You have to fuck the last thing you googled. What is it?

  1. Hey pretty close to the same here. It's Prey for me, the latest Predator movie from 2022. Does that mean I get to choose between the lead chick and the predator or do I have to try both?

  2. Welcum got the club of pilkunnussijat, in Finnish it is called "pilkun nussinta" (fucking the comma) when someone is being too pedantic.

  3. I couldn't remember Daniel Radcliff's name. so i googled "the actor for harry potter" so i'm basically going to nail danny boy.

  4. Aw.. I won't fuck you, but I am a therapist. Feel free to DM any questions you have about mental health, finding a therapist, surviving anxiety/depression... I hope you're getting your needs met!

  5. Lads are fit as hell. Not in a sexual way but damn, why am I going to the gym? I should start behaving like a chimpanzee. I already got no hair.

  6. Currently down here in St Augustine my dude. It's a beautiful city and the beaches are prime! Leaving the great state of Florida tomorrow though. Seen lots of Florida Man activity in the 6 days since I've been here. Many people also ride without a helmet it seems.

  7. Considering I was just on a reddit post asking which celebs people would want to see as pornstars, last googled is Megan Good so I'd gladly oblige...

  8. Maybe get checked out, just to rule out things. My brother had a super healthy lifestyle, but had a surprise heart attack at 34. Previously undiagnosed cardiac sarcoidosis.

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