What horror movies fucked you up as a child?

  1. Not horror, but I watched Robocop way too young. The opening scene when they blow Murphy's hand off really fucked me up.

  2. What really messed me up about Robocop was the portrayal of the future. As a (very young) kid, the thought that the future would be so violent, corrupt, dirty, and with psychopaths in it like Clarence made me never want to join the adult world. It gave me a “fear of a bleak future” that stuck with me for most of my childhood.

  3. Event Horizon - convinced my friend's mom to rent it for us at Blockbuster and very much regretted getting away with it... we weren't ready.

  4. This one right here. Fucked me up for months. Specifically the party where they find the onboard footage and the dude is speaking gibberish holding his eyeballs.

  5. I have never been more afraid of a movie. I can’t remember how young I was. I can’t even really remember anything from the movie. But I am 33 years old and just seeing the words still gives me a little panic

  6. I commented this exact same movie, except my Dad took me to see it not realizing the absolute shit show it was going to turn into. I still get tense watching or playing anything with big ass spaceships. That and when people are crawling through vents in anything. Cant unsee it.

  7. I came here for this... Was mine too. I was way too young and raised in a religious house... The hell scenes fucked me up

  8. Was going to comment Event Horizon! Watched it as an adult and swear it triggered horror movie ptsd…

  9. I got that movie thinking it was gonna be just a cool sci fi... No idea what I was getting into, I ended up watching it by myself after midnight in a dark basement.... Huge mistake.

  10. That movie fucked up my brother and best friend permanently. Neither of them like horror movies anymore.

  11. The book terrified me. If I remember correctly, it was written in the first person, and the narrator prefaced it as a true story, so I believed all those things really happened.

  12. Yup. Don’t know why but when they first show the demon’s face when he’s standing at the bottom of the pool…i’ll never forget how much that terrified me

  13. Poltergeist was an absolute nightmare for me. I’m betting a lot of GenX kids with unsupervised HBO access in the early 80’s were irrationally scared of:

  14. Poltergeist messed me up for decades. I just watched it recently and throughly enjoyed it. It was a great movie, I was just way, way, too young to watch it.

  15. Yeah, everything else in that movie didn't faze me at all - the tree, the closet portal, the pool corpses, etc. *Yawn...*

  16. I saw the movie when I was around 7. I had a tree outside my bedroom window and was terrified it was going to eat me for weeks.

  17. If you're frightened of dying, and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. If you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the Earth.

  18. There was a Winnie the Pooh movie where they all got trapped in some sort of haunted mountain or something of the sorts? Scared the living shit out of 6 year old me

  19. The Exorcist. As a kid, I could handle aliens, serial killer stuff, your usual shock horror... But when you mix in the devil and religion and all that, that got to me pretty good.

  20. My older cousin and I rented it on summer vacation at my grandma’s. My mom made us watch it downstairs so we didn’t scare the little cousins. So we watched it in a basement full of boxes and broken things with a few side rooms with doors that wouldn’t close all the way and a couch that didn’t snug up against the wall completely and I was scared for MONTHS afterwards.

  21. I stupidly went to the cinema to watch this when I was 17. Got the train home with my friend at like 11 pm, he continued on to the next town. I was the sole person to get off at my stop (I lived in the suburbs) not shitting you but the usual street light at the stop wasn't working. I started walking down the path towards the main road, flanked by the railway and a small wooded area to my left, pitch blackness. That terrifying movie still in my head, trying not to think about it, suddenly the trees rustled to my left.

  22. I made my parents sleep with their door open across the hall for like 2 years after watching a pirated version on YouTube. We lived in rural Utah SURROUNDED by fields and small roads and I just knew he was come get me lol

  23. I remember my great grandma singing that song after I watched the movie, obviously not knowing the movie existed, and scarring the shit out of me.

  24. The Ring. Holy shit this movie had me fucked up for so long. It probably owes me two full years of sleep. I was already afraid of everything when I saw it at the tender age of 11.

  25. Same! I think I was 12 when it came out so I wasn’t even a super young kid. I only watched up until the part at the beginning where they find the girl in the closet with her face all deformed and I was so horrified I turned it off so I only made it like a max of 10 minutes in. That night I slept in my parents’ bed for the first time in like 6 years. Had nightmares for a while just from that opening part.

  26. Shit scared me so bad. I’m still a bit scared watching it as an adult. It’s like engrained in me. Especially the shot of her niece stuffed in the closet with the fucked up face. Oof.

  27. I would get soap in my eyes as a kid when I was washing my hair, I would be afraid Because I thought she was there.

  28. Didn't had to scroll far to find this one. I had to turn around my TV before I went to bed. It was one of the big ones. Slept with the lights on. 27 now and I'm still having night mates about it.

  29. I suffer from occasional sleep paralysis. For those unaware, its almost always accompanied with an intense nightmare that follows you awake. Every single one I've suffered had samara Morgan just standing over me as I slept... as I'm unable to move. She is ultimate terror in my mind.

  30. Remember watching this when I was about 8/9 years old and my parents had to get rid of the tv in my bedroom because I kept having terrible nightmares for months. I used to watch loads of horror movies and horror shows and nothing scared me like that. Took a good decade for me to rewatch it.

  31. Yeah unfortunately this was the first ever scary movie I saw at 8 yo. When the mother says “ I saw her face” and then flashes to the daughter in the closet… I couldn’t. I had nightmares for weeks. And was 100% terrified of TVs for months. Similar thing happened when I watched Mirrors as a late teen too.

  32. I caught a few scenes of it when I was 5. I’m 34 now and my last Chucky nightmare was around three weeks ago. No matter where I go/ how fast I run he’s always there trying to stab my ankles. I hate Chucky.

  33. I'm a bit relieved to see this as the top comment because this is my answer. My dad, when I was younger, was very clear that things like Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th were 100% fantasy and could never happen. I rested easy and never had nightmares or issues because I knew it was fantasy. Then we saw Fire in the Sky. My dad's response to that movie, "Oh yeah, aliens could exist and this could very well be real." Thus began decades of being terrified of alien abduction.

  34. I don’t see how that sounds silly. Most of the other horror movies have (mostly) unrealistic plots so that even though they’re scary, you know that couldn’t happen in real life. Final Destination however, is scarier because thecharacters die in realistic way. But even though the chain of events is unrealistic, the possibility of the accidents shown in the movie is what makes it scary

  35. There was a cartoon movie called “The Last Unicorn” and the only thing I remember is that some kind of devil guy in a castle had driven all the unicorns into the sea. That may not even be correct but it was my first brush with existential dread. For a long time I felt like that movie had really fucked me up in a significant way, like I felt victimized by it and wished I hadn’t seen it.

  36. That was such a good movie. And go look at the cast of voice actors - it's fucking insane. Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Mother-Fucking Lee, Angela Lansbury, the dude who played Odo in DS9 and Ebony Maw in Avengers. It's a crazy cast.

  37. I had a similar reaction to it overall. The author of the book lived our town and my brother got him to sign a copy for my mom. She loved unicorns and was excited to see the movie after getting the book. I watched it with her, expecting it to be a lot less dark than it was. The “witch” or whatever she was, and of course the huge bull were terrifying.

  38. This is one of my absolute favorite movies, it's the same for my sister's. We talk about it almost every time we meet nowadays. To me it's magical and truly beautiful. Funny how people can have so different reactions to the same movie

  39. I can’t believe I had to scroll so far. I don’t even remember much of the movie, I just remember the raw fear I had after watching it. I slept with my mom that night lol.

  40. Dear god. That movie and children of the corn. I have never attempted to watch us an adult because they scarred me as a kid.

  41. A very, very young me misremembered key parts of the movie, namely the sphinxes shooting lasers out of their eyes. I thought the lasers came from their boobs and they shot anyone who looked at them. The one time I saw my mom without a shirt I thought I was going to die because she had boobs too and I saw them.

  42. There was this one episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark” where these girls got trapped inside a dollhouse and started turning into porcelain. Gave me nightmares for years.

  43. Yeah I still can’t watch that film, I had to sleep in my mums room for a year after I’d seen it because I was so scared grudge girl would be in my room and come up the bed

  44. Oh, I had to ctrl+f this, because I thought "no way I was the only one scared as fuck by that shit". God damn, it really fucked me up real good. Didn't help that my older brother kept doing that weird sound she makes whenever I was distracted and made me jump in total fear.

  45. The "groaning/moaning" sound from The Grudge freaked me out. Kept hearing it everywhere around the house after seeing the movie!

  46. This had me scared of showers, the corners of ceilings, our attic, and looking under my blanket for a good while. The showers and blanket thing I got over eventually but I never went near the attic for years. Funny thing though I actually got pretty good at imitating the death rattle so that never scared me since I'd do it all the time.

  47. It is criminal that this answer is this far down. As funny as the movie is, that troll is a top horror monster of all time. Movie fucked me up for YEARS

  48. My cousin had me watch the original when I was 7 - I didn't take a shower without my mom being in the next room for at least a month. I still remember being brave enough to finally take a shower when she was gone.

  49. Same. My mum saw it had a clown in it and assumed it was a kids film, so put it on for me and my sister to watch when we were 9 and 10. We told her we didn't like it, that the clown was being mean to the kids, but she didn't take us seriously. It would only be a couple years later when her and dad watched it they realised it wasn't a kids film

  50. My parents let us rent IT from the library. I couldn't shower without watching the drain the whole time to make sure nothing came out of it.

  51. The scene where that Skeksi gets jumped and has his clothes ripped off made me extremely uncomfortable. Then the poor little Muppets getting their life force drained out and turned into slaves.

  52. Pumpkin Head and The Omen (3 I think) Pumpkin heads first reveal when I was very young was terrifying even if today I think its hilariously cheesy. The Omen when those researchers get buried alive in sand all the way underground. Sheesh

  53. Jaws fucked me up as a kid. I was scared to take a bath. I live on Cape Cod too and definitely still have a weird obsession with Great Whites.

  54. Everyone said this movie was dumb then, but my dumbass would RUN through the house when I was alone at home. Invisible/active camouflage, Olympic, tall-ass, screaming aliens got me good as a kid. Made me scared of the dark holy fük. Believed the shit out of it.

  55. Signs is, to this day, the only film that has ever scared me to the point where I've carried that fear with me for the rest of my life.

  56. The Amityville Horror. To make things worse, there was a house on a way to my grandma's that looked a lot like the house in this movie.

  57. I made a post about this but "The Raft" freaked me the fuck out as a child. Wouldn't go near a lake or any standing body of water for quite a while after watching that.

  58. Dream Catcher by Steven King. My mother made me watch it when I was 5, had just started kindergarten, and was living in Alaska. The bathroom for my class was in the classroom. In the movie, someone poops out an alien. I couldn’t go to the bathroom alone at all after that for a solid six months, so I either had to hold it or just pee on myself in school because my teacher wasn’t allowed to WATCH ME go to the bathroom.. no I don’t talk to my mother anymore

  59. I begged for a toaster for Christmas after seeing this. My parents got me a toy toaster (I was only 5) and I was SO upset that it wasn't a real toaster lol

  60. Killer clowns from outer space, don’t even think it’s probably that scary if you are an adult, but I was about 6 when I watched it. I’m 38 now. I’m still scared of clowns. Had 6 months of nightmares after watching it. I can still remember the pink cocoons

  61. I'm now 50, but when I was a little kid, I saw the Salem's Lot miniseries - that damn kid floating outside his friend's bedroom still creeps me out. I couldn't sleep with an open window until I was in my mid 20s.

  62. Came here to say this. I am getting a tingle in my spine right now. I couldn't go even down the hall by myself for the longest time. Thought I was being watched any time I was alone. Creepy as fuck. I'm 43 now. Took me a long time to get over that shit.

  63. I know it was a comedy, but I saw MARS ATTACKS!when I was 4 or 5 and it messed me up, and it wouldn’t watch the movie again or most alien movies until I was an adult.

  64. Yes! This was the movie that scared me the most. I hated how their weapons reduced people to green and red skeletons and the chihuahua body swap.

  65. Watched Scream when I was 6. Barely understood what was happening (had to read subtitles) but Ghostface was definitely hiding in my closet for a year after that.

  66. Yeah I watched it when I was 5. I did not get that it was supposed to be riffing on horror movies like it does. I just saw lots of blood and stabbing.

  67. I liked Saw, it was still enough "out there" that I could say "this could only happen in a movie." You want a trip down the lane of something I find more possible, check out Hostel (2005)

  68. Good one! Imhotep was sketchy as hell. And yes the scarabs under the skin really did mess with me. Luckily there’s enough comedy in that movie to last. Rick O’Connell being a badass also helped defeat my fears but damn. Imhotep before being fully reincarnated was fucked up

  69. My dad let me watch the thing when I was like 8 and I had nightmares for years. Ironically now I love the movie, but that wasn't cool lol.

  70. That one kid, not Malachi but the other had been in the Friut Roll up commercials and would always freak me out in his pinstripe suit ..

  71. I forgot where I heard this from but it sticks with me. In Event Horizon, no one does those really stupid thing that people in horror movies. Everyone is smart and immediately wants to leave (except Weir for other reasons).

  72. Looked for this comment before posting my own... That movie messed me UP! I am 39 and can STILL see some of the scenes from that movie.

  73. I think it's the american version of The Ring. It has a scene of a horse jumping from a ship and being grinded by a propeller. Submechanophobia unlocked.

  74. Same here. I was 11 and staying at a friends house. I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep and had to go home. Put me off horror films for life.

  75. I saw the scene where Johnny depps character gets pulled into his bed blendered. Shortly after seei g that my older brother and sister tried to put me to bed (I was in either kindergarten or first grade) I freaked the fuck out and thought they were trying to kill me via Freddy.

  76. They had to tie the dogs tails down because they could not get them to stop happy wagging when they were supposed to be being scary.

  77. I saw the trailer (just the trailer) of that movie when I was 13 and had nightmares for days. Slept with all the lights on for sometime too. Something about being powerless and waking up and finding yourself mutilated. But I’m an American so I sleep with comfort knowing no way would I ever get a free surgery.

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