What TV show was amazing at first but became unwatchable for you later on?

  1. I watched every new episode of gLee when it came out and was slightly obsessed with the show. But as soon as it finished it all crumbled. The show makes no sense, is not good, and I could never rewatch it.

  2. There was a huge Writer's strike so they had to discard everything already written for season 2, and distance the show from the plot written by the team on strike to avoid lawsuits/copyrights. If I remember correctly, I read the original season 2 was going to be about the main characters having to reveal themselves to the world as superheroes in order to save a city from a dam breaking or something like that.

  3. Happy Days! Once Fonzie jumped the shark, while waterskiing and wearing his jacket, the show just got progressively worse.

  4. Hard agree. Season 3 would’ve been such a good natural ending to the show. Season 4 isn’t totally horrible, but 5 and 6 are so boring and random.

  5. The blacklist, so many loopholes and a never ending plot. I mean, the female hero (forgot her name) was wanted and had her pictures broadcast nationwide live, but a couple of weeks after she can do undercover work

  6. I loved the first season... and then every character became the worst versions of themselves. Liz got even more boring, Red got more mysterious with fewer actual plot points or revelations, every FBI agent seemed to get dumber. Its all Spader could do to keep that show alive, but eating scenery only goes so far

  7. James Spader definitely carries the show. I did really enjoy it at first and got hooked but kind of just still watch now because I’ve committed way to much time to give up!

  8. She was a terrible character. Red is pretty cool but in the first episode, they are talking about Elizabeth's first day with the FBI as a profiler and in no time she's giving orders to field agents and leading action teams doing forced entries.

  9. I can forgive the show for a lot since it's clearly supposed to be glitzy and pulpy and they obviously had no long-term narrative in mind if they kept getting renewed.

  10. There was one instance where the big reveal at the end of one season was literally undone in the premier of the next one. They needed to have an end goal in mind for the relationship between Red and agent whatshername, but it just keep going in loops.

  11. The rare show where the metaplot absolutely killed it. A more procedural show would have been really interesting and could have built up a smaller, more carefully written backstory for Red.

  12. "And *you* get a bow. And *you* get a bow. EVERYBODY gets a bow. ... wait, why is Felicity crying??"

  13. Arrows first season is dope when he is murdering everyone. I wish he never discovered the power of friendship

  14. I still remember when the subreddit was rebranded as "Felicity" or something with the banner featuring only her to mock the fact that the show only revolved around her. And at some point they converted into a subreddit for Daredevil out of sheer protest.

  15. We brood and we lie, and we brood and we lie about other people brooding and lying, then act betrayed when they brood and lie.

  16. The CW is one of the worst offenders for this. They’re always stretching out shows way past their expiration dates. Or they’re just trying to see what crazy shit they can get away with and still keep people watching the show.

  17. I stopped watching Arrow when nobody would fucking stay dead. Characters mourning someone's third death as if they won't be back in the next episode...

  18. Castle - By the end of filming the two main leads hated each other… and you can tell! They had to come up with whacky storyline’s to keep them apart.

  19. Castle was great and one of the few detective shows with a quippy Moonlighting-style relationship between the leads that handled their relationship really well, having them grow closer at a reasonable pace while giving the show tension without constantly undoing all of their progress.

  20. I watched about that much til it got boring and too weird. I enjoyed them giving Disney characters a twist separate from their movie counterparts. Then something about seeing Elsa basically cosplaying the animated movie made me stop. It was more fun when they left us guessing who the new person was and not throwing it in our faces like that.

  21. If you're into comics at all, try reading Fables! Once Upon a Time (and Grimm) were originally supposed to be TV versions of Fables, but branched off and did their own thing. The comic series is excellent, although it also has a hard drop-off point after the Adversary storyline finishes up.

  22. Yet another show that had a great set-up that gets resolved at the end of the first season and then has nowhere else to go. See also: Heroes.

  23. Was going to mention this. It started out great but really started to go off the rails with characters making increasingly nonsensical choices. Nancy marrying the Mexican drug lord was the beginning of the end.

  24. lmao, I really click on this thread thinking "I'm gonna add Heroes to the list, I know some people watched it but it was a long time ago and surely there must be other shows that spring to people's mind first"

  25. Not the worst offender, but That 70's Show tanked pretty hard once Eric left. He was sorely needed to make the chemistry of the group work.

  26. Randy Pearson was one of the worst characters ever added to a dying TV show. By the time he came in all of the actors were completely natural as their respective characters, while everything about Josh Meyers acting seemed so forced

  27. I think regardless the show was reaching its end. When it started it was a show about a bunch of teenagers living with their parents. It would be weird for them to all stay together, hanging out in their friend's parent's basement as they got into their 20s. We want the characters to grow but eventually they move past what the show can realistically portray without completely upending itself.

  28. What really got me about that show was Louis Litt. It was just so frustrating how he would make progress as a character and then stupidly do the the same crap he did before, restarting the whole cycle. I can understand some character regression as that's what people do, but it was just constant with him.

  29. Oh yeah. I loved that show for a bit when it first aired but then lost interest. I went back to rewatch it about a year ago and was really into it and wondered why I stopped watching. Then lost interest again at about the same place. Made the classic drama mistake of becoming too dramatic and complicated. One nuclear disaster after another just becomes exhausting to watch.

  30. They lost me around the time Mike went to prison. I don't know why they didn't just employ him as a consultant instead of pretending to be a lawyer. For being such an amazing law firm they sure missed a super obvious way around the whole issue of Mike being a fake lawyer

  31. Mike went from an interesting character for his special memory abilities to just a basic lawyer. Turned into a soap opera with love storylines instead of actual law.

  32. I'm not gonna endorse Kevin Spacey, but that show just did not work without him. They really should've just ended the series entirely.

  33. You should give the original UK version a go. It is perfectly balanced, plot not performer driven. Cracking writing, acting and directing. A good lesson in the “less is more” school.

  34. I feel like I always think Gray's Anatomy DID end seasons ago, and then every couple of years I find out it's still on and I'm shocked all over again.

  35. The final plot twist: Meredith is a serial killer, responsible for all of the deaths. The final episode is just a long montage of her pushing George in front of a bus, injecting Denny with morphine, sabotaging the plane, ....

  36. How to Get Away with Murder. The first season had some intrigue and plot...and then they just start murdering people left and right after that.

  37. Yeah, the first season I had sympathy for the characters cos there was an accidental murder. Then in later seasons they were all murderers and I was thinking why am I even trying to sympathize with these characters at all. They should all be in jail.

  38. The first season was fresh off the start. Even in the second season, there was this urgency to know what happened to Annalise and how. By third, it was like, another murdere? Cool, that's the name of the show. The revelations from the third season were what kept me going, along with deep attachment to the characters.

  39. It started to feel like they wrote the show only using plot twists and deliberate misinformation. The show's formula was its most interesting part, showing us two perspectives in time and slowly showing us how things got so bad toward the end...honestly I think them killing Wes was when they jumped the shark.

  40. Or about how ezra stalked a 14/15 yr old girl. Had sex with her and manipulated her all for a book. And at the end of it they get together and its like never talked about again

  41. I hate-watched to the end, and right before the A reveal of the series finale, I was looking through Twitter, and there were jokes about

  42. That show was so horrible and irritating and I just kept watching. It was stupid and everyone was dumb as hell, and still I couldn’t stop watching.

  43. Not really relates to the quality of the show, I just love the fact that Alexander Skarsgard plays a character in the show named Eric Northman who is a viking turned vampire, then Skarsgard goes on to star in a movie about a viking called the Northman which is 100% unrelated to the show.

  44. And arrow. Legends got better after season 1. Supergirl was pretty steady in terms of quality for the most part but had some really bad lows and not too many highs. Batgirl was dogshit from the beginning. I feel like I would have liked S&L if it came out at the beginning of the arrowverse but by then I just couldn’t get invested in another cw show

  45. Yep. The writing and the CGI became really shit, I just stopped watching. The show had a lot of potential. If they can't write good stuff, it's better they should just end the show. At this point, they're just milking the show for money.

  46. Cisco/Joe: Barry you need to go faster Barry: I can't Cisco/Joe: You can, I believe in you. Barry:( is suddenly able to do it) we saved the city

  47. Bones. At first it was a fresh setting for a procedural with likeable, developed characters. But then Brennan got Flanderized hard starting around S4 and it was never the same.

  48. One of the biggest will-they-wont-they mishandles ever, possibly THE biggest. They barely admit feelings for each other and then suddenly between seasons they're living together and she's pregnant. There are better ways to handle an actress' pregnancy!!

  49. Agreed! She went from not caring about social cues to just being completely socially awkward. That weird laugh such as when Vincent told her about the dino bones coming in.

  50. I remember as a kid being SO upset that they never got home, after that episode where they actually did but thought they didn't and left.

  51. The first couple seasons were really campy and fun, and I loved that. But eventually it felt like they got to a place where they were taking themselves way too seriously, and it just wasn't working anymore. I have not watched the last season, I got like halfway through the first episode and noped out. The season or 2 before that wasn't very good either, but I really tried, because I had loved it for so long.

  52. The first 13 episodes of season 1 were the best because it was a full blown satire of high school drama tropes that time...

  53. For me, I enjoyed it until Rachel got to New York. If they had ended it with just her leaving and left what happened open to interpretation, maybe it wouldn’t have sucked. But everything that happened in New York irritated me. ESPECIALLY when Rachel literally gave up Fanny for television which she pretty much stated multiple times she would never do. I never liked Rachel but the show focused SO MUCH on her that you’d think they would at least stay faithful to who she was. But no.

  54. I’ve tried to rewatch Glee recently. Knowing the many tragedies surrounding the cast in real life throws such a dark shadow over the show that I couldn’t even get through S1.

  55. I know people disagree but I felt like when Sue Sylvester was still more or less just a monster with no redeeming qualities and Schu's wife was still in the picture being the world's worst wife, it made the show so much more interesting and fun. But then Terri basically gets written out of the show and Sue has all these redemption arcs that they took the bite out of the show.

  56. It took a long scroll to find Glee. I actually legit love the first two seasons, some of my favorite TV and then they had no idea what to do with it once it became a huge hit.

  57. Honestly, I give the whole of season 1 a high grade, even if it trailed off a bit in the back half, because it was still being written as a black comedy that involved adult storylines instead of just students. You had actual drama involving Will, Terry and Emma that didn't revolve exclusively around the glee club. There were adult characters that got involved in plots, like that hilarious middle aged boy band bit with the PE Coach and Terry's dim-witted assistant. They dropped absolutely pitch black comedy like the shop coach who lost both his thumbs being welcomed back with a "Two Thumbs Up!" cake and handed a big old slice with a giant thumb on it that he couldn't eat because he had no fucking thumbs. I even found the whole running gag that Finn literally fought off teenage hormones by remembering the time he literally hit a guy with his car to be some of the darkest humor on offer.

  58. The first few seasons seemed like it was Nev and Max actually doing the work themselves. Then it was the producers like setting everything up.

  59. And it got even worse after Max left. Maybe it was staged but I loved nothing more than Max being protective of the victim and putting the catfish in their place, he was perfect for that role.

  60. Depends on what you call “real”. I read an article years ago from the directors on how the episodes were made. In every episode, the directors and producers already knew who the real person was behind the catfishing. They would look it up, do the research, and schedule everything.

  61. Many times when a show seems to lose its way you'll discover the creator and/or writing team only had a story arc for a season or two specifically planned out (and in some cases, written) but the show became popular ($$$) so they stretched it out. It's kind of a sophomore slump situation but for storytelling.

  62. Falling Skies had cool things every season, but they were definitely running out of quality ideas or writers by Season 4. That finale was a joke also.

  63. I’m glad you brought this up because there’s quite a bit to unload. The first three seasons were great. Everything went downhill once Lexi was born. I couldn’t stand her character and I cringed every time she spoke. I rejoiced when Lexi was gone but the final season doesn’t have much to brag about either. Instead I feel like the final season tried to set too much up with very little time left so it all felt empty.

  64. Okay I'm here again to say that season 5 should have been the finale. Harper and Monty set them up for a new beginning after everything that happened. The end. After that, they slowly ruined every good thing about the show.

  65. "Let's replace the entire cast with less interesting characters and have them never use their abilities. Lunch?"

  66. The first 2 seasons were amazing. 3rd one wasn't bad, but losing Nathan changed the dynamic for me. Everything after 3 is garbage

  67. Pains me to agree, the beginning is so strong, but after the ah, whatever season ends on the time loop situation is a wash for me.

  68. And no where on earth will 5 doctors be pushing the patients bed into the preparation room before an operation. It's the only hospital that is run solely by doctors. No nurses needed.

  69. 100%. It became the same story line over and over and over. Find a place to live. Move there. Someone else wants it. Fight for it. Leave. Repeat over and over.

  70. I reeeally thought they were going for something with the whole build up to finding the CDC in the first season and then they just spun their wheels and it became like mallrats with zombies... (Also mallrats come to think of it). Eventually I just gave up around the farm or town with evil guy season.

  71. nah man, that show is amazing when you think about a bunch of writers on drugs trying to one up each other each season and see how much they get away with without losing their show.

  72. I found that show and loved the first season but like many similar shows it got shitty once they had to invent new crises for Hannah wells to solve and to keep Kirkman as the underdog

  73. My biggest problem surprisingly was the swearing in season 3. And I swear like a mutherfucker. I agree with your point on the HIV plot.

  74. I loved season 1 but they just went completely away from the tone and darkness that made season 1 so good after that

  75. YES! The aesthetic was so cool and individual scenes would be absolutely excellent. The plot was a disaster. The characters didn't make any sense anymore. She just kept getting more and more special and powerful for no reason.

  76. Season 1 & 2 were great but only because they were filmed at the same time. After that the whole thing took a huge nose dive. I really wish HBO had followed through and brought it over: it could have been much darker, more violent, and definitely a bit more edgy. Such is life.

  77. American Gods was SO FRUSTRATING. The audience loved it, and yet, they still just needed to fuck it all up. Ugh. I still get angry thinking about it.

  78. Spot-on with American Gods; after the first season everything got pointless and convoluted-for-no-reason. By the end of season 3 it's pretty much unrecognisable. Makes me want to go and read the book instead.

  79. Killing Eve.. I watched all the way through because Jodie Comer is brilliant in it but holy shit the last season was so hard to get through !

  80. oh my father was devastated by the killing eve finale lmao i’ve never had a more in depth discussion of the

  81. Killing Eve had one of the most ponderously stupid endings in TV history, a gigantic 'fuck you' to everyone who'd stuck with it to the end.

  82. Yep. Season one and two are outstanding. 3 and 4 is the sharpest drop off ever. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer carried the lifeless corpse of that show over the finishing line. Their acting remained on point but there is not much to be done with writing that bad.

  83. The Vampire Diaries had this interesting thing where the lore was so much more intriguing than the actual plot. The final 2 seasons were the dropoff point for me because they just kept adding more and more creatures.

  84. Northern Exposure. My absolute favorite show until Rob Morrow and the original showrunners left. Then it went downhill FAST. Characters I'd loved for years totally changed and started fighting amongst themselves. The new doctor that replaced Joel was less interesting than an inert gas.

  85. Me and Abed have an agreement. If one of us dies, we stage it to look like a suicide caused by the unjust cancellation of Firefly.

  86. Yup, these threads always pop up and its the same list. Surpised how far down Game of Thrones was but realized OP mentions at "first" and a lot mentioned are 1-3 early season big hitters.

  87. He was such a weird character. He was clearly supposed to be a stand in for Eric so we could just pretend Topher Grace never quit the show, but he also seemed to be trying to fill the void left by Ashton Kutcher as well?

  88. Supernatural. The first seasons are so good and then it basically turns into "what weird monster can we come up with in between killing off and resurrecting the Winchester boys and all their friends/family?"

  89. I fell off around 8/9. Whenever dean ended up in purgatory. I remember at one point in the past couple years I flipped to an episode that I had never seen and they were talking about selling their souls. I just went same old shit huh?

  90. Lmao that was a perfect description for the later seasons. Im currently forcing myself to watch season 15 so i can close that book.

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