what’s the worst nude you’ve gotten ?

  1. Once had a dude send me a dick pic with a taco bell bean burrito beside it for comparison. There was a bite out of the burrito and for some reason that's the part that haunts me the most.

  2. Had a friend send me a doggy style pic from behind. You could still see toilet paper around the bootyhole. Killed the boner, never told her.

  3. It was an unsolicited picture of a woman who was supposedly looking for a dom. I didn’t reply bc the odds that someone would get a legit unsolicited nude from a woman are a lot lower than the same pic being a scam. I mean it could have been legit. I just think it very likely wasn’t. Weird they wouldn’t pick someone hotter but I don’t know, maybe that was part of the scam. Make it look more realistic.

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