "no one". I don't normally think about it, but when I see you use the numeral (weird move, btw) it feels like we must use those words often.

  35. Singers like Billy Joel, Paul McArtney, etc. Hard work to entertain people to the point they have people wanting to buy their stuff.

  36. I think there are quite a few football (soccer) players that deserve it. Players like Sadio Mane who ran away to pursue his dream and now that he made it has given lots of money back to Senegal to improve it such as donating to help build a hospital. Didier Drogba is credited with being a major part of bringing peace to his home country of Cote D'Ivore during a civil war. After they qualified for the world cup in 2006, Drogba called on both sides to lay down their arms which was met with a ceasefire - Carl Anka writes, "torn by religious and political tensions, Drogba seized a unifying moment for his country and invited TV cameras into the Elephants changing room where he made a speech to the camera. The man spoke and a nation listened — the elections went off without bloodshed."

  37. Mattress mack from Houston this guy walks the walk. He's always helping the community and not just after hurricanes and floods. Just a great honest businessman.... so glad he's been blessed.

  38. Steve harvey. He has been homeless. He still remembers what he went through. He is grateful for what he has now and what he had before. He is always thankful to those who helped him

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