What is the greatest thing Japan has ever made?

  1. It’s hard to say because they have so many industry leaders, like Pilot in pens, Sony in electronics, Nintendo in video games, and Toyota, Honda and Subaru in cars. Japan doesn’t make everything, but everything they make, they make well.

  2. It’s actually bec if it’s not up to standard, japanese automatically drop the product. If you see how a perfectionist and demanding the japanese consumer are , you’d be amaze. I’m actually surprised they didnt cancel the nintendo switch with it’s analog/joystick issue.

  3. Takeuchi was the first to make mini/midi excavators and the first to make tracked skid steers or TFL's. The chassis are designed to far outlast the engine and hydraulic systems and from personal experience and IMO they are the best.

  4. Traditional Japanese art was a huge influence around 1900 after the country opened up in the mid 1800s after having been pretty much closed to the rest of the world for centuries.

  5. Yea, George Lucas said that Japanese art was the first inspiration for the creation of Star Wars and now we know how Star Wars revolutionized the whole flim making cinema

  6. I'm looking to design a tattoo sleeve for myself and I really enjoy the Japanese art style. Any ideas for what I could put on the sleeve to make it look like I'm just an admirer of the art and not a culture vulture? (If I'm worrying too much about that, let me know, too! I'm an American, by the way.)

  7. Ain't that the truth? And all these people mention sushi and tempura as the big standouts, but have you tried Japanese curry? That stuff's eastern cuisine's answer to pizza.

  8. In all honestly, food in Japan in general is fantastic - not just Japanese food. Regardless of what they're making, they take that shit to the next level.

  9. Even their 7-11s have a selections of food that would make some cities envious. The eating culture over there is really something.

  10. Toyota deserves all the credit in the world for some amazing utilitarian vehicles like the Hilux and Land Cruiser. But my god, passenger vehicles like the Camry and Highlander are like the place where style and excitement go to die. I swear Toyota has a massive syringe at the end of every assembly line where the suck the joy out of vehicles. Then they sell it to Mazda.

  11. Yep, I took my 2012, 220,000km hilux in for a service and asked my mechanic what to expect from the motor. He told me he serviced the same model/motor/trans at 580,000 and had no signs of going anytime soon.

  12. I'll go with that. I have one made in 1982. It's unstoppable. People leave notes on it asking if it's for sale.

  13. Nintendo ranks super high on my list. It was recommended my family buy an NES to help my young brother develop his hand/eye coordination. Worked like a charm. This on top of being awesome of course!

  14. Yes. Nintendo is my favorite gaming company and first party Nintendo games, for the most part, are classics and very playable for years, if not decades.

  15. I showed Super Mario Bros. 3 to my 14-year-old. His reaction: "Did someone remake a modern game with 1990s graphics?" That's how brilliant Nintendo's gameplay was and is.

  16. Yes! I first discovered these movies by watching one that was playing on tv late one night when I was about 14- it was called 'spirited away' and it fucking blew my mind.

  17. I JUST watched Grave of the Fireflies for the first time EVER the other night - nothing has ever made me sob harder at 4:00am.

  18. Calbee makes a potato chip that tastes exactly like a baked potato just absolutely drenched in butter and my god are they fantastic. They only seem to come out in fall and when I still lived in Los Angeles county, I would go to Little Tokyo and buy every bag the store had in stock. I'd hoard that shit like I was Smaug with his gold.

  19. What people don’t know is that Toyota pioneered Process Management principles that almost every corporation in the world uses. Like Nintendo is the top comment of this thread, but they probably use LEAN principles pioneered by Toyota. Ever have a boss talk about Kanban or Kaizen at your job? Toyota. Six Sigma? Toyota.

  20. For the 2JZ engine alone they should be top of the list that engine is so well engineered you would be hard pushed to find a better unit 30 years later not to mention their process management

  21. Anime. Specifically the earlier ones that made animation in general recognized as a medium for more mature storytelling rather than something targeted towards kids.

  22. There actually was an attempt in America dating back to the 1970s, but MGM freaked out at a cartoon, from a house recently purchased by them, and did everything they could to keep it from seeing the light of day. It's a cult classic now; but yeah, if it weren't for movies like Akira, we would not be where we are today.

  23. I've heard that karaoke originated from Japan, although that may just be a rumor. If that's true though, karaoke for sure.

  24. Toyota invented the just in time production/lean production philosophy which is how practically every supply chain runs in the world. Its implications on the economy/business world are profound.

  25. Sony almost everything. They’ve fallen behind on some industries in recent decades, but it’s one hell of a company. They do everything from banking to image sensors, a true conglomerate.

  26. From Software. I don’t know if it’s the different culture, but the production value of all of their games (even if they are seen to fall short such as with dark souls 2) screams passion. I’d like to add that I have never played games from any other developer in which I have encountered basically no bugs whatsoever (although I play console so I may be a bit skewed in my opinion).

  27. The understanding and mere concept of not being wholly wasteful & trashy and actually caring for both your possessions and the land & nature you live upon.

  28. 3 companies: Subaru, Seiko, and Kawai. The best bang for your buck (quality vs price vs reliability) in their respective fields

  29. For me, it was the walkman... Why? Portable cassette players changed how we consume music... When portable music entered the digital age, walkmans became discmans, which became MP3 players, which became the iPod, which begat the iPhone & iPad, arguably, the world's most popular line of phones and internet devices.

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