What smell brings you pure joy?

  1. Cotton candy perfume. It reminds me of the good parts of my childhood. My dad would always put some on me before we went out anywhere.

  2. lavender and lilac lavender, because it's calming and i like the shape of the flower. lilac, because it wakes memories of my childhood home

  3. Any scent that is clean smelling. I really like the sea island cotton scent from Bath & Body Works. I also like coconut scented things as well

  4. The smell of horse... Just reminds me of all the times mine have been there to help me through good and bad, the ultimate comfort smell

  5. Thick new comic book pages. Reminds me of when I started recovery and brought certain comics with me to the psych for luck, and things started to get better.

  6. My late Oma used to wear a kind of white perfume that is the most pleasant aroma I have ever known, and I rarely smell out in the world, but when I do, a sense of peace and calm delight wash over me.

  7. Not so much joy, but I smelled a bag of crayons for the first time a very long time and was immediately given Vietnam flashbacks of kindergarten.

  8. When there’s a food/drink that smells similar to the pineapple filling my aunt made every Christmas before she passed.

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