You only have 60 seconds left before the earth is nuked , how are you spending the last minute of your life ?

  1. Try putting an unopened poptart in there. Don't let it go for linger than like a second or 2 bc it'll burn REALLY quick, but the poptart will look dope af

  2. When I was 18 I took mushrooms and did it with a big ball in my parents microwave. Middle of the night no lights on, I swore there was magic being formed. Luckily I didn't start a fire, but did melt it a bunch and left the foil ball in there.

  3. I think Jim Carey has a story about this when that red alert happened in the states, I think it was Hawaii or somewhere was red alerted via text that nukes were on the way, and Carey got out of car and walked to the beach or something, I forget the actual details but is worth looking up was inspirational

  4. I would just like to go on the rooftop, with the dog that lives in my street and get some food and Cold drink and just wait, can't think of anything better.

  5. This is the way. In your last moments there really isn't anything to do but just stand there and watch as fate unfolds. I would rather sit down and think about how much I appreciate the life I had and accept what's coming rather than freak out in fear of dying.

  6. Empty the fridge and hop in. If I miraculously survive the initial blast and get catapulted into space like Indiana Jones, I'd at least love to open the fridge and admire the destruction from afar, briefly before space eats me.

  7. Actually not a bad idea. And hey even if you still die you'll be in some really nice A/C for a minute before you're obliterated.

  8. This is why I scrolled so far. I would let him eat as many little treats as he could for the last 60 seconds of our lives. Knowing he was happy would make it all ok.

  9. In a group hug with my husband and kids, telling them over and over how much I love them. I want my love for them to be the last word on my tongue, the last synapse that fires in my mind, the last searing beautiful thing I carry with me into the Beyond

  10. I said I would hug/hold my wife and kids, but this is the actual answer. If we weren’t already together, I’d call her and end up screaming, “Of course she doesn’t have her damn phone on her. She never has before, why the heck would she start now.” LOL

  11. Been there brother/sister. I'm so sorry for your loss. If you want to talk please feel free to DM me. The pain never leaves but it does get easier to accept.

  12. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you must be feeling. I know there are no words I can say to take the pain away but I hope life starts to feel good again one day soon.

  13. Turns out you the consumer are allowed to remove the tag. It's the middle-man shop that you bought it from that is legally obligated to leave it on so that you the consumer can see it before making an informed purchase. It's just poorly worded and was never explained to anyone fully.

  14. honestly I’d probably go find my rabbit - give her some banana or other treat and cover her ears like I do every time a jet flies over our house

  15. Quickly grab my guitar and get through as much of “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” as I can.

  16. Yep. Running upstairs, picking up my little girl and hugging her. If I can make her baby giggle as well, I'll go with a speck of happiness in my heart.

  17. 100% of parents have only this thought. You could be Warren Buffet or a rough sleeper … doesn’t matter.

  18. They're asleep. Hell o'm not waking them for the end of their lives. I'll let them sleep. I'd probably just snuggle against my wife, wouldn't say a thing and let it happen.

  19. I'd pour myself a quick double of rum, light up a cigar, and sit down in my favorite chair with my cat.

  20. Yeah I quit smoking but a cig would be an appropriate way to turn into nothing and if I had one laying around this would be my answer as well

  21. Take this question as a sign that now's the time to open that up! Stop putting it off and treat yourself. :)

  22. I remember the Rodney King riots, my neighbors were packing up and going somewhere else. I remember my grandpa leaning against a raised flower bed smoking a cigarette and we watched LA burn from the hill. We had no place to go.

  23. A nuke isn't a death sentence if you're surrounded by a bit of concrete. I'd probably go stand in a stairwell.

  24. I'd rather go in the initial blast than weeks or months of radiation poisoning. I wouldn't be able to get enough gas to make it 1000 home to my family, so all there'd be for me would be seeing what Walt Disney World looks like after the nuke. That alone would break my heart enough to do the job.

  25. Ya I'd grab my emergency tote from the garage and hunker down in the pantry (middle of the house with crawlspace access). Even if it's futile I'd still try to survive, especially if I only had a 60 second warning because who knows how accurate the devastation is going to be with that little information being given.

  26. Grabbing my towel, finishing my pint and putting my thumb up, thank you very much. I’m hitchhiking off this rock with the vogons.

  27. I’m gonna get flamed for this but this is dumb. Sixty seconds?? It’ll take me at least that long to process that information.

  28. Imagine you somehow manage to do that in 1 minute and you survive the fall. You are just lying there looking up to sky and thinking "Hurry the F up and land, so it's all over"

  29. I’d grab my fiancé, our two kids tell them I love them, place a kiss on their cheeks and then we’d all just hold each other whilst my daughters favourite TV show is on. I’d silently apologise to my son that he never got to make it past 5 weeks old and just wait for the end.

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