How do you handle walking up everyday and feeling tired?

  1. I sit up straight, then I jump out of bed. If I want to go to bed right after, fine, but my heart's already pumping so it's too late for sleeping. I get breakfast and hope for the best.

  2. Hey, maybe you should get it checked by a doctor? it happened to me on two different occasions, and neither was lifestyle related. Good luck!

  3. I have physical done iv had to I have mental health problems but I don’t let it stop me from living my day to day life.

  4. Find out why you're so tired. I thought mine was just depression but turns out I have moderate to severe sleep apnea. Getting a CPAP machine in the next few months.

  5. Morning walk, create a routine, couple it with coffee or tea. You’ll grow to love those moments early in the morning before having to deal with anyone else, that you time is precious. You’ll want to wake up for it.

  6. I enjoy the mornings to I love all aspects of life I just don’t get enough sleep can’t keep myself asleep a good amount of time.

  7. I don’t I stay in bed till my dad comes in and is like ‘quickkk we need to leave for school in 2 minutes’. I struggle with sleeping bc of my adhd and my sleep disorder

  8. its just a part of my life i guess, so i just deal. im tired 24/7, doesn't matter how healthy i am, my quality of sleep, or the amount of sleep. so im used to it. so used to it that when people tell me it's not normal to be always tired its mind boggling lol

  9. That’s how I feel it does not stop me from performing my day to day life I push through it and go on with my day I just would like to not be tried why doing this. I understand that the stress of my life might have something to do with it so I don’t know at this point.

  10. Is that a breathing machine. I take really deep breaths and feel like I do a good job I do breathing exercises before I go to bed so maybe I will look into it.

  11. Try inserting a little firecracker into your rectum with a 8 hr fuse. That way you'll wake up on time to out the fuse or be awoken with a bang

  12. I don’t over sleep if anything a have a problem with sleeping but if this problem ever arises then I will give this a try thank you.

  13. I've got 5 energy drinks. If I'm really not feeling like doing anything, yet I have to get a shower, gas, food and hit the library, I drop one of those on my big toe and suddenly I'm wide awake, all senses flaring.

  14. Always had this. Treat yourself like an old diesel motor in winter, you can't just demand them to run. So, get some liquids and food in ya, make sure to move around (don't stay seated) and before you know it it's warmed up and running reliably. Don't expect a full throttle sprint though.

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