What did you do for your birthday?

  1. Same, I don't really care and don't tell people it's my birthday. The only thing I do is like eating a bit more expensive

  2. Maybe most people don't celebrate their birthdays because they don't have people around with whom they can share their happiness

  3. Had birthday "phone sex", drank a bit, and then hung out with some friends and watched some Star Trek: TNG. All in all one of the better birthdays I've had in many years.

  4. My birthday party is tonight. Idk if I wanna go because last night my significant other lied to me about where she'd been all day so she could drink without me getting upset. Her father just passed and she's going down a dark path. I asked my dad to help me talk to her and he turned on me saying drinking and driving really isn't a big deal and I'm not really a man for worrying so much. The party is at a pool hall because I love to play pool but idk if I want to be around a bar right now. I feel really hurt and betrayed by a man who up until now has always had my back. I don't know how to deal with any of this and I'm terrified for her future.

  5. That sucks to hear i hope both of you find a way to get better and happier ( also happy birthday i hope you have/had a good day )

  6. Man. There's always got to be one shitty birthday. I'm sorry this one isn't so good and for her loss. You're right to be concerned, but aside from reminding her that you're there and you love her, I'm sorry I don't have any meaningful advice. Is her mother someone who can help you? Any siblings?

  7. Honestly I get a little depressed every year. My birthday is on July 5. I used to celebrate every year on the Fourth of July with my grandparents. My grandfather passed in 2019 and they sold the house. It’s been a heavy day for me since then.

  8. We all like to (I would even say we need to) feel special and it's okay that you feel sad because this one day wasn't what it could be. Whenever my partner and I can't celebrate a certain day or milestone, we try and celebrate it on another day. Your husband sounds sweet and thoughtful from what you've said, so he'll probably be onboard, even though it doesn't make today much better.

  9. I really enjoy my birthdays with myself tbh. Its kinda sad, but I do enjoy just watching a sitcom / show with myself while I treat myself to things I like to eat. So my last birthday, I was on a sidemen binge, and on a schitts creek binge the whole day, ordering whatever food I craved the whole day throughout. Was nice.

  10. Well, the day of my birthday I fought with my father because he's an asshole and he deserved it, if you're asking why? The reason is he spent his birthday with his second family instead to us, his first and legal family, and he has the audacity to tell me it's not a big deal. I'll accept someone who will say not, but for me it is. After that he left again, like he always do, I made him do that cause I know he's not really looking forward to hang out with us he just want to be called a 'good father' despite not going to my other birthdays. Our fight finished, a couple minutes after he left, we left to. We stopped by a Church to celebrate my another year in this world, then we visited our newly born cousin in the hospital. The original plan is to go to a museum but we're late because I fought to my father first. Lastly we visited a historical landmark in Manila because it's really what I want. It's not really the best but atleast I get to celebrate it.

  11. I had a bunch of people over and made dinner from scratch. I made garbanzo bean burgers with homemade buns. I forgot the side, but made by own cake. My friend helped with the icing. It took several days to do because I still had work on the days coming up to my birthday. Then we played Monster of the Week with my wife as GM.

  12. This year i didn't wanna celebrate my birthday but because the universe still owes me 24 hours if happiness I've decided to split my birthday throughout the year. So i take an hour or 2 for myself to be happy and celebrate when I'm in a mood. It's a bit weird but I've had plenty of bad birthdays where i was sad so this year I said "fuck it"

  13. I went white water rafting with one of my buddies for my 21st, and boy is it a great story. We ended up on a Chick-Fil-A raft with a group of military folks. Naturally, they were all very coordinated and worked exceptionally well as a team, so we had no navigational issues. With three rows for us to sit, I sat at the front with my favorite soldier (quiet and collected) and my buddy sat in the middle row behind me. Off we went!

  14. I can hardly remember, but since its on new years eve, probably made some extra good food, watched the fireworks and sat by the computer.

  15. Went camping at a motorbike rally in January in England. Yes it was cold, wet and windy I spent most of my time in my tent wrapped up in my sleeping bag. I will not be doing it again next year.

  16. Oh god! You're braver than I am. At least you tried something and got a memorable birthday out of it. I hope you had a nice pub meal or something to make up for the hypothermia.

  17. It's in a month and a bit. Probably cook some large piece of meat on the smoker and eat it. Drink a few craft beers.

  18. I snuggled cats, ate ramen and played classic video games. Usually I am not one to celebrate birthdays anymore but my friend insisted we do something. Plus my birthday is in assignment season

  19. I've done nothing for my birthday for a few years now and usually alone and it will probably be the same again this year ( its in a couple of days ) what do you guys think i could do this year that i can do alone ?

  20. First thing I did was have to figure out how old I was. Damn I really couldn’t remember. How depressing. So by the time of my next birthday, I assume that I will have to figure out my age again.

  21. Nothing, i celebrate mine late. Me and my older brother always celebrate together, cause our birthday are just 10 days apart.

  22. I usually go to dinner with family and sometimes I buy myself the stuff in the supermarket I like, like the slightly expensive but delicious ice cream or the colorful candy I probably should not be eating.

  23. Fought with my wife because she arranged to have the kids stay at my mom's so we could do something but I didn't feel like going out so she got pissy we just stayed at home and didn't even take the kids to my mom's because I didn't pick a place to go to.

  24. Screwed myself up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by finishing binging a television show. Still dealing with it several months later and will be dealing with it for the foreseeable future.

  25. O had my birthday in April and it was ironically the most depressing day of my life, you know, just one of those days

  26. Nothing. I was home alone all day, and all of my friends were busy. I got nothing, and my dad was working all day. I may just sound like an asshole teenager, but this year's birthday sucked. I'm now 15.

  27. threw a halloween party, since my birthday is close to halloween and many of my friends still enjoy halloween even if we're "too old"

  28. One of my best friends (girl) thought the candles were edible candies 'cause they smelled great and she ate them. So I laughed.

  29. Stayed home playing video games and avoiding people. I don't like birthdays and I don't like leaving the house. I do like being alone and I do like video games. It was everything I could have asked for.

  30. I just go for a walk. I just Dream that I have enough money to buy me something. Sing happy birthday alone and silently while walking and convince myself that I am happy.

  31. It was my birthday on the 17th, a handful of people wished me a happy birthday. No one in my family did though. Got a Linkin Park vinyl and a Stranger Things shirt.

  32. This year, pregamed at my place for an hours, and then headed to the bar with an outside patio for the rest of the night. It was fun, chill, and could not be happier.

  33. Got to the closest restaraunt that dies a pot of muscles and order it. Living in a landlocked area, its the only decent spot i onow of aroind

  34. Worked, then went to the art district with my friends to get fucking plastered in hopes it would alleviate the week’s stress.

  35. I ate a very big burrito. People didn't understand how exciting this was until they saw the pictures. It was the size of 4 regular burritos or a small (presumably) baby. It used to be a food challenge item, but now it's on the regular menu, so I'm having it for my next birthday too!

  36. My husband spent most of my birthday with his family and when he got home I told him how it was my day and I just wanted to spend it with him. So he fought with me about how he can spend all the time with his family that he wants even on my birthday apparently...... So for his birthday this year im going to let him do just that, while I take myself on a warm beach vacation.

  37. same thing i do everyday except get texts from family members i never hear from because my mom had to tell them it was birthday because she's the only one who actually cares and remembers.

  38. Last birthday I celebrated was 14 years ago, and that wasn't because I wanted to, but because my friends thought 18 was something to celebrate.

  39. I have three half-siblings and all of them forgot my birthday, so I spent the whole day feeling pissed. Actually that was the last straw and I decided to break contact with them. This year my birthday will be much nicer.

  40. Ever since the pandemic started, which coincided with me entering my thirties, I only go out to dinner with my family and maybe some drinks/dinner with close friends for my birthday these days. Gone are the days where I try to get as many friends as possible together for a long night of drinking.

  41. I took a chemistry final (my birthday is in early June) and then a group of friends took me shopping downtown and we ate ice cream in the park.

  42. Ate with my family, sang on the karaoke machine (I don't usually sing in front of people because I'm not good at it so it was kinda awkward at first but I sang for a few hours. It's actually really fun as long as I keep reminding myself that I am not being judged and even if I am at least I'm having fun), then played on my Nintendo Switch with my siblings.

  43. Nothing. The idea of celebrating birthdays is just weird to me. It's like a mini "Let's all celebrate me" day. That's fine if you're a little kid but at some point it's just an exercise in narcissism.

  44. Worked in the morning then just went home and did some cleaning. A girl who've I've been talking to offered to come over and celebrate with me. She bought me a cream pie then we unexpectedly hooked up and been seeing each other since

  45. I spent the day w my bf going to a town we don’t visit often, saw some nice views, ate dinner by the water, got dessert, and enjoyed each other’s company

  46. Walked out of the party my mom threw me to go volunteer a dog shelter. Way better use of my time. Probably rude but I might have stayed if she decided to make the party feature stuff I like.

  47. Really don’t like celebrating my birthday, which my friends respect, but family and relatives insist on it with teeth and nails. At some point my dad said “just go with it, it means a lot to you mum”. Yeah, and what about me? If it is my fucking birthday, why am I the one to have to put up with it?

  48. Play hunting season with my friends, it's a game.where there is a team of runners and seekers. The runners get 2 minutes to run / walk and hide. After the 2 minutes the game starts and one of the runners phones sends their location to the seekers. And after that every 2 minutes one of the runners phone sends a ping automatically to the seekers so they can't hide at one place. Oh yeah and the seekers have bikes so the runners gotta be hella fast.

  49. Mine was 2 days Ago, and my god, i loved it. Ever been jetskiing? Yeah, it is super fun. Imagine it as driving on a bumpy Road going 70 km/h. Sure, your balls might get slightly crushed (if you Are male) but it is definetly Worth it. Then, a whole Day (almost) of chiling by the pool at a hotel in spain, while it is 29 C in the Sun. Finally, end it of with a very underrated restaurant, where you have the best steak of your life, and you get to grill it Yourself. I really love having my birthday in july, because it is Holiday.

  50. Same as I do every other day for the last 21 years. When my mom died, I saw no further reason to celebrate the day of my birth. I never liked parties and as an adult, I would take my mom out on that day as a thank you for giving birth to me.

  51. On my 20th birthday, I decided to paintball. I had a gun I’ve been using for a couple months and I was only getting into paintball at the time. When I arrive there, my gun wasn’t working. It was leaking air and breaking balls in the barrel. I was there for a good two hours trying to figure out the issue but I couldn’t. But one of the speed ballers that comes there daily saw me struggling. He offered me to use he brand new gun that he bought. It was around like $1,400. He was finish with his practice and runs so he let me use it before he left. Best birthday yet and a good person.

  52. same thing i do every year nothing been doing it for the past 16 years not going to stop now and i'm not looking forward to it next month

  53. I'm doing it today! I'm bringing my bbq to the park and have invited 50 people to join for games and food. MAYBE 10-15 will show up. Maybe. But that will be just right!

  54. I spended it with my mom and brother. Nothing too special. I also went and ate pizza with my friends 2 months too late because we couldn't do it earlier.

  55. Treated myself with breakfast from my favorite restaurant, went to go get a coffee from my favorite place, I then went home and finished watching one of my new favorite shows and then replied to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. Though it still warms my heart that the first two people who said happy birthday to me was my best friend and then my dad. 🥹

  56. I usually get the day off from responsibilities if I can and get a pie and some good bourbon. Massage maybe. I don't have a party because I don't really want one.

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