Girls of reddit. What is a big green flag in a guy?

  1. What sort of age range men are we talking about that do this. I don't think it's ever occurred to me send a photograph of my penis to a girl. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong.

  2. Sad. Wife and I are 10 years strong, 2 kids and 2 more coming. Great life. We fucked the day we met, we've been together since.

  3. I've never thought of it that way, my roommate in college was like that and I could never quite figure out how to word it.

  4. He celebrates and supports your successes. I didn’t realize what that was like before my current partner. I went through a period of academic and career change in the beginning of our relationship and he was with me every step of the way - even when he didn’t need to be. And when I finally scored a job in my new field, he was probably happier than I was. My success was our success in the best possible way. It feels like we’re a team, and that really opened my eyes to how ambivalent previous partners had been. Folks, get yourselves an SO who wants you to be the best version of you.

  5. Wow, didn’t think about it but this. Also that he talks good about most other people around you too. Good chance he’s saying nice things about you to other people as well.

  6. When he makes it explicitly clear that the night doesn't have to lead towards sex, and that at any point during physical intimacy you could decide to stop and he wouldn't be upset. And it reads as genuine rather than "a move."

  7. When he defends you when his friends, or, "friends" talk bad about you behind your back. My s/o has done it for me so many times and it just fills my heart with so much joy that I cry sometimes because of how much he cares about me.

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