What advice would you give to a thirteen year old?

  1. No one but you remembers the cringe unless its on video. You can be registered as a sex offender for life for taking nude selfies at that age in most developed countries. No adult has any idea what the fuck they're doing, they just try their best and hope for the best.

  2. Get a little part time job when you're able to, but don't let it impact your education. Try to save at least a thousand before your 18th birthday, and start passively investing some of your money into ETFs.

  3. Just because they are a child, it does not mean they can’t recognize their emotions. Let nobody tell them that they have no reason to cry, be angry, disappointed; or question their happiness, success, or effort.

  4. Be yourself. You know your future self will cringe at you, but that's not your problem yet. Just don't be a jerk.

  5. The same advice that I give to my 13 year old. Don’t post anything that would embarrass future you. And when they ask, how would you know? Ask, is it hurtful? Is it embarrassing? Are your clothes on? Keep them that way. Try to hold on to being a kid for as long as you can. Make good memories that you would be proud of and the hardest piece of advice is to stay offline as much as possible to just experience life. Sorry if that’s square. I’m hoping that some of it sticks.

  6. Highschool's probably as hard as it's gonna get. After that, it's relatively smooth sailing as far as academics, expectations thrust upon you, struggles and life decisions, etc.

  7. 1: Be kind to yourself and those around you because people remember kindness. 2: everything feels so raw at that age. There is nothing in the middle between love and hate. This is normal, but don’t do anything stupid with lifelong consequences because of how you feel in any single moment. 3: learn to code and speak another language because your brain is a sponge now. 4: open a bank account, credit card, and invest 10% of your money in stocks using a company like TD. 5: don’t start smoking weed until you’re 21 because you’ll mess up your brain development, and you have your whole life to do that

  8. Do your best, but you can find happiness without being the richest or the smartest, so if you experience any setbacks try to just roll with it - it's not the end of the world.

  9. If your planning on going to college Don’t do AP/IB classes and just do pre-enrolled college classes if offered.

  10. Honestly, I'd probably just send them down the wrong path because life's pretty boring on this one. Plus the world starts ending in 2020 anyway - so they might as well enjoy their teens.

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