What famous person died too soon?

  1. Jim Henson. Man had such a good spirit - he was creative and optimistic and humorous. I'm so sad we lost him so early.

  2. My biggest hero growing up. I wanted to work with him. Been on the Henson studio lot many times and had good friends who worked for the Henson kids. Met Caroll Spinney with Oscar not long before his death. I actually took my family today to Henson’s childhood exhibit in Mississippi. That man runs through me every day. Huge influence. He had so much art yet to give to humanity and it was cut way too short. I still mourn this one greatly 32 years later.

  3. This one is the most tragic to me. And someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I understand it he didn’t go to the hospital because he didn’t want to be a bother or burdensome. Had pneumonia and was deathly sick and if he had gotten treatment would’ve been fine (possibly?) but instead didn’t want to ask a friend for a favor so he wouldn’t be a nuisance to them. Ugh, I hope this isn’t true but it makes me so sad to think it is and it’s so believable because of who he was!

  4. And his death was so, so pointless and unnecessary. I wish he had gone to the hospital a little bit sooner.

  5. Douglas Adams. Died at only 48. Must have been only 10 or 15 years away from stopping procrastinating and finishing another book.

  6. This was my answer too. Two of his films were always favorites at my house and I wonder how many we missed out on.

  7. I loved him as Troy McClure on the Simpson’s “I’m Troy McClure and I’ll leave you here for what we all waited to see HARDCORE NUDITY”

  8. I also Cried. And then again when Adam Savage took a tour of Grants workshop that has been kept in stasis since his death.

  9. Grant was one of the few celebrity deaths that made me cry. He was a good, positive person, and his death was such a waste.

  10. Hans Gruber is and will be my favorite ever movie villain, and snape is and will be my second favorite, Rickman was just on another level

  11. “No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away, until the clock wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is harvested. The span of someone’s life is only the core of their actual existence.” - Reaperman

  12. He was my age and was one of my favorite actors since I saw him in Charlie Bartlett. One of the saddest celebrity deaths for me.

  13. Just one of those absolutely tragic deaths. No history of dangerous or reckless behavior, no moral conundrum, just a senseless accident.

  14. An 8-year-old girl murdered by her unhinged father for being more successful than him is about as tragic as it gets.

  15. That story is so unbelievably tragic that I stopped myself before finding out all the details. Ignorance is bliss.

  16. It's fucked up how the 911 call his brother Joaquin Phoenix made was played on TV. Just imagine the most traumatic moment of your life being put on full display for people to gawk at.

  17. 100%. This guy was amazing talent. 23 years old and people who weren’t even alive are still finding out about him every day.

  18. Trevor Moore, comic genius dead at 41 from a random freak accident, def way too soon and would have kept having great material as society really spiralled out of control

  19. Trevor's death fucked me up. Man was one of the biggest influences on my sense of humor and genuinely made me into the person I am today. Such a sad loss.

  20. Everyone told him it couldn’t be done. “No mortal is that flexible” we all said. He still didn’t listen

  21. i remember watching jessie all the time growing up, it was like we were growing up at the same time. hearing that he passed at such a young age ripped me in half. i may have not known him personally but god if his death didn't hurt.

  22. Cameron Boyce's death smacked me in the face with the mortality of everyone. I watched him in Jessie when I was younger and then I saw on my phone one day that he past away and it was so surreal to me in a way because hes not much older than I was and idk where I am going with this but it was kinda just a painful reminder that anyone can die at anytime.

  23. Great answer! I used to watch Jessie every evening with my sister around 2015. There are episodes I saw like 10 times. He was so young...

  24. I was only nineteen when he died. It was strange knowing someone close to my age, someone I saw on TV for hours and was a fan of, suddenly was gone with no warning.

  25. His death hit our house pretty hard. My youngest was a huge fan of The Descendants. He dressed as Carlos one year.

  26. I came here for Austen -- imagine if she'd just lived to the same age as most of her siblings did! (Her eldest brother died a few years after her, aged 54, but the rest all lived into the 1840s and beyond.) Imagine Austen and Dickens as writing contemporaries -- I'd love to hear an elderly Miss Austen's take on Dickens and Thackeray.

  27. Charlotte Brontë too. Only 3 full novels before her death at 38. Biographers believe she died of Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I had it 3 times and felt like I barely survived with intense medical treatment. If only there had been IV treatment then.

  28. This is a good one, she seemed like such a genuinely good person. So much talent too, between the acting and singing. I loved her work with Paul Oakenfold back in the day.

  29. Saddest part was Ritchie had a fear of planes and flying from his childhood experience. He died at only 17

  30. This is my answer as well. That he didn't see the success of the Dark Knight and his Oscar win (although if he still would have been nominated for a "comic" role if he had lived, I am not sure). He was so talented and had already shown so much range, it would have been interesting to see what he did next. Plus he had a young daughter who grew up without a Dad.

  31. He's the most talented person to ever die that young. Jimmy page famously said, "he's like if me and Robert (plant) were one person, he's that good.."

  32. Adam Sandler's eulogy song to him, that still makes him cry, what some 20 years later, really shows the impact he had on people

  33. Such an amazing man. PSH’s death hit me hard and still shakes me. Those who have loved ones who are in the valiant fight against addiction, know that it is “one day at a time”. But PSH was 10 years clean and still the demons called him. It’s made me realize no matter how long it’s been or how strong you think your loved one is, you can’t take anything for granted. I just know that if they stumble, we still need to love and support them as they start again at day 1. Godspeed PSH🙏🏼

  34. Queen of the Damned was so fun. I would really have loved to see her keep acting in addition to her music career. She was so beautiful.

  35. I wished his brief role in That 70s Show as the owner of the hangout spot they went to had been more of a permanent thing.

  36. Dude had just gotten clean too and made what I thought was the best album of his career. God, the irony is sickening.

  37. This one cut me really deep. Such an incredible singer, lyricist and performer. Soundgarden were planning a new album and playing shows. I'm sure Cornell would have continued making music until a grand old age had this not happened. The thought of him leaving behind a wife and kids, and the awful legal spat that has sprung up between the band and his wife is just... really upsetting.

  38. Martin Luther King Jr. I don’t think people realize he wasn’t even 40 in a career path that we see last into their 80’s sometimes. So sad he should still be alive

  39. I met him once at a bar in the Village. He was with someone and I didn't want to bother him but I said fuck it and went up while ordering a drink and just said how much of a fan I am and how his show inspired me to travel, we talked for a good 20 to 25 mins, he asked me a lot about my favorite Polish foods and how my mom makes her pierogi, he also bought me my whiskey sour.

  40. He's the only celebrity death that genuinely upset me. It was completely shocking, I can't even watch Parts Unknown anymore and it was one of my favorite shows. I miss him, he was special.

  41. Yes. And Maury Muehleisen. Those guys deserved to enjoy the fruits of their success instead of dying while becoming famous.

  42. Terribly sad. I was such a fan before the voice. Like her very beginning of youtube videos. Her death was so tragic, it makes my stomach turn.

  43. I find this one particularly tragic because, if he’d hung on for even another year, he might well have been treated with early versions of HAART and survived.

  44. This was truly horrific to read about - just a mom trying to spend outside time with her kid, and ends up tragically drowning. I'm so glad they found and rescued her son.

  45. I mean, too many count. But I’d say Howard Ashman. He was a lyricist (and general storyteller) who launched Disney into their renaissance, reconceiving what an animated fairy tale could be. He wrote The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and half the songs in Aladdin before dying of complications of HIV/AIDS at the age of 40.

  46. Man, that concert they held in his memory, where they invited different rock bands member to sing along, but when they played “

  47. God damnit. I never cried about learning a celebrity died until I heard about Chester. I'm so glad Mike was able to keep making amazing art through his struggle.

  48. Literally yelled in the middle of the street when my husband texted me that he passed. My goodness, I've never been so rattled by a celeb death.

  49. and that he would visit kids in the hospital while he was dying himself. much love and respect on that. he was a greater human than most realize

  50. Fr. Very fuckin sad. Kept his sickness private and didn't let it interfere with his craft or who he was. Definitely didn't allow the disease to change perspective on his work or gain sympathy just for the fact. iWe learn alot of things he did for others with the disease and people in general AFTER his passing. Nowadays celebs shout from the rooftops about a benign health hiccup or post "giving back" videos for the press it receives.

  51. A recent one, Billy Kametz. He was a professional voice actor who worked on a ton of games and animated shows. He passed earlier this month due to cancer.

  52. Billy was such a good guy too: always so kind to everyone he spoke to. I admired him so much, and hearing about his death really messed with me for a couple of days.

  53. i’ll admit, i only opened this thread to find billy. he seemed like an amazing guy, and i loved his performance as dr. maruki in p5r. sad to see him go.

  54. She was only 23 and had worked so hard to get to that point in her musical career. Her Disco Medley is one of best performances of all time and it was also her last concert. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it 💜

  55. I was working at a radio station in El Paso, and doing a live broadcast the day when the news hit. People were coming up to me and asking if it was real, and then breaking down when they learned it was.

  56. Satoru Iwata. He may not have been that young (I think he was in his 60s, possibly 50s) but he still was gone well before his time, he accomplished many things no one else could in the world of video games and the businesses around them, and probably could’ve done even more had he lived longer… Without him gaming, and especially Nintendo wouldn’t be what it is today. And some may argue that Nintendo was never the same after he passed away. Plus it was just so sudden… cancer sucks…

  57. Chadwick Boseman. Man found out he had stage 3 colon cancer which progressed to stage 4, he only told a select few people. He was still acting during that time. And completed several movies. Only 43 years old.

  58. I read a story a while back about his friends trying to save him. I’m sure I have the details a bit off but it was something like this. He didn’t use drugs when he was working (or maybe just less so) and had recently passed on a few projects he didn’t really believe in or didn’t feel he fit. His friends thought that getting him back to work was the key to getting him help so they got to work writing a script for him. He died before the movie could go into production but it got made anyway. That movie was Ghostbusters. Those guys poured their hearts into that film for their friend. At first, to save him, then to honor his memory.

  59. Definitely Norm Macdonald. The special just released on Netflix!?! Amazing! He crushed it with no audience - just himself. Absolutely incredible performer.

  60. The 27 club was going to be my answer with Hendrix being the biggest loss IMO. He was so incredible at taking different styles and making them his own, it's hard to imagine what he would have done during the 70s and 80s.

  61. I honestly wish I could live in a world where MLK lived longer. His opinions and his voice could have done a lot of good through the 70s - early 2000s.

  62. Scrolled way too far for this and almost replied with it myself. I would've loved to hear what he had to say about the state of the world since he left us

  63. No one is going to read this comment or probably know who this is, but Cass Elliot. She died before I was born, but I watched her in an episode of Scooby Doo when I was younger. That then got me into listening to her music. I kind of forgot about her until I watched my all time favorite TV show the good place last year. There’s an episode titled “don’t let the good life pass you by” and the cass elliot song of the same name plays in it. I fell in love with mama cass all over again and wish she had lived to make more music. She was only 32

  64. The saddest part is his wife was pregnant and she lost the baby due to the stress of him passing :(

  65. My brother was in UNC’s juvenile physc ward when Robin Williams was filming patch adams. Somehow he was allowed to stop by and visit with the patients. He spent 45 minutes talking one on one with my brother. Died too young indeed but left quite the mark.

  66. The autopsy revealed that he had Lewy Body Dementia, which is like a cross between Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and much worse than either. Its early symptoms include depression and paranoia, and truthfully, I think he spared himself and his family a LOT of suffering, without them realizing it, by doing what he did.

  67. This is the one that hit me the hardest out of any celebrity demise. I very much wonder what else he what have gone on to create... Bleach, Nevermind, and In Utero are all front-to-back amazing IMHO.

  68. MF DOOM...No one even saw if coming and it remained buried for 2 months. Learning the news on New Years as a fan was gut wrenching. It seemed like he was in a zone too. He was collaborating with a lot of different artists.

  69. Why isnt this higher? The boondocks did a whole show about what could have been. I mean it was cynical as fuck but damn. Can you imagine if he wasnt assassinated

  70. Alan Rickman. The man had a voice like dark chocolate, perfectly embodied a complex character in Harry Potter, played an amazing villain in Die Hard, and was brilliant in Galaxy Quest

  71. John Bain AKA Totalbiscuit. Miss what he offered and nobody ever managed to replace what he provided in my eyes. There are lots of good answers in this thread, and I think reflecting on what they did that makes them so cherished is wonderful.

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