What do you hate the most about Reddit?

  1. Video player on reddit. You comment something on a video post. Somebody comments on your comment and you want to see what it was. You are directed to the post. Not the comment itself. Then its a game of i-spy.

  2. Move it. This used to annoy me to no end before I realized you can move it to anywhere on the screen. I put it up near the top right corner so I don’t hit it accidentally. Much much better.

  3. This one for real. Also, if you don't post it at the right time, no one will see it. So much of the content on here falls to the wayside just because it has to be timed correctly or you're just screaming into the void.

  4. This is only true on really big subs, which are best avoided anyway for tons of other reasons (I say as I post on AskReddit)

  5. Yup this comment is 9 hours old. I could post a bitcoin wallet seed with $1m dollars in it and no one would notice

  6. The many, many, many super negative people that are very rude and want to argue everything, etc.

  7. Also see, nitpicking and exaggerating small parts or details to totally change the meaning or intent of what you mean. It's like, what was the gist instead of a person seeing a word that just triggers this pre-scripted response.

  8. How about the folks who argue with you when they are completely wrong. Example: I was talking about something that I have professional expertise in and was told I was wrong and stupid in the most condescending way by someone who clearly did not know what they were talking about.

  9. Reddit is just permanent outrage olympics. Every day people log in just to see what are we mad about today. Could be a company or a celebrity or a politician or just a nobody who is in the news that day, and in the unlikely event that nothing interesting is happening we get mad about something that happened decades ago. Yes there is bad stuff happening in the world but I don't understand why so many people want to bask in it every free minute they have.

  10. I had someone who spam replied to my comment earlier demanding I "Debate him". This was because I called him out for saying children should be forced to love miserable and cold lives.

  11. I got banned in a sub for sticking up for myself using less than kind words and was banned but the people nitpicking borderline harassment just slide on by because... Accuracy?

  12. Particularly how so many subs devolve into political arguments when the sub has no reason to go there.

  13. It's a funny feature of Reddit. For example, I have a masters degree in Economics, but those are a dime a dozen here. Unlike at the thanksgiving party where you're used to being the highest authority on the subject present, on here it hardly counts as anything and there will be other people with as much authority or more that has conflicting views to yours. That's just the nature of a community this large.

  14. How toxic some of the subs are for no apparent reason. For instance, you could be a new bird owner - say you got a parakeet from the pet store. Everything is fine, but one day it is acting weird. You find a sub where people ask pet bird questions and post your question. All of the sudden you are the worst person in the world who is dumb AF and doesn't deserve to have a pet bird, then commenters fight amongst themselves and the answers you get are seemingly from psychopaths or maybe angry 12 year olds.

  15. Oh yeah a lot of animal related subs are like that. Apparently everyone’s an expert, and unless you do everything they wanna do, you’re a shit owner and an abuser lol. I’ve seen people post genuinely cute videos and people attacking them for no reason at all.

  16. UR SO RIGHT. im active on the r slash parrots subreddit and people there call like everyone an animal abuser. at one point, im not kidding, i was going there to ask them EVERY LITTLE QUESTION cuz i was so afraid i was an animal abuser. am i giving him too less food? am i giving him too much food? someone asks a question about owning a bird and people go nuts. it made me really scared and paranoid about my parrot until i realized thats how everything on the internet is

  17. This is why I left a mom sub for posting once there years ago and I got reamed out, told I was the problem, it was insinuated that I was a weirdo for even asking. I just wanted help! I just wanted to get this issue off my chest and get perspective. It was incredibly defeating and left me feeling so awful, and years later I’m still angry and hurt about how a bunch of internet warrior moms decided to rip me apart.

  18. This is so true and it infuriates me so much. I saw comments on a post about mens mental health earlier that were very wrong and adding to the problem that men struggle with mental health yet these comments were getting hundreds of upvotes yet the people who were actually addressing the issue and being helpful and were factually correct were getting downvoted.

  19. It's not quite so egregious if you disable the bullshit "Hide comments below this score" feature which is enabled by default.

  20. honestly the sheer volume of people making cringey jokes over and over again, or those who hijack a post to talk about themselves when in fact, nobody fucking asked

  21. Yes! When you have a top comment and 50+ people reply with the same joke about your comment. Like I didn’t already read the other 49 replies lol

  22. You just can’t have a healthy argument on here. People often misinterpret my genuine comments as something negative. I say something with a positive or neutral tone yet people somehow think I say something with a negative tone. People seem to want to argue like children instead of having a respectful and healthy discussion like adults. I wish people just didn’t comment on something if they knew nothing about it but the issue is that people just have to feel like they are experts on everything.

  23. I said something completely innocuous and came back to some loser writing a three paragraph response about my implied tone and how it was condescending because we "all know how you meant it." What? That guy's a mod now on a sub I follow. RIP

  24. I once commented how I'll be giving my son privacy, especially once he hits puberty, because there are things I never need to see. People basically started calling me sexist because I didn't say I'd do the same with a daughter. I don't have a daughter. I currently have a 1 week old son. Wtf people.

  25. When I ask a question because I am truly curious and nobody answers. I get so disappointed. I try it on lots of different subs sometimes, too, all ones that are relevant to the topic, and just sometimes nobody engages. I mean, I know that must mean it's a poor question or nobody can relate to it, but it still leaves me confused.

  26. There’s a name for the rule which escapes me at the moment, but it basically says, “To get the best answer to a question on the internet, don’t ask the question, but say the incorrect answer and someone out there will feel compelled to correct you on it.”

  27. someone mentioned this trick in another thread - ask a question, then log into a new account and reply to your question with an incorrect answer. Then sit back and wait for 50 replies telling you you're wrong and what is the correct answer.

  28. Everyone seems to get offended over EVERYTHING. And they’re always “educating” you about something you may not have meant, but said. I really honestly wonder if they do that irl, too. Are they always correcting & enlightening people?

  29. People are mostly exposed to ideas and beliefs they already agree with, making them more certain of themselves without considering (or even being exposed to) anything else. And then 'otherizing' people who think differently, like they're sooo foreign and stupid and wrong

  30. More than that, you can prevent verified facts and back them up with evidence, and people will still shit on you for it if those facts don’t fit with their personal views. Like, downvoting something won’t stop it from being true, buddy

  31. Political subs that aren't about political discussion but are propaganda echo chambers which brook no dissent.

  32. It's far easier to criticize others than it is to turn that lens on to your own thoughts and beliefs. In all fairness, pretty much every major media outlet and social media channel is a propaganda outlet. We aren't allowed to say that publically because the US would never produce propaganda (sarcasm).

  33. I also hate weirdos shoehorning politics into something totally not political. E.g. you see a video, someone does something stupid like crashing a motorbike through a bush or something. There’s always comments with something like ‘clearly a trump/Biden/brexit supporter’ or similar.

  34. And the related problem of how any culture sub turns into a political sub because someone doesn't like the political views of someone featured on the sub.

  35. Yep. I've been here for nearly 15 years. Reddit was so much better back in the day before the admins cared about how the world saw reddit. Now it is too tightly controlled.

  36. I wish there were an alternative that was like the genuinely pro free speech early Reddit, I've been looking to jump ship for ages, I'm sure a lot of other people have too. The most serious attempt to make an alternative was Voat and it was immediately filled with Nazis and white supremacists.

  37. Reddit tends to thrive on this unnerving mix of pessimism, a smug sense of superiority yet "humorous" inferiority/self-deprecation, and hysteria.

  38. my favorite type of redditor is the optimistic person. idk why but seeing someone so optimistic in a sea of pessimism just makes me feel inspired.

  39. I feel like I had to scroll way too long to find this answer. It's so cringey. Everyday there is this "what makes x instantly attractive?" and then the answers are filled by people soaking in their self-consciousness. And honestly I think many of them don't even want to take the tips into consideration.

  40. Gosh almost everywhere. I'm a cyberpunk author and anywhere I post about my books is deleted 😡 so I need to make a fake account and pretend to be a big fan or something and then the post is ok?

  41. I think the rules against self-promotion do more good than harm. I want to have some spaces in my life where someone isn't trying to sell me something. And yes, some guy promoting their humble work is better than a Coca-Cola ad, but it's still not a real conversation, it's someone trying to sell me something.

  42. I feel like at least once a day I see a post which seems quite interesting or unusual and it will have 30k upvotes and yet all of the top comments are talking about how the post is bull.

  43. The black and white hive mentality. Like, if you don't share the same general opinion, then you're clearly the worst piece of shit to ever walk the Earth, no exceptions.

  44. Absolutely no context. We are easily amused by memes and pictures of cool stuff but nobody posts a source or has info about said photo.

  45. Calling rude people “karen” became immediately annoying. We get it, you need an identifying trait to the annoying harpy in your fake as fuck story from retail, like… come the fuck on subs like that aren’t even real and calling someone a karen is actually cringe for real.

  46. The lack of reasonable discussions. It's always your opinion isn't mine so your can't be valid or those who are a part of the minority in anything get downvoted to hell regardless of post.

  47. Stating facts, actual facts that can be researched from legitimate sources, ie; not the news, and having them downvoted, augured with, or banned, because they go against what people "feel" it should be.

  48. Reaaaally love those autobans that'll ban you from subs just for making a single comment in other ones.

  49. The downvote bandwagon. You'll just say something that someone disagrees with and then they downvote you. Then people see that you're being downvoted and they're primed to go, "oh, this must be getting downvoted for a good reason" so they downvote you too. Then they just keep rolling in, even if the thing you said was perfectly reasonable or even correct.

  50. Once the score starts going negative it affects people's perception of what you say. You could say something neutral like "cats cause allergies," but if it starts receiving downvotes people are going to start putting subtext in. They think you're implying cats suck or something stupid.

  51. Being told what to think about social issues by teenagers who still live at home and have never left their own country or held a job or had any real world experience at all.

  52. Getting down-voted because your factual statements don't match the opinion of the hive mind.

  53. I would contribute to way more topics of discussion but too many people on my usual subreddits make it clear (through the karma system) that any comment or idea must NEVER brake their decided conventions…

  54. Predictability. For a lot of topics, the comment sections are always exactly the same with all the same responses. A post even slightly related to healthcare will quickly devolve into arguments about the healthcare system in the US.

  55. I’m pretty sure some people on Reddit have a script they go by to spout out just the most boring opinions and statements everybody on this platform has heard a billion times. It’s like going through a whole tedious process every time a certain subject is brought up.

  56. My posts don't show up in r/ videos for the past like... 7 years. And I have no idea why. I've messaged the mods and even the admins and no one ever replies. I just don't get it.

  57. That the upvote/downvote buttons are used as agree/disagree instead of insightful and productive to a meaningful conversation/not insightful or productive

  58. How one mild infraction can get you banned forever. 😑😑😑 Was there ever a warning system, or a three strikes you’re out program at all…so SO stupid.

  59. Yesterday I got banned from my favorite subreddit that I've been participating in for years, because I said "I understand your point but isn't that a little harsh?"

  60. Everyone thinks they're a comedian. 95% of the funny comments people leave just make me roll my eyes. Someone in those people's lives need to break the news to them that they're not funny.

  61. Full of teenagers who haven't gained the life skills to think for themselves/critically. Further reinforced by the fact that the phrase "echo chamber" was probably created on this forsaken app.

  62. People attacking you when you make a harmless comment or post that was made with good intentions. Oh…. And unsolicited dick pics tho it is fun to come back with a witty comment or two there

  63. Reddit is mostly for young american audiences. Wanna have a serious discussion about movies? Fine, lets go to the movies sub where people mostly talk about the multiverse.

  64. Serious topics have loads of top comments of people trying to be funny. When they aren't. Just karma hunting. The first joke might've mildly funny but then people try and follow it up with utter shite. If it's a light hearted topic then its fine.

  65. People shitposting and downvoting genuinly helpful comments and giving you bad karma for the sake of pissing you off

  66. I think that's people just wondering the same thing or agreeing that it's a good question but they also don't have an answer for.

  67. They are upvoting because they agree that it is a good question and want to give it more visibility so that someone who may have an answer will see it. If there are no upvotes, then the question will disappear with the timeline feed, fewer will see it and there will be less chance for it to be answered.

  68. The number of times you get downvoted for sharing your opinion or experience on topics that revolve around sharing your opinion or experience.

  69. Reddit is tailor made to create echo chambers. It's probably up there with Facebook, except that there are echo chambers for every possible place on the spectrum.

  70. How the Reddit app is a technological nightmare. It sucks. It glitches, it messes up and not to speak about the video player.

  71. The sheer number of people who have decided that they're superior for being introverted/nerdy/holier than thou. They see anything involving people having fun at like a pool party or whatever and immediately criticize them and assume they're all frat boy douchebags without a single brain cell between them

  72. AITA and Relationship Advice subs jumping the gun to divorce as soon as a minor inconvenience occurs in a romantic relationship.

  73. Technically this should be "Grammar Nazis." Since there is no noun indicating that said Grammar Nazis posess anything, it is superfluous and incorrect.

  74. The fact that people can’t leave politics out of their comments on unrelated posts, unfortunately most of it is Americans being offended and it’s really off putting.

  75. The users. Most of the people here have this air of moral superiority where if you don't agree with the hivemind opinion, you deserve the worst to have happen to you.

  76. Everyone either takes things way too seriously or not seriously at all. It's either "haha let's make funny haha fandom memes about this massive real-life tragedy that just happened haha this bomb that just killed 100 civilians looks like an amogus" or "umm that silly meme you just posted in a silly meme subreddit was obviously made in 5 minutes and not 6 and therefore isn't good enough for the internet please put more effort into your shitposting :"

  77. Every time I get a notification I get anxious that some 12 year old is aggressively telling me that Im wrong and dumb

  78. I never gave it much thought when is was younger and used Reddit but growing up and learning about life responsibilities and world issues it's painfully clear that there are alot of naieve teens in that "I have everything figured out" phase on the site.

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