What is awesome, has always been awesome, and will forever be awesome?

  1. That feeling when something you've been struggling to understand ticks over in your brain. The sudden, wonderful rush when the world becomes just a little bit bigger.

  2. Sometimes I swear I can feel my brain light up when I know I'm finally on the right track with figuring something out. You're right, it feels awesome!

  3. I recall a story of an abused child. Real bad stuff. But in school they were illiterate, more than that they could not understand that words related to things.

  4. My mom was taken to a hospice just last week and I visited her yesterday where she gleefully told me of how often she’s told all kinds of people there (caregivers, other hospice folks and her guests) about me, my personhood and how proud she is of me. I think she’s content with the idea of me being okay to handle myself when she one day is gone and this kinda confirmed it for me.

  5. My husband called me loyal the other day. I never once considered before that this was something I wanted to hear, like duh I'm loyal why would I need to have that acknowledged? That's basic relationshiping. but I've been on cloud 9 thinking about it since.

  6. There's lots of applications of this but my favorite is when I spontaneously wake up and check my clock only to realize I have 2 more hours to sleep

  7. The number of times this year I’ve had a tough week then realized how many of my friends (okay, three) would give everything they have to just to hear a doctor tell them they don’t have cancer. I can’t take that for granted anymore.

  8. I am fortunate enough to have awesome water straight from a well. It's even soft enough that I don't need a water softener or filters, even though I still do. You can drink it straight from the outside spigot and it's good. Everyone on the planet should have the human right to this.

  9. Whenever I start to think that I'm poor, I remember that I can drink water that I don't need to worry will kill me. That's different from... I don't know; 98% of all human beings which have ever lived. Wealth beyond measure

  10. When you finish reading an amazing book, and as you close the cover you get that feeling of immense satisfaction tinged with a tiny bit of sadness that it ended.

  11. Even worse if it's an amazing book with an amazing ending that you feel depressed for the next few days because you will never meet these characters again.

  12. A nice shower after a long day. A satisfying meal after fasting. A nice warmth feeling sitting in the sun on a cold winter day. A nice cool breeze sitting in a tree shade on a hot summer day.

  13. I'll do you one better... 4 day weekends! I work a 4 on, 4 off schedule. It's fantastic! I take 4 days off, I'm off for 12.

  14. Holy shit it's the best. Today is moving day for us (bought a house, finally). Movers were supposed to be here an hour ago, there's only two of them to move our entire 3-bedroom apartment, and I am accordingly a nervous wreck.

  15. That feeling when you've been holding in a piss or shit for an hour and finally get the sweet release. Bonus points if you get it in the toilet.

  16. Personally, that feeling can very quickly be ruined as I jet propel a turd from my b-hole and activate a splashback. The release is wonderful, but a Poseidon's Kiss right in the browneye is not.

  17. ... I think this only counts if it gets in the toilet. I mean sure, theres some relief from shitting your pants, but you've just created a new problem.

  18. For half the meetings I don't really care. For the other half it's frustrating because I either need information, need to discuss something or need decisions.

  19. You know what's even better? Learning to play music well enough to be able to make decent music yourself. It takes so long, and its so hard, but you stick with it, and eventually you can do it. The feeling of accomplishment is incredible AND you've got music as a reward.

  20. Yep. Love so many of these, but clean fresh sheets, rain on a tin roof and a day off the next day... That's heaven, right there. And clean sheets are things we take for granted; many many people don't have pollution free places to hang sheets, or clothes dryers to dry them. Regular clean sheets are a privilege and one we should always be grateful for.

  21. Yes! I started a high fibre diet recently. At first it was... messy, my system has since adjusted and now every dump is massive, comes out easy and leaves barely any mess.

  22. Waking up in the middle of the night, and thinking your alarm will go off soon, only to realize you went to bed earlier than usual and you still have hours and hours of sleep left.

  23. I would agree with this if I were the kind of person who could easily get back to sleep. I am not. I woke up an hour earlier than usual today, and after twenty minutes I knew I wasn't getting back to sleep again and would have a tired, tired day today.

  24. Has to be hours and hours. For example, my alarm goes off at 6am. Waking up at 2am and seeing I have 4 hours left? Sweeeeettt. Waking up at 5am and seeing I have 1 hour left? Shitttttttt

  25. For me, this means I have no chance of getting back to sleep so I’m up and on my phone / reading until it’s the usual time to get up.

  26. When she takes her bra off at the end of the day, and I get to scratch that annoying spot on her back where the hooks are. And, to be fair, a little fondle as well. Everybody wins.

  27. There are certain humans who are consistently decent, honest and reliable their whole lives. Dolly Parton for example. 60 years in music and she was a class act as a 16 year old when she arrived in Nashville and remains that to this day. No scandal, no skeletons. As talented a singer/songwriter as there is. IMHO I Will Always Love You rivals the greatest songs ever written. She is now awesome, has always been awesome and will remain awesome even after she's gone.

  28. Walking out of work that last day before your vacation begins. That feeling of looking forward to something fun and different for a week or two if its on the agenda.

  29. Where I work we call it “The Walk”. That short walk from the desk, through the door and to your car. It’s like walking on sunshine.

  30. I wish I knew this feeling. I am one of those people who dreads being off because of all the shit that piles up or goes wrong when I'm not there. I can never truly enjoy a vacation knowing what I will be coming back to. It's the one downside to a job I otherwise love.

  31. Ok, bear with me, I've been a New Yorker my whole life.... the sound of the radiator steam coming up at 5 in the morning on a cold winter's day while snow is falling outside. Just roll back up under the covers. Bonus points if you are off (no commitments) and it's a Saturday. Happened maybe twice in my lifetime

  32. Not a New Yorker, but my college dorm had that type of heat, and you're absolutely right. Looking out at an empty quad while snow falls is a feeling I'll never forget.

  33. This is quite true. I'd go farther and say that farts in general are pretty awesome. They're nature's joke that never gets old.

  34. Quitting/leaving a toxic job. Walking out those doors after letting my management know was possibly the most uplifting feeling in my life. Pure bliss.

  35. Dogs. They're loving, caring, sweet, and loyal. They can save lives, lead the blind, assist the disabled, comfort the hurt, and so much more. I love dogs. Dogs are great.

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