What do you think of aliens / UFOs watching us and pretending to be us?

  1. Hahaha, fellow human. That certainly does not happen and there are no aliens here observing you or pretending to be you. observing us or pretending to be us.

  2. I want to believe that they're benevolent beings and that's the only thing that can make me cool with it. I've heard someone once say that dogs are less intelligent than humans, and yet we love them. So hopefully a "higher" or more advanced lifeform would feel the same about us.

  3. Skeptical. If they're smart enough to have faster-than-light propulsion, they smart enough to avoid humanity with its superstitions, blood sacrifice, and pollution.

  4. If mankind ends up destroying itself, then we are doomed to be an ignorant race not being able to mature to a Cosmic scale.

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