What do you think would actually happen if nuclear war suddenly broke out ?

  1. After just reading through the Wikipedia plot summary, Threads is just what’s happening across the ocean from The Road. And is the most likely scenario.

  2. I’m not sure that it realistically represents how radiation spreads. Even with lots of ground bursts nuclear fallout just doesn’t spread that far. The large, heavy particles that contain significant radioactivity fall out quickly and the smaller, lighter ones that are able to stay airborne longer don’t have enough mass to be dangerous for long. Sure it might increase your long term chances of cancer but it’s not going to kill your from acute radiation poisoning if you’re on the other side of the world.

  3. Would that be realistic though? You would need to exploded all bombs that we have. We would get over a few dozen detonations though it would collapse local economies.

  4. I think the religious vignette in the On The Beach movie is telling. An evangelist in the town square draws big crowds praying for salvation. Then shows the crowd getting smaller and smaller as they die off and realize that help isn't coming.

  5. Wait did they do a mini series about similar concept? I remember watching something about a nuclear sub captain that refused to launch his nukes and ends up in Australia

  6. My understanding is a few million would die instantly and all or nearly all if the remainder of the population would be dead in 2 years from starvation. Any stragglers would die off in about 5 to 10 years when their supplies run out and they are unable to grow food due to the radiation.

  7. Assuming there is retaliation which there would be....the people in the blast zone(s) would die instantly....millions more would die within 2 months to 2 yrs of radiation . Also take into account if everyone launches nukes....the destruction of infrastructure would cause the deaths of millions more (no electricity, food supply etc)....those that managed to survive may have to deal with nuclear winter (thermal inertia) etc etc..... lots of factors at play

  8. If I'm not mistaken, they nuclear winter is pretty controversial nowadays. A lot of scientists are leaning towards the idea that it wouldn't happen like that. There's just a big difference between a volcanic eruption and a nuclear bomb. Especially if said bombs are detonated in the air.

  9. Depends on what the intent of the aggressor is. If it's a tactical move with limited impact then the aggressor would immediately feel the wrath of the entire world in the form of a swift and targetted response to take out the leader of that country.

  10. Hundreds of Millions or perhaps billions of people would die but I think humanity would survive. Would probably take at least a few decades if not centuries to get a somewhat functioning civilization in order once the radiation and nuclear winter subsides.

  11. Yeah, well, umm, I suppose we all gonna die, either from the nuclear explosions or from the radiation and the consequences of the war.

  12. Depends where you live. If you're close enough to the detonation then yes, there's no point. But also if you're that close you won't have time to just sit and wait cause you'll be dead. Any further away and there's a reasonable chance to survive.

  13. All the nukes? A lot of economic collapse. Tens of Millions dead in the blasts. Hundreds of millions dead from radiation poisoning the first few weeks. A month or so after it should be fairly safe to go outside in most places where the nukes hit. Safe from radiation, that is. If the blast and the radiation didn't kill you. Roaming gangs of outlaws and looters might. Or the starvation. Or the lack of good medical care. Deadly injuries and disease rampant that once wouldn't have been so bad. Nations or armies that still exist fighting one another over resources and land. City dwellers spreading out into the countryside to loot. Survivors organizing into opposing groups and fighting for resources against one another or against any remaining government military.

  14. I’m going to guess a lot of people are going to say and do all kinds of crazy hedonistic shit knowing they’re likely all going to die within the hour. We’re talking orgies, drugs, gorging on booze and food, probably even riots and murder. Definitely going to be a lot of suicide, as well as people confessing dark secrets of theirs to other people. There’ll probably be a sizable chunk of the population who won’t believe a nuclear war would actually be happening, calling it a hoax or a drill or just a false alarm. Any fallout shelters that still exist will likely be filled, and those who want in will either be trying to force themselves in or will try and make whatever shelter they can in their basements or the sewer or anywhere else underground. I’m also going to guess there’ll be a lot of people down south fleeing across the border into Mexico, thinking it wouldn’t be a strategic target for nuclear strikes (regardless if that’s true or not).

  15. Just watch Threads and you'll realise being destroyed in the initial blast is going to be far more favourable than surviving it

  16. Our civilization would end with the lingering deaths of billions. Radiation, cancer, starvation, the freezing cold; each would take its toll in lives.

  17. Actually, I think there's more than one country getting away from the idea of a nuke war because it's so uncontrollable with radiation, etc. Anyone read One Second After? It's about where several nukes explode over the U.S., creating an emp effect which, in that story, destroys all electronics, I remember reading a story where the Air Force was working on an emp missile to destroy electronics in a building. The recording instruments were SUPPOSE to be protected while filming, etc. was going on, but even so, some of them were damaged. imagine NO power to homes, along with gas or water now available. And how many aircraft are no fly by wire? Scary ass book.

  18. I don’t see how comparing a viral pandemic to a nuclear war is practical. A nuclear war would have casualties in the billions, not millions. It will be quite the big deal due to certain areas no longer being habitable, even for wildlife.

  19. Presumably a nuclear war would have more than a single nuclear blast. Enough nuclear explosions would destroy both the global economy and the climate.

  20. It would be limited to tactical nukes and it would take place in whatever unlucky place was the flavor of the month for that particular proxy war between great powers.

  21. Nuclear winter. Those that survive probably becomes infertile so all mammal will eventually fade away, meanwhile fire ants will take over the world.

  22. in what way? an H-bomb dropped in los angeles? russia gassing downtown london? in my nightmares , all i wanna do during WWIII is get my loved ones together and go home😟

  23. Nuclear weapons would be launched, major cities would be destroyed, first world countries would become fourth world countries and hundreds of millions would die. Global economies would collapse, famine and plague would spread and even more people would die. If the theory of nuclear winter proves true then it gets even worse and more people die.

  24. Everyone would be either huddling in their basements (eventually going to die) or driving to some hopeful destination dealing with the worst case or road rage in human history (and eventually going to die).

  25. We’d die.. almost everyone in an urban centre. People lucky enough to escape irradiation are in for a shit ride for the rest of their life. Unless you lived on a farm with an ample food supply/water your chances for long term survival are slim. And if you did survive your quality of living would probably suck anyway. Access to necessities like healthcare and the like…

  26. The first thing that would happen would be a series of hydrogen bombs exploding at high altitudes causing a massive Electromagnetic Pulse. This will destroy the power, telecommunications networks, and everything based on semiconductors (computers). Our world goes back to the 1800s with no path back. Semiconductor manufacture has been off-shored. Every part of modern civilization will be gone, and we will have massive deaths over time from starvation, bad water, disease, lack of medication, and a whole list of horrors.

  27. A lot of pain and suffering for those who didn't die right away. Look up Japan after Pearl Harbor.

  28. People would flea major cities, supermarkets would be raided for food, looting and stealing all over the place and people won't be able to get through to loved ones as mobile networks will be overwhelmed (like what happened in new York for 9/11). So yeah, don't live anywhere near a major city, have a meeting plan for friends and family and have food storage for at least 3 months!

  29. Every country sends out their first strike capabilities (nuke them dead before they can react) and all the nuclear shit will kill the world for the next 5000 Years anywhere where life existed previously

  30. I think people underestimate the effectiveness of anti-ICBM systems. It would absolutely be a tragedy, but I think most first world countries would get off relatively okay.

  31. I've seen some recent estimations that said about 3billion people will die when every nuke is fired at once. Take into account that not all of them will be fired, not all of those will fire, not all of those will land - there's a pretty good chance of survival. Some cities might get fully destroyed, others will continue living with a few minor changes, like helping those affected, planning the clean ups and ways to not repeat this.

  32. If you've ever seen the movie The Divide, it portrays what would be very likely to happen all across the world if people survived the initial nuclear hell

  33. The best you could hope for would be a fallout shelter and never expect to see the sun again, at least not for about 10-20 generations. It’d suck to watch your children inherit a rotten earth if you were above ground. Just sadness.

  34. Unless there was good notice of this nuclear attack I couldn't shelter in place for 3 weeks. I don't have 3 weeks of food. I'd be fucked in maybe a week, depending on exactly when shit went down.

  35. apparently allot of us actually wont die, from what i've heard. the fallout will wear out in like 48 hours and only major city centers will get bombed.

  36. get the fuck away from the major cities and hole up in a predetermined location that's in the mountains, which will somewhat block the radiation and EMP

  37. The movie "threads" is a pretty horrific depiction. Takes places in England in the 70's, first act is tensions rising and day to day life. The second act is right after tactical targets are hit and how all the threads that connect our society are severed. The third act is how badly things are years down the road when the few survivors try to put society back together again. The last scene in particular really solidifies how doomed we would be in the long term.

  38. I don’t know. All I know is I’m not gonna run, I’m gonna sit and watch it happen. I don’t care if my death will be painless or painful, I just want to watch the world fall into chaos as I sit, with my usual fake smile.

  39. We're already rapidly heading to an infertile human race (something like 1% decline in sperm YoY, doesn't sound like much but across one century -- that's 100%)

  40. The last thing most people would hear about is how their nation's anti nuke batteries intercepted a nuclear missile.

  41. Nuclear winter most people die. The world as we know it is gone and it will be wild. The earth will recover but radiation will affect 100 of generations. We problably won't have learned from it.

  42. People in cities would have a bad time. I don’t personally believe the whole schtick about everyone launching everything at once though. More likely is a ping pong kind of nuking each other’s big cities until one side caves in.

  43. I’d be toast, living 15 miles from Washington DC and in an area where 70% of internet traffic flows through.

  44. "One second After" was a good read about what would happen after an EMP blast. People starving within 3 days. No power, no clean water, no medicine. There would be gang/small town violence, chaos and mayhem galore. Essentials, hording and the search for food.

  45. Lots of people would die, but more would survive than you think. About as many people would die of supply chain collapse and lack of agricultural knowledge as from the bombs themselves imo.

  46. A lot less people would die than what would be formerly expected, and a lot of those deaths would be caused by denial of the negative effects of radiation exposure, and going outside after you are alerted to stay inside and take cover.

  47. 15 mins before the missles land: Total panic ensues as sirens go off and megaphones shout to everyone to take shelter. Counter measures deployed, a few missles get taken out, but not enough.

  48. I think people here are grossly overestimating the long-term effects of fallout, and grossly underestimating the number of people that live outside of cities or densely populated areas.

  49. That tiktok trend where people say "I've dug ___ graves for us my dear" when they are talking about 'their animals not being able to go into a bunker with them'

  50. Basically everyone would die. And civilization would mostly end. Some people would probably survive in bunkers and stuff, but definitely a fairly small percentage of the current population.

  51. Depending how many nukes launch. If it's more than 20 then we're all fucked. If it's isolated then I can see world governments crumbling with a slow burn and eventually turning into one consolidated power structure. Nothing would ever be the same and there would be a giant shift in what we consider normal. Money would not be money anymore and everything would become digitally controlled.

  52. Life would end as we know it. I read from somewhere we would only need about 400 Hiroshimas to end society. Can't remember if this is true or something I made up a while back so don't quote me on that

  53. I think it would something like The Walking Dead without the zombies. Some groups of survivors would try to band together to rebuild and other groups of survivors would kill them. Eventually there would be larger groups vying just for power until it all just happened again. The major groups would be destroyed and the cycle starts all over. The meek may inherit the earth, but it'll be a mostly radioactive slag heap. It'll be worse than death for the final survivors.

  54. "I know not which weapons with WWII will be fought, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones." - Albert Einstein

  55. Basically don’t live in a coastal area or a place where your country has a large nuclear weapons launching site. Then, you’ll be fine (hopefully)

  56. The new nuclear holocaust wouldn’t so much be the problem, but the aftermath. Prolonged nuclear winter means it’s going to get cold and things won’t get sun to grow. Mass food shortage and billions will die. That’s more of the problem. If you want to feel horrible today go research nuclear winter!

  57. It might be like something you see in the movies. A few survivors and no resources. Nobody wins a nuclear war. Those who send the bombs will suffer from them to eventually.

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