Guys what do you find so special about looking at boobs?

  1. This is the answer. When you’re a little kid you scarcely notice them and then suddenly puberty hits they begin to rule your world. There’s no conscious thought or decision involved.

  2. Seriously. They are the natural form of survival for baby mammals. We’re literally programmed to associate them with comfort and life. Why wouldn’t all of us like to look at them? If you’re a female, I get it if it makes you uncomfortable due to being the focus of attention. But, it’s right there in the manual.

  3. I mean, I see my own and they’re pretty cool. I get the appeal. I hate having to manage them, but boobs are nice looking, objectively.

  4. 46 years old, happily married to the same incredible woman for almost 8 years, I see her boobs daily and it’s great every time. They’re just good things.

  5. Have you not marvelled at a sunset? Stopped yourself for a moment and simply listened to the sound of songbirds and gentle wind around you? Remember when you pet a good dog on a slow day... or felt the steady hum of a cat's contended purr while the two of you are alone with each other.

  6. Read this is Gabriel Iglesias voice when he said “That’s pretty” while imitating a security guard during his skit on when he was ambushed by a man in Louisana/Georgia and the man gave him a racist gift basket. Don’t ask me how I knew the specific information, my brain keeps random ass info on useless things and not on FINALS shit. 😡

  7. We men don't always think... sometimes we are just when we see boobs...or a nice butt

  8. I don’t know why but seeing a man in baseball pants or the tight ones they wear in (American) football or gray sweatpants, it just does something to me

  9. Instinct. Thousands and thousands of years of humans fucking and breeding. It’s ingrained in our DNA. We literally can’t help it.

  10. First of all, boobs are cool, they are really cool. Secondly, boobs are amazing. They really are Thirdly, boobs are magnificent. That's true. And lastly, they are awesome.

  11. As boob guy, I just love the uniqueness of them. No pair is the same. Love the big ones, small ones, perfect, imperfect, natural, fake, asymmetrical, etc. I think they're neat.

  12. Everything, I literally look at my own boobs all the time, the real question should be, what isn’t special about looking at boobs?

  13. I can’t say exactly - all I know is that seeing a beautiful pair of boobs makes me deeply happy and reduces my stress.

  14. The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,and The first thing they fed us was boobs. That’s why we love them so much. Shoutout to

  15. Squishy and relaxing and honestly, everyone wants to hug an oppai goddess and get comfy Inbetween those big round squashy melons 🍈🍈

  16. Honestly, not even in a sexually charged way, but I just love the feel of them in my hand. Always massaging etc my partner whenever we’re just laying about watching films or chilling.

  17. To me they’re fun to play with, and my partner enjoy me playing with it, win win 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  18. For me, culturally, boobs are something that are meant to be concealed so maybe the taboo of seeing something I’m not supposed to creates some excitement.

  19. Can chicks answer ? Well I am anyway. So dude, either you get it or you don't, but seriously, they are great on others and yourself they can be stress toys, pillows, they jiggle and wiggle it is like jello but better!!

  20. Theyre cute. Thats it. I had a little kitten years ago (hes now grown and a total legend). When we brought him home, we had 13 people over who were noisey and you'd think he'd shrink back and hide. Nope. He jumped up on a sofa in the centre of the room and thrust out his little chest as he was swamped with pats and smooches. When i see some tits, thats what i think of. That impossibly adorable little chest thrust out. That level of cuteness destroys me.

  21. Not a guy, but I’m a bi chick; they’re absolutely gorgeous and fun. Small, big, perky, flat, short, long, IDGAF. Boobs are just fucking awesome.

  22. I always feel such a strange and primal way explaining my interest in boobs. (Straight Male)…I’m so glad the opposite sex has the same basic answers lmao.

  23. Can’t explain it. It’s something primal, instinctual, as if part of my existence is to search out the finest pair of breasts

  24. They are like man toys, you just want to play with them and kiss them.. well, sometimes more than that, but yeah… they are just fun and exciting!

  25. I don't like looking at boobs, I like looking at some boobs, but in order to see the ones I like, I have to look at boobs

  26. I don’t find them to be particularly special, I mean, some are enticing to look at (some due to my preferences) but that’s not specifically only the breasts but everything that the breast is attached to.

  27. Finally someone on this thread addressing the oversexualization of boobs instead of justifying it with evolutionary pseudo-biology! Thank you!

  28. I love my girls boobs. I dont care about anyone else's. I dont care about size or shape. Nothing else matters because my girls are the most beautiful in the world.

  29. I read it’s something to do with how it makes a man choose his mating partner for food for a child. I have no idea if thats true because I like all boobs 🥸

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