Girls, what’s the downside of being a female?

  1. The way hormones fuck with your body. First puberty. Then childbirth. And top it all off with menopause.

  2. Can really recommend using a cup, it's completely changed my life. Re-usable, comfortable and it doesn't do that things tampons do and leave you feeling horribly dry.

  3. The complications that come with a vagina. BV again? Uti? Yeast infection from the uti antibiotics? BV came back cause of the yeast infection that you got treating your uti? Such a pain sometimes

  4. Apparently when we go into menopause the skin inside the vagina literally atrophies as well, which apparently causes extreme sensitivity, dryness and burning 🙃

  5. Tight pants? Wore the same pair of underpants an hour too long? Couldn't quite wipe thoroughly enough because the public bathroom didn't have much TP? Enjoy your BV and/or UTI and/or yeast infection!

  6. Yes and suddenly, because you been a bit stressed for a while, your vagina hurts. The pelvis muscle is just tight now and semi impossible to loosen, so now sex just hurts.

  7. And trying to hold in an imaginary fart while their nose deep . Laying in the stirrups thinking oh god i hope i dont fart. Oh god now i feel like i have to fart. Jfc can they see my butthole clenching??

  8. Recently I changed gynecologist. I was in the stirrups waiting for the pain of the speculum aaaannnd.. nothing. There was no pain. For the first time in my life. If you are having pain, it's time to talk to your OBGYN or change OBGYNs!

  9. Have you ever had an ultrasound to check for fibroids and/or ovarian cysts? I have both and they cause so much pain as well as excessive bleeding. There were times I, too, genuinely thought I might be miscarrying. Birth control keeps mine under control and I have very little pain or bleeding anymore.

  10. my periods were short but brutal, too. i would miss work sometimes, the cramps would be so bad - and wtf why did i feel it IN MY THIGHS. and i'd be nauseated the whole time as well.

  11. Comments like these break my heart. Maybe it’s bc my GYN is fairly young, but before I had my first IUD she straight up gave me Valium. She was like “you don’t have to take this, but you’ll probably want to.”

  12. I havent had a period in over 2 years thanks to birth control. Am I a little depressed, a little anxious, and have possibly other unknown side effects from it? Maybe, but at leasting I'm not thats something

  13. Sports bras are so much nicer now than they were even a few years ago… and so much better in the summer than conventional bras. My southern boobs feel amazing in the south now.

  14. Y’all saying periods, what about the period SHITS. Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if you get no cramps the poops i get during makes me feel unworthy of love

  15. Ah yes the shaking, sweating, sometimes dry-heaving shits. Half a roll of toilet paper you can go back to existing for an hour before nature calls again.

  16. My rectum cramps during my period (thanks endometriosis) so I always feel like I have to take a bad poop. It’s awful

  17. I love period shits. Finally getting all that constipation out, just sitting there and shitting for a solid 10 minutes. Fully stinking up the bathroom and needing so much toilet paper.

  18. Nobody believes your pain. I was in labor with my first son and was dilated to about a 6. I asked for the epidural because the contractions were bad and I was starting to feel faint. They said “oh I bet you can hold off a little longer. These aren’t that bad yet.” Like excuse me??? No, go get the numbing magic. If I say I’m in pain and need help with it, I mean it.

  19. My ma gave birth to me on the hottest day of the year and was severely dehydrated. Technically she wasn’t supposed to take in any fluids while in labor but her heart rate would drop super low, which made MY heart rate drop, so they hooked her up to an IV and she went through so many of those fuckin saline bags. To top it off she was in labor for over 24 hrs, had gone through TWO epidurals, and my ass just refused to come out. Mom’s sobbing, screaming “get her out” over and over again.

  20. My mom went into labor on a Friday night and went to the hospital the next day. A male doctor stuck his hand up inside of her, said everything was okay, and discharged her without taking anything she was saying into consideration. She continued to be in labor on Sunday, and when she called the hospital about her pain being minutes apart another male doctor asked why she hadn’t come in. She told him she had the day before and then my dad had to speed her to the hospital, carefully running every red light. Here’s the kicker, because of that first doctor ignoring my mom’s pain she wound up having an emergency C-section Sunday night. I was born 3 months prematurely that night in 1993. I’m disabled because of that and my mom sometimes still blames herself even though she did everything right. She couldn’t even sue for malpractice because the first doctor wrote that everything was fine in her chart.

  21. The expectation of being a caretaker. Kids, ageing parents, it always seems to be expected of the woman to be in this role.

  22. Any time you express yourself, or get upset about something, even if it's something to get legitimately upset about, you almost always get a "aRe YoU oN yOuR pErIoD?"

  23. ugh, YES. The slightest bit of animation or expression in your voice and it’s immediately ‘omg stop taking it so personally, why are you getting so emotional over this?’. And people wonder why I monotone a lot these days.

  24. Omg my ex husband said this to me during our last fight! Yeah it’s my period making me scream at you for being rip roaring drunk at noon on a Tuesday. Kicked him out that day, now he doesn’t have to worry about my cycle☺️

  25. Any engagement from us that isn’t saccharine is taken as anger and it’s irritating. I’ve politely asked men not to do something and even when I was speaking in a calm manner, the response was “don’t be so upset”.

  26. I’m sorry that people give you a hard time. That’s extremely frustrating, especially because it happens so often.

  27. I'm lucky with one of my doctors. I couldn't get into see a new gyno before I ran out of birth control so I asked my primary doctor to. His wife also has endometriosis so he understood that I needed the specific dosage to skip my cycle every month and refilled it for me. He also understands my mental health struggles and really worked with me to get me on the right meds. Compassionate doctors are out there but can be hard to find

  28. This one especially!! I repeatedly asked OBGYNs to check me for cysts. None did. Then one told me I needed BC, and after some discussion she gave me an IUD. Which, surprise, irritated a cyst. I eventually had a hysterectomy where I only have one ovary left because it was pristine, but the one that was taken was covered in cysts. So much could have been fixed had I been listened to.

  29. Fr. Now I gotta open my whole vagina up to spiders and snakes. I'm already worried about it on an actual toilet. Just make one of the guys hold you while you go...

  30. stand with your legs a bit apart and pull the skin up just above the bits and it’ll go forward so you don’t have to squat

  31. Fellow non-mother here! It's the worst. I feel like people think they can find some random fact about having kids and "win me over" with their new insight on the delights of parenthood. But it's not a fair debate because the minute I say any downside of parenthood I'm looked at like a monster. So it ends up feeling like I'm being recruited or converted and I just have to sit there until they've said their peace and justified their decisions in life by projecting them on me.

  32. Well they're not secret anymore now that you blew it! What else are you gonna let slip? The blood sacrifice orgies? How about the demon pacts or the giant slumber party we have to sync our periods and gossip about boys? It's secret for a reason Vuvvian!

  33. I’m not a woman but I’m married to an awesome one. I am floored by the way some people treat her. Mechanics, carpenters, financial advisors etc. they only want to talk to the man and when they have to interact with her they treat her like an idiot. Makes me mad. Especially because she is the brains and the money manager in our relationship.

  34. That happened to me and it really upset me, I took my car to the mechanic because the right day light wasn’t working and they didn’t understand me so my boyfriend repeated the same thing and they all finally got it and instead of talking to me about the repairs/quote etc they all went to him and even took him to go see what they did even though it was my car, my appointment, and my money.

  35. So much yes. Owned my home before I got married - my husband is a wonderful talented man, but home repair/maintenance/dealing with contractors is not his thing. Decided to get gutter guards because I was tired of climbing in the roof. Old school “sales guy” comes by and is highly concerned that my husband wasn’t there for his pitch, and even told me he wouldn’t do the contract without us both signing it (even though I am the owner). Told him to take his misogyny and GTFO. Got my gutter guards from someone else.

  36. I am sick of mechanics telling me my car has issues it doesn't have. I have some basic knowledge on how my car runs (thanks dad), so I know you're bullshitting. Had one tell me my alignment was out a few weeks ago when I just wanted new tyres. I left it because I had a service booked in a few days and I didn't notice anything wrong. My alignment was fine. He also broke the sensor on my wheel and told me it just fell off when he removed the tyre. They must think we are all stupid.

  37. I quite like terrifying car sales jerks that assume bc I'm female I know nothing. I love cars n been around them since I was little. My father rebuilt an EK from the chassis up n i was his happy lil grease monkey. Last fool got shown up in front of his manager and the dealership mechanics. Shamed him into dropping the price $10k, confirmed price n contract with the dealership manager n then went with a different sales guy that wasn't a wannabe neanderthal. Made it painfully clear he could blame himself for losing the commission.

  38. I get angry about this too. My wife has a PhD and is one of the smartest people I know. She's always getting patronised by mechanics and tradesmen. The most annoying one was when she went to the local petrol station to put some air in her car tyres. The compressor wasn't working, so she went inside to tell the attendant. He said "are you sure you weren't using the water hose?". She responded "no, I know what the compressor hose looks like".

  39. My dad came with me to buy a car just because I needed a ride to the dealership. I was buying it on my own without any financial assistance or a co-signer and the salesperson kept trying to sell it to my dad

  40. I read a post last night about a 9 year old girl being sold off as a child bride, and her 14 year old brother was the only reason she was saved.

  41. Combine that with having a baby face. I feel like I get talked down to a lot because I look much younger than I am. I’m 22 but usually get assumed to be somewhere between 13 and 17. 18 at best if I’m at a club or college.

  42. This! In some meetings and encounters I feel invisible. Comments i make are ignored but when a man says the exact same thing it's a "great idea".

  43. Try backing up a trailer. You can be in the middle of nowhere and as soon as you start to back a trailer up some guy pops out of who knows where to tell you how to do it properly.

  44. I do glassblowing, I started out as a lampworker. In order to get the oxygen tanks I need to do my work I have to send my husband to do the pick-up for my shop because I live in the south and "...little ladies don't know how to use oxygen".

  45. I work as a software developer, so I see few women in my field. My assumption when I see a woman in a male dominated field is she's likely better than the average guy to survive the bullshit. it's typically an accurate assumption.

  46. About 2 years ago I was followed on my way home after doing some grocery shopping. Unhinged guy yelling obscenities and rape threats at me then he started to run after me. I had to run to keep distance between us, broke one sandal and the other flew off, had to cut through backyards and random streets before doing a wide loop to get home. Feet were cut up but nothing that needed stitches, while I washed away the bits of gravel, dirt, and glass I called my neighbors to warn them then called a Crisis Assistance hotline to try and find the guy.

  47. It's any type of walking at night. If I could hike at night during the summer by myself that would be awesome. But no. I have to go with a friend/friends. Sometimes I just want to experience seeing the landscape at night in peace and quiet. But the fear of some random creep / psychopath stops me.

  48. Agreed. Right now it’s even in my own home. My fiancé’s step grandfather has totally leered at me while I was going down from a shower barely able to stand let alone dress so I was in a towel because I was so sick. He knew I was sick. He didn’t care. Fiancé had to step between us. His moms were told it happened but won’t even acknowledge it. I’m livid and once we move he’s banned from whatever property we buy.

  49. Taylor Swift literally was groped under her dress during a fan meet and greet by a man. Security was there. Hundreds of people were there. She's Taylor Swift. And it still happened.

  50. It's insane. I love my partner to the ends of the earth but I feel it so much when I'm out with him. I will assess threats that don't even register to him - like, I'll suddenly cross the street or leave the bar or walk an extra block before going home and he'll just follow me kind of confused (but thankfully always understanding/not questioning it). It's made me realize that I am terrified of people all the time, and not everyone lives like that.

  51. Having pain be dismissed by doctors, or having them assume you’re being dramatic. Had a 10cm hemorrhaged cyst on my ovary and was forced to wait for 8 hours doubled over in pain. Once I was finally seen the radiologist was shocked I hadn’t been seen sooner. Have also been told my cysts was just “mittleschmerz”- pretty much “ovulation pain” and was told to take Tylenol. Infuriating. Edit to add- the doctor who said it was just normal pain never bothered to actually do an ultrasound.

  52. I've found that any mention of ovarian cysts makes like 50% of doctors and nurses suddenly start treating me like a kindergartener with a booboo.

  53. Literally my friend had a torsioned ovary that was dying/necrotizing inside her body. She went to the emergency room multiple times and was told just to take Tylenol.

  54. Seriously. I broke my ankle when I was 12 and the nurse at the urgent care clinic told me to “stop being so dramatic.” My tibia was broken clean in half.

  55. Literally had a doctor tell me I got a flu when I had an appointment for my lower abdominal pain, constant dizziness and nausea.

  56. Is this my wife on Reddit? She changed doctors because of a similar scenario. What, was she making up the pain on a day she took off to go to the hospital?

  57. My wife found out she had a cyst on her ovary recently and they won't remove it because it's just a little but too small for their guidelines. It's fucking bullshit because it causes her terrible back pain almost everyday. This on top of her having to get a hysterectomy last year due to cancer. Oh and the scar tissue from that plus endo has fused onto said ovary to cause more pain.

  58. Yup. Asked the PA at my dr office to test me for autoimmune disease a. Because I had not been feeling well for a very long time b. Because my dad has a very rare auto immune disease and his doctor told me to get tested. Was totally blown off and told “ I doubt anything will come up”. I pushed for it, got tested and it ends up I have two autoimmune diseases.

  59. Having to hear stupid ass sexist shit from your male family members who act like they're better than you. And then when correcting them, you get told you're too smart for your own good or need to listen to your husband. Fuck that noise.

  60. I’ll pick something less obvious… being an avid gym goer. I’m tired of men thinking their workouts are more important. That they can take something I’m clearly using and telling me to wait. Oh and getting blatantly gawked at while at the gym and having photos/videos taken of you while there, without permission.

  61. At the gym, a dirty old man kept following me around and standing behind me while I worked out. He didn’t even use the machine after. So I went from working on my glutes to back, and he followed. So I switched to arms. He followed. This was at planet fitness so it’s actually different areas. I went and told them and they “kept an eye out” but ultimately no one said a damn thing to him and they didn’t kick him out. It was incredibly obvious he was just following me and watching me and not even working out. I didn’t say anything because I was actually shaking and in those scenarios it’s hard to get your voice to work when you just want to leave. I never went back to that location and it’s been about a year.

  62. Being asked if you're on your period when you're justifiably frustrated at something sucks too. I'm super discrete about changing my pad/tampon because of this (work in a male-dominated mens fashion office, so co-workers aren't the most appropriate about this shit).

  63. I work as a teacher. Getting a chance to use the bathroom is sometimes a rarity. I find myself praying that the heavier days are on a weekend so I don’t risk leaking if I can’t change as often as I’d like.

  64. Yup. I’m lucky that I don’t get painful cramps, diarrhea or a fever, but the trade off is that I get really heavy periods. You know that scene in The Shining where a river of blood pours from the elevator? That’s what my periods are like on the first couple days. Super plus tampons aren’t enough, I bleed through them in less than two hours.

  65. If you’re beautiful and feel good about yourself, you get unwanted sexual attention and creepy guys bothering you

  66. For point 1, especially if you are young. It's insane. I was a young consultant in a male dominated field with quite a few ladies. I also barely knew shit but people listened to me. But they were so much more ready to argue and disagree with the ladies. I felt so bad sometimes.

  67. The idea that women are just some spin-off of men. Example: Only recently has it become more common knowledge that women experience heart attacks differently than men, because men’s bodies and experiences have just always been considered the default.

  68. Heart attacks, autism presentation, adhd presentation, nutrition (not that we know much about that at all, tbh), hormone cycles for physical training, a lot of STIs, fucking car test dummies are just smaller dude versions.

  69. Yes. And unfortunately for us, a lot of medication is more thoroughly tested on men. Case in point, and one I took years ago: Ambien. Since it was not tested much on women during drug trials, they only discovered after years on the market that it is metabolized differently in women. After what would be considered a full night's sleep, many women were still under the influence for some time.

  70. Same with car safety ratings. Cars are designed to fit men and so are the safety settings. Women often times get CHEWED UP by airbags cause we gotta sit hight up and closer.

  71. Yes! On maybe a less-extreme example, women/young girls are being diagnosed with ADHD at a higher rate than ever before for this very reason, they can have different symptoms. I had a friend who has been recently diagnosed in her 20's, because she wasn't a little boy bouncing off the walls her doctors didn't think much of her inattentiveness. I just wonder how many more other health issues doctors have overlooked in women simply because our past societies didn't care enough about women's health.

  72. --Being physically weaker I hate it with a passion, because I want to be strong like a guy. It sucks not being able to lift things, not be as fast, and to have people think you need protection or help all the time.

  73. The sexual assault. And being career-limited because your boss thinks "you'll just quit and have babies anyway, no need to promote you over a man."

  74. This happens to me ALL the time. Every time I think, Dude, we’re strangers, WHY would I assume you are talking to me instead of some person in the vicinity that you actually know?1

  75. I’m a nurse. I have had a patient who was being sex trafficked. When we found out, the amount of my co workers who said “but he was so nice!” (About the trafficker who came to visit the patient in the hospital) infuriated me. Groomers usually are nice. Why are you so fucking surprised?

  76. You can’t win whatever you do. You are beautiful, you’re shallow and probably dumb You are not cute, you’re a slob You’re skinny, trophy wife You’re fat, disgusting pig You’re smart and independent, too aggressive and not approachable You’re not too bright, gold digger bimbo. There is always something people just find to criticize

  77. Mens' fav word to describe me when I am being difficult is abrasive. Like, yeah... I am intentionally "rubbing you the wrong way". I don't wanna "rub" you at all. If I must, I hope it feels wrong l!

  78. Periods. Menopause. Puberty. Every stage of life for a female is horrendous. When I started puberty I was 9. The girls made fun of me for wearing a bra, the boy made fun of me if I didn't. Bleeding through your pants at school was always a nightmare. Then you get older, your periods change with hormones and you feel like your literally bleeding to death and your in so much pain and so tired you can't function. Then when you stop producing eggs the universe decides your no longer useful and tries to burn you with hot flashes as punishment. Then once "the change" is over your hormones, and body are never the same again and you have to get used to this whole new uncomfortable stage of life.

  79. 30f here and I am only just now really learning about menopause beyond hot flashes and I am floored more isnt common knowledge. 50% of people will experience it, and 100% people will be impacted in some way! It seems AWFUL!!

  80. Once upon a time I decided "I'm going to be a person who walks more! It's good for the environment and good for me!" So I decided that rather than driving to the bank I was going to walk to the bank, for once. It was a mile and a half. I put on a sports bra and sweat pants and a baseball cap. Also a shirt, I wasn't just walking around in a sports bra.

  81. I used to often have to work a 6pm-2:30am shift and I didn't have a car. I'd catch the last commuter bus of the night which dropped me off about a 15 minute walk from where I lived. Did it all the time, never any issues until the night there was.

  82. Lived/worked in NYC in my 20s. Every single day getting off the train before work the same man would find and harass me going into my building. Tried different trains, walking from different streets, didn’t matter because he knew my building. Got to the point where I just gave up and completely tuned it out. One of my coworkers from out of town was walking with me one morning and was horrified… like yea dude, this is what being a woman is.

  83. I worked at a landscaping company and would take the bus home. The bus stop was right by my house, which was super convenient. I made the mistake of smiling at a guy as I got on the bus in like a polite-but-awkward way when you accidentally meet eyes. He took that as an opening I guess and sat right next to me and asked me to dinner. I said I don't usually give out my number or go to dinner with strangers. He kept asking me super personal questions and getting into my space, as well as leading questions about my house and my work. He asked for my number like 5 more times. I got off the bus two stops early so that he wouldn't see where I lived.

  84. Ugh I feel this so much. I walk my dog 3 times a day around my apartment complex, and I live in a relatively safe high income area. I have still had men yell at me from their cars numerous times in broad daylight. It actually happened twice this week alone.

  85. Yep. I am am a mom and was out on a walking trail in my quiet suburban neighborhood with my baby and 5 year old. As I am walking with a stroller, some 20ish guy starts hitting on me in a vulgar way. I ignore him and he gets up from the bench he was on and starts following me while continuing to harass me for ignoring his advances. I was with my kids and terrified. I am so lucky because an older gentleman saw him and stopped him and told him to get away from me. The nice gentleman the followed behind me on the trail part of the way home in case the guy came back. I’m grateful for the man looking out for me, but needing someone to protect me so I can simply walk with my kids in my neighborhood is ridiculous.

  86. A lot of people fail to appreciate the value of having tiny hands for mechanical work. I work on a farm and all the guys call me when they can't get something apart or back together. My boss struggled half a day with a clutch spring on a tractor before it occurred to him that not only would I be able to fit both hands in the limited space, but I'd fit on the floor of the cab well enough to actually see what I was doing.

  87. Wanting to go somewhere alone at night and just enjoy your own company and thoughts and knowing if you did that and got attacked, everyone would blame you.

  88. Yep, someone called me boring for being at home at 9pm on a Saturday but I’m 4’10, single, and a woman… so where else would I be? Some women travel solo etc anyway but I would literally be too paranoid to enjoy myself. I’ve even had recurring nightmares of men trying to kidnap me since I was a CHILD. Definitely the worst part of being a woman 🙃

  89. Happens a lot more than if like to admit but having others believe you can't do something because you're not a male. I was at a job 5 years other person 1 month and I trained him. he was premoted before me and I asked why he simply said because he's a man and can handle confrontation because of this. Little things like that really get me down.

  90. I miss out on all the fun guys my age have. Some guys can go out and get drunk and do stupid shit but for women we don’t know what will happen if we get drunk while out.

  91. I once went out drinking by myself, unfortunately made some very bad decisions and ended up passed out in an alley downtown behind some garbage cans for hours.

  92. How all of our concerns are usually countered and taken completely out of context in an attempt to one-up us. Especially with "what if" scenarios or being told "it's not that bad/but it's better now".

  93. Our monthly cycles , such a roller coaster of emotions every month. There’s only about 1 week out of the month we’re I’m feeling amazing lol

  94. I’ll add that this isn’t the case for all women. I don’t experience an emotional roller coaster at all personally. Just more acne and food cravings one week a month.

  95. being treated as an equal by male peers at a young age, then hitting puberty and suddenly being perceived as some sort of foreign entity. not being able to chat to male friends without them sexualising you or just seeing you as a human being. walking down the street in a dress and getting stared at, but also walking down the street in professional work attire and still being leered at because the male gaze is inescapable and every form of womanhood has been fetishized- from schoolgirl, to mother, from sister, to teacher, to nurse, to librarian. we aren't just humans trying to exist in this crazy world, we are entertainment and eye candy for men who feel entitled to us. really does make you feel insignificant and small at times. also the fact that most men refuse to understand and accept this and tend to default to being offended at the mention of it.

  96. For some of us it started even before puberty by the adults around us. Being told I shouldn’t wear shorts because my legs looked too womanly at the tender age of six 🙄

  97. making my 15-minute walk to the bus every morning at 5 am and having to be extremely aware of everything that's happening around me. I live in a large city in Canada and I don't feel safe at all.

  98. Cervical mucus, aka vag snot. No one talks about it (unless they’re trying for a baby in a militant fashion) but it is easily the grossest thing the healthy human body does on a regular basis. Though it does give a third option to the super fun game: ‘Have I pissed myself or did my period start?’

  99. And that’s just the stuff that’s obvious enough for you to notice. How much goes on (from that man and others) that is sneaky, under the radar, or “socially acceptable” to other men?

  100. She’s too nice or maybe scared of being murdered? Raped? Assault of any kind? Fired? That her other male coworkers won’t actually speak up for her when it matters?

  101. Pet names from random guys, especially by old men. It’s more of a personal issue, but being called sweetheart, babe, hon, it’s not really a compliment it’s kinda just creepy

  102. As someone who recently experienced an abortion, it was already a hard decision and tough experience, but I'm pissed that there were protesters outside screaming awful things at me. So when I said "Go to hell!" the male security officer told me to ignore them and don't give them what they want. And I instinctively felt embarrassed and said "sorry" for not being all sweet and meek...... Yet the male friend that came with me to drop me off sat there and argued with the protesters for hours and hours but the same officer commended him and shook his hand for "About time someone gave them a taste of their own medicine"?!?! Pisses me off when I look back on it now. At the time I was just kinda oblivious from the shock and pain I was in.

  103. misogyny. i’m affected by it every day and im not even 18 yet. from experiencing people not taking me seriously in school/work, ignorant comments, fetishization from men well over 50, I can confidently say that my life would be a hell of a lot easier if I was a man. (not saying being a man isn’t hard as well)

  104. I’m a man, but I can instantly tell you that a downside is that they’re constantly infantilised and dehumanised by being called girls and females.

  105. Right now for me it's the fact that all my husband had to do to lose 25lbs is stop drinking as much and started walking 12-15k steps a day, a long with making his portions a tiny bit smaller. Me? I work out twice a day, eat salads every meal and can't shed a pound. Not fucking fair.

  106. This. I feel so bad for my wife having to constantly diet and watch the calories in order to maintain her weight. I put in way less effort and I haven’t gained a pound in a decade.

  107. Well, let's see. I grew boobs at 8, and started experiencing sexual harassment from middle-aged men. Also, started my period. I wasn't allowed to participate in certain things (hunting with my dad, playing certain sports) cause I'm a girl. Been sexually assaulted, and physically assaulted multiple times. Men think it's not that big of a deal and that women *did* something to make harassment and attacks happen. Can't walk by myself without being on guard. Can't come back to my car from the grocery store without checking the backseat. Can't go to the bar without guarding my drink. Childbirth, near-death. Body image issues...breastfeeding, losing societal value after weight gain. Being the primary care-giver. Being criticized for career vs stay-at-home choices. My pants don't have pockets, but my 2 y/o son does. Women's products cost more. People who think sexism doesn't exist or that this is the time to talk about mens' issues...The list goes on...

  108. My grandfather had no sons or grandsons, so he exposed his daughters and granddaughters to hunting. (Did eventually get two grandsons when I was in college). My mom and aunts never really took to it, but my sister and I did. He'd take us from Maryland to Iowa and South Dakota pheasant hunting. Now I live in the middle of nowhere Iowa with my bird dog I trained from a pup three miles from where I shot my fist pheasant.

  109. Our medical issues aren't taken seriously unless it's about fertility, but then it's only when you're trying to have babies. Why do doctors care more about potential embryos than people who already freaking exist??

  110. Also when you're trying to not have babies any more and don't want the pills/IUD. 180 day wait after just signing the form to have your tubes tied! Oh, and let's not forget there's age restrictions on that - you have to be over a certain age before they'll consider, and if you're married? He has to consent too!

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