What music album is a true masterpiece from start to finish?

  1. Stevie Wonder's "Innervisions." Even his other great '70s run albums had a track or two that was only OK. Not that one. It's all brilliant.

  2. Yeah this my favorite by him. Songs in the Key of Life is typically looked at his best but I’ve always preferred this album. But either way his 70’s run is damn near flawless.

  3. Saw them play it all the way through at the opera house a few years back. Life moment! An absolute masterpiece.

  4. What I love about the Cure is that their songs sound as though they could have come out last week. Their music is just so timeless.

  5. "Disintegration" as a single is exceptional and the album is luxe. On par is the earlier "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" which is an experimental masterpiece. I have never heard music like that which resides in between the radio hits on any other The Cure album. Those two albums on repeat forever.

  6. Side one leaves you thinking "Nothing... Absolutely NOTHING could top THAT"... and then side two brings you into the fourth dimension of music. Brilliant from beginning to end.

  7. Oh no, no. You're not ready to step into the court of the Crimson King. At this stage in your training an album like that could turn you into an evil scientist.

  8. I never really appreciated how good this band was until i listened that album. Such a great performance in fact i think the best version of “This must be the place” is the one from that record.

  9. People laugh when you say Enya is a genius artist, but I feel like these folks have just heard Only Time as a joke (like in Thor: Love and Thunder) and haven’t actually listened to a complete album. A Day Without Rain is her best work imho.

  10. Why is liking enya seen as a something of a joke? I don't know much of her music, but orinoco flow is a really cool tune. Don't think I've heard anything else like it. And may it be from lord of the rings is absolutely beautiful

  11. I’m upvoting this because I’m so tired of seeing the typical shit that’s always listed whenever this topic is brought up: OK Computer, Madvillainy, Dark Side of the Moon, In the Court of the Crimson King…

  12. Teardrop gets a lot of attention and rightfully so, but Angel is absolute filth. One of the most atmospheric intros I’ve ever heard

  13. saw them do the album start to finish at radio city and they brought out horace twice. got the whole crowd onto their feet clapping for a full min both times

  14. fun fact- Fiction/Polydor thought Disintegration was a “career killing” mess and did minimal PR and under-ran the first edition

  15. Absolutely top of my list. Perfect album. No song needs a skip. I put this on for enjoyment, to help me fall asleep, for background noise, or to help reduce my anxiety. But the best is, headphones on and just focus on the music, melt into it, be one with it. No other album can do All (for me) that like Wish You Were Here can.

  16. Absolutely agree. Not a single song from that album can become boring, ever, no matter how many times I listen to it.

  17. Unplugged is my favourite AIC album. It's ridiculously good for a live acoustic set.

  18. Jar of Flies is awesome. But Dirt strikes me as their ultimate album. Right before shit went really bad. Opens with an absolute fist to the face and doesn’t stop until the end of Would?

  19. As with many on here, this illustrates that it's more than just great songs that make a great album. Figuring out how to put them all on the album can put it over the top.

  20. I was listening to that album not long ago for the first time and thought I had accidentally played a Fleetwood Mac greatest hits album.

  21. i had an opportunity to go to the carole king musical once and didn't because i didn't know who she was

  22. This is my answer too. A truely incredible album to listen to start to finish. Takes me to a different planet, especially 1983 a merman I should turn to be

  23. The older I get, the more I realize how ridiculous it is for every song on an album to be perfect. Nevermind is one of these; the best of these.

  24. Still sounds fresh to this day. Everything was perfect on that record. There’s a parallel universe in which Butch Vig produced a version of In Utero, and I wonder how it sounds.

  25. Have you seen the movie Love & Mercy? It's about Brian Wilson and his life. Also of how they came up with and produced pet sounds. Such a great movie.

  26. Amps and Crossovers under my rear hood, the bass is pumping from the back of my Fleetwood. They tell us what to do? HELL NO! Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego!

  27. Fantastic album. Craziest thing is that with how sampling laws have changed, its going to be tough for anyone to do anything like it again.

  28. Still on my top 5 albums I would want on a desert island. There is so much going on you can't get tired of it. It's not everyone's favorite, but Organ Donor gets me pumped every time.

  29. If you haven’t heard any of Mark Knopfler’s solo albums beginning with “Golden Heart” you should definitely check them out

  30. For an entire record start to finish, I think Communique is their best but Brothers in Arms has some real stand outs. But, rarely do I find something Mark Knopfler had a hand in that I don't enjoy.

  31. Radiohead's run of 'The Bends' 'OK Computer' 'Kid A' is astounding to me. Then to also have 'In Rainbows' a few years later is something else. These dudes are amazing, producing 4 of the best albums ever made in a decade.

  32. Love this record, but I preferred Individual Thought Patterns and Sound of Perseverance. But Death never had a bad one. Top shelf, groundbreaking stuff.

  33. Damn good answer. All around solid rock album. If I recall correctly, wasn't the original recording done by one person in his basement?

  34. Toxicity - System of a Down. One of my favorite albums period. Not a single filler song and they’re all bangers. This is their peak album in my opinion.

  35. What’s exciting about that album is that some teenager could stumble onto it today and have the same mind blowing experience that I did in my first listen through when I was 15.

  36. "Giant Steps" - is widely considered a masterpiece, so much so that it changed an entire genre of music, commonly called the "Coltrane Changes".

  37. I will always agree with this. That album is so absurdly perfect. Kudos for sticking your neck out there and vouching for Devil and God...

  38. Neutral Milk Hotel- In an aeroplane over the sea. Cannot be overstated enough what an amazing album this is start to finish. Breathtaking.

  39. It's like one long, weird, wonderful, but disturbing dream. It's perfect. Special mentions to Oh Comely and Two Headed Boy and reprise, but yeah, I really love it from start to finish.

  40. I didn’t think about this one but the fact that it sounds like it released yesterday after 30 years is something very impressive. Mike Patton is legit a god.

  41. I am glad to see this upvoted so high. FNM’s legacy is enormous, the fan base is widespread, but my peer group (I’m 39) seems to have mostly forgotten about them.

  42. So many of the projects that Mike Patton is attached to are incredible. Mr. Bungle and the EP he did with The Dillinger Escape Plan are both excellent.

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